Sunday, March 9, 2008

Baby Journal

This page has a link to the various blog posts about our pregnancy:

Our Visit to Another Planet - Question for the Moms

11 Week Ultrasound - Dr was very positive

A Very Special Baby Book from my Mom

11w6d Ultrasound - part 1 of 2 for testing

Willow Tree - Gift from my Husband

Which Pill

14 Week Ultrasound

GENDER REVEAL PARTY!  (includes 17 week ultrasound, which is part 2 of testing)

Boys are easier to raise than Girls?

First Time to Feel the Baby

Baby Gregory's Room

Great Halloween Pregnancy Shirt

November - Time for Giving Thanks

Favorite pregnancy picture so far!

Gestational Diabetes

Prenatal Class 1

High Blood Pressure and Non-Stress Test

33 week 4d Ultrasound Picture

Prenatal Class 2 (part 1)

Prenatal Class 2 (part 2)

NST Pass

Baby Shower  All American Frontier Meets Modern Classic

Wonderful Husband and Ultrasound

In Hospital because of High Blood Pressure

Still In Hospital

Feel Like a Yo Yo

Mardi Gras and Lost Pee

Valentine's Day and Pregnancy Update

We Cheated

Everything is going to be alright

Baby Gregory is Born

Baby Pictures

My C-Section Experience

Baby Blues

Singing to my Son

Hospital Scare with our son

Baby Thoughts

One Month Old Pictures

For my son

Not Perfect

Happy Easter

Visit from Holly and Michael

Bath Time


Letter to my son

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