Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wonderful Husband and Ultrasound

The last four days have not been the most pleasant.  In fact, I’d say it’s probably the worst I’ve felt during the pregnancy and it has nothing to do with the pregnancy.  Sore throat, sneezing, coughing, running nose, feeling icky and sick.

My husband has been very sweet.   Last night he asked me to sit in front of his iPad for him to take a picture of me.  Uhhh, no.  I really didn’t want to, but I did because he asked me to humor him.

When he showed me what he saw, the before and after, I was shocked.  Greg has told me that I’ve lost weight with the pregnancy (which technically isn’t true).  And though I thought, “Aww, he’s trying to make me feel better,” I really didn’t believe him.  I mean, hello, my stomach is definitely making an appearance and though I can still wear non-maternity clothes, I look either fat or pregnant – it’s enough to make a stranger pause and wonder (but not ask, Lol).

You know those commercials when they do a skin line product and they show you the before and after shots side by side?  And you think to yourself, “Yeah, but in the after shot, the lady has make up on and is smiling, of COURSE she looks better in the after shot!”  Not true for me.  I felt congested from the sinus cold, puffy eyes and nose, no makeup, hair a mess, skin breaking out (thanks pregnancy hormones).  These pictures are NOT touched up and believe me, I wish they were, because I look a fright.

Below:  Picture on left taken a year and a half ago.  Picture on right – taken last night.  (When Greg sent the pictures to my parents, he said "Look at the weight loss.  But she has bigger boobs - I Win"  Lol)

Below:  Picture on left taken 9 months ago during our NYC trip (my parents strongly believe this is where our son was conceived).  Picture on the right – taken last night.

So, here I am, my head feeling like a stuffed cotton ball and feeling like I can’t breath from the sinus pressure and my husband finds a way to make me laugh and feel good about myself, telling me how much weight I’ve lost in my face and other parts of my body.  Greg said, "Even without makeup, you are glowing."  Awww... I’m such a lucky woman to be married to him!

Ok, on to the baby update.  This is the third week where we were to do the NST.  (non-stress test – where they put two belts around the woman’s belly to monitor the baby’s heartbeat and count the kicks).

I went to the doctor’s office yesterday and the regular nurse, Amanda, came in.  She put the first belt on and then found the baby’s heartbeat to put the second belt on.  It registered on the machine and just as she strapped the second belt, the heartbeat disappeared!  Baby moved to the other side of my belly.  Amanda moved the belt over and strapped it again.  The monitor registered the heartbeat and then nothing again.  Yes, the baby moved once more. 

A second nurse came in, as she noticed it was some time Amanda was in the room and asked if she could help.  I don’t know the second nurse’s name, but she also tried to find the heartbeat and strap the second belt, only for the baby to move and move.  When Dr. Wild walked into the room, she said, “Just do the ultrasound, we know he’s moving.”

Even for the ultrasound, the technician couldn’t get a clear picture.  The technician said, “Your baby hasn’t stopped moving since we started the ultrasound.”  She said everything looked good.  So, even though our little boy was playing hide and seek with the nurses, he still got an A+ for the day.

My blood pressure was 140/70.  I think the 140 might be because of the sinus pressure and rushing to get me into the ultrasound between their scheduled ultrasound appointments.  Dr. Wild was happy with the 70.  I think that’s the lowest it’s ever been for the diastolic number.

Below is a blurry picture from the ultrasound and the video.  Not the best video in the world, but I’m happy he’s moving.  The technician said baby is still head down.

To see the video on YouTube, click here.

Last night, after Greg took the pictures, my stomach felt like a rock and I put my hand on it.  Greg smiled and said, “Pregnancy is really good for you.”  My husband was worried about what I would be like pregnant when we first found out we were expecting.  I asked him, “Are women that bad during pregnancy?”  He shook his head and replied, “You’d be surprised just how miserable some women are, how cranky and emotional.”  Wow… I’ve been nervous, especially in the beginning when the miscarriage rate was higher and naturally, each time I go to the doctor’s appointment, I get the worries, but that’s me. 

But mostly?  I’m happy.  I feel good.  I know that sounds strange coming from a woman who will be 8 months pregnant as of Thursday this week.  But it’s true.  I count it as a blessing.

I know Greg is a blessing.  He has gone to all of the prenatal and Lamaze classes with me.  He has regarded the classes as being positive and informative.  Greg has been active with our pregnancy and I told him just the other day, “I can’t think of a better person I’d rather go through this with.”  Knowing Greg is there for me and our son makes the fears of delivery less (ok, yes, I still have some fear, I’m human after all).  I know Greg will be a great coach during the delivery and knowing he’ll be there makes all the difference in the world.

Thank you, God, for the blessings, for the laughter, for the love.


Life Happens said...

You look fabulous!!! And your husband is awesome.

Amanda said...

You really have the glow!!!! And its funny how your face has changed. I'm in a weight loss challenge at work and I cannot wait to see the changes!

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

You do look really good...healthier, even though I know you are not feeling well. The same thing happened to my sister... nasty cold the last week of her pregnancy. She was miserable.

You've got a winner of a hubby, but I wouldn't have taken LB out if he'd made that comment about my boobs to my mom! :-)

Cheryl said...

I agree...you are glowing. I was like you in that I was excited and happy expecting my baby. I am so glad that this is the case for you as well. It helps to have a supportive mate that loves you.
Happy that everything is going so well.

SkyMommy said...

Aw, that's so great that your hubby can make you feel good like that even when you're feeling gross. That is a true keeper, right there.

Candice said...

What a sweet hubby you have. SO glad that all is well with Baby Gregory. I can't believe how close you are getting. How exciting!

The Aums Mama said...

Your husband sounds amazing which is what you deserve, of course. I know exactly what you mean about those before and after pictures. In January I took some before pictures of myself with makeup on, standing up nice and straight so that my after pictures (many months from now) won't have that dramatic difference, except for where I want to see it hopefully.