Thursday, May 21, 2015

Letter to My Son

Dear Son,

We have a new son.  You tolerate him well enough, but you don't spend too much time with him, even though others of his kind you are quick to play.

Meet Andouille.  Dewey for short....  We rescued him from the St. Charles Animal Shelter.

My parents' dog's name is Biscuit.  My brother's dog's name is Gumbo.  So, we thought we'd keep it Cajun and go with Andouille.. and it's a weenier dog, dachshund mix with min-pin.  Dewey is not an alpha dog and is a year old.  The two of you will walk together, for just a little bit before you hand over the leash.

Daddy was trying to teach Dewey to sit.  He had a treat, "Sit!" and would show Dewey how to sit.  Daddy said, "Sit!"  YOU sat on the floor.  A few minutes later.... I had a biscuit in my hand.  I asked you if you wanted a piece.  You got down on all fours and opened your mouth like a puppy dog!  

The "I'm not sure about you" look.

Gregory is lining up dog biscuits and the dog isn't even interested.

"Mommie, can we bring this one home?"

High Five!

Thinking inside the box?

I told Greg we should have bought a fish tank!!

Some stories shared by your grandparents:

From Granny:  We play "crash the cars and planes."  We drive and fly and then crash them together.  Then Gregory has to "bring them to the garage" to fix them.  (This explained why Gregory all of a sudden wanted to push cars and planes into me.  Lol.  He wanted to play.)

From Oma:  One day Gregory was playing with the markers.  I brought him to the mirror and said, "Look at that boy with the blue nose."  I took him to the sink so we could wash off the blue mark and he wiped his nose hard.  The next day, I took Gregory to the mirror and said, "No blue nose today."  A few minutes later, Gregory walked up to me.  He had marked his nose blue!

Here's a picture of Gregory - he is getting the spider hold down, hanging on with arms AND legs:

Not exactly the spider hold, but he loves it!

You recently had a blast at the bounce house birthday party for your cousin, Isaac, who turned 4.  Your cousin had the party at a place where there were over 12 bounce houses.  You loved it, going from one bounce house to another.  You loved it even more when Mommy and Daddy went into the bounce house with you!  You were the youngest boy at the party, but you kept up with the best.

You love to go for walks, but now that summer heat is upon us, we will probably not go for as long.... which is sad... the other day we saw a neighbor's boy.  He was on one side of a tree and you were on the other.  He played peek a boo with you and you loved it.  Then he'd run around the tree and you'd chase him.

You like to drink orange juice..  Daddy has a new way to serve it for you.

At the table, you want to play with your toys rather than eat.  Mommy said, "If you sit at the table, you have to eat your food, not just play with your toys."  You would take a bite, then play.  Take a bite, then play.  You understand very well.

Most of the time you love to take toys apart.  You'll get frustrated if a piece wasn't meant to be taken apart and can't be....  but there are moments where you start to build and I see the engineer in you...

Uncle Rob and Aunt Roda are in town right now.  Oma says you follow Uncle Rob around and want to do what he does.  The two of you were at the table, playing with play doh, having a great time.  Rob made.... a.. ummm.. dinosaur.  Okay, that's what we will call it.  But when Oma saw it.. she (with her bad vision) said that Uncle Rob made something rather obscene.  I have to include a picture of it.  I even warned my brother that I would post it on the blog....  It gave the ladies a lot of giggles.


I can't believe, sweet son, that you will be starting summer camp next month.  Oma is worried about you being able to handle a full day.  I think they will keep you busy enough.  As long as it doesn't get boring, you'll be fine.  I was worried about you with strange children.  But you didn't know a lot of the kids at Isaac's birthday party and you did fine.  I feel much better about it, though I do worry you might be the "biter" of the group.  Or that you will "pinch" someone, because Mommy and Daddy laugh when you do this to us.  I have high hopes that being around other children will prompt you to talk more.  You are definitely trying.

Thank you, my growing boy... for the sunshine and smiles, even the frustrating moments are beautiful.   We are a family and we love you.

Love Always,

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mother's Day Blessings

I know it's a day early, but blessings have been going on for the past week for me.  It started with the lady at the drive through for breakfast.  She saw the car seat and said, "Happy Mother's Day early, in case we don't see you on Mother's Day."  I smiled.  Then, when I went to the drugstore to pick up my medicine, the lady at the cash register wished me a Happy Mother's Day.  She didn't do that for everyone... but I think the toy car in my check out basket might have given me away.  Lol.

Today, my Mom and I arrived early at the nail salon and had a mani/pedi.  It was relaxing and so glad we arrived early, because there was a line of ladies before we left!

When we arrived back at my parents' home, Dad had the filet mignon ready and Greg arrived with Gregory and corn.

It was a busy day, because after lunch, we brought Gregory to the hair salon to get a hair cut.  Gregory was ready for his nap and in a fit.  Gregory does best in the morning....  Whereas any time after 1pm, if he hasn't had a nap, he can be really cranky.  That's okay.  Gwen was able to get some of the longer locks.  He did fall asleep on the way back to my parents' home.  When he woke up, we gave him a quick bath.

Gregory loves to say "No" now...  what a wonderful word to say all day long, right before Mother's Day.  Lol.  But he makes it up with wanting to give kisses.

I have to add this little story about what Gregory did the other day.  I was at my parents' home.  Gregory walked into the front room and closed the door.  Mom and I looked at each other, but didn't say anything.  Then, a few minutes later, we both said, "He is being too quiet."  We walked into the room and I exclaimed, "Look where he is!"  Then I walk closer and I couldn't help the "ohhhh, oohhhhhh" that came out with a bubble of laughter...

He climbed on to the marble table into the middle of the train track and squatted there... with two markers!  And yes, he colored on the table.  He knew he needed a white board or paper to use the marker and I guess he thought the white marble would suffice.  It was funny how when we walked into the room, he didn't jump off of the table.  Instead he had this look as if to say, "Hey, you weren't supposed to see this and if I don't move, maybe you won't see me."  I had to laugh.

Thankfully the marble cleaned quickly.  Later my Mom said, "If you or your brother had done something like that at Gregory's age, we would have given you a spanking or fussed a lot at you to make sure you didn't do something like this again.  It makes me sad to think how we would have reacted as parents back then.  But I was younger than you and you are more calm at this age."  I asked my mom if she was disappointed that I didn't react in a different way.  She wasn't.  She was glad that I could see that this is what children do and I didn't freak out about it.  I AM glad it was on something that could clean easily.  I imagine that won't always be the case.  And I'm not always a calm Mommy, but I'm grateful my mom and dad have given me a loving family.

I remember my childhood through the smiles, the laughter, the hugs, the acceptance, the help, the generosity, the kindness, the compassion, the unconditional love that I understand more and more each day as a parent.  I'm incredibly fortunate.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom.  I love you.  Thank you for being an awesome Mom and an awesome Oma to my son.  We are both Very Blessed!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mommies out there, of two legs and furry four legged children too!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Letter for my Son

Dear Son,

Your independence is showing more every day.  You put on our shoes and you are putting on your own shoes too (when YOU want to)… and on the wrong foot, but it’s progress.  You also love to play with the Velcro on your shoes and will watch intently as Daddy ties the laces on his shoes.  Did I mention that you say the word, “shoe?”

You aren’t where you need to be with words, but so far you say these:  Da, Car, Can (for candy), Tickle, Bubble, Pop, Kitty, Shoe, Cheese, Hat, Hot (for hot dog), Cook (for cookie) and Juice.  It’s a start and the more you are around children, I think you’ll pick up on more words.

Which is why we have brought you to so many preschools lately.  We picked out the summer camp for you – Kehoe France.  It’s a private school, well established and well known in our area.  We met with the principal, owners (Kelly France and Kyle France, both guys grew up on the campus with their families) and teachers.  It will be an adjustment, full day of camp for 6 six weeks.  We expect tears.. ours and yours, but hopefully by the end of the camp, you’ll have had a wonderful experience. 

Eating a strawberry snowball at Kehoe France

"Mommy save me!"  Lol

We are also looking at part time days for fall season in a preschool.  There are so many schools in our area, making us fortunate.  But you’ll soon learn that the one thing your Daddy hates is…. Indecision.  It takes research and time to make this type of decision though and yes, it can be frustrating. 

It’s nice to see you walking around on the campuses, waiving to the children and wanting to play with the toys.  You love to explore; the teachers say, “It’s a sign of intelligence.”

You still have a love of climbing and happily, now you climb into the car for your car seat.  You tend to get distracted though… but when Daddy starts up the car, you haul butt.  Seriously, you move QUICKLY into the car seat.  Interesting that you associate the sound of the car starting with the knowledge that you need to be in your seat right away.

We love your kisses.  You pucker your little lips and even make the smoochie sounds.  Too cute.  And you still do sign language for “more”…. I remember showing you the sign language DVD’s.  I thought, “How will a child understand the concept of more?”  Yet, THAT is the sign that you pick up on and do the most.  When you put your fingers together for the “more” you are irresistibly cute!

In the morning, you are the happiest when both Mommy and Daddy are in bed with you.  We snuggle and tickle and laugh.  Mommy sings “Good Morning” to you and Daddy growls like a lion.  Your laughter is the best sunshine in the morning!  But… you don’t like to touch the cold tile floor and much prefer for someone to carry you to the sofa for cartoons while we start our morning routine.

Daddy loves bringing you outside to play soccer.  But when Daddy gets too close to the ball, you grab it with your hands and take off running.  We are also teaching you how to catch the ball too.

When we say a body part, you don’t just point to the body part now.  For example, if we say, “Mouth” – you open your mouth wide.  If we say, “Eyes” – you blink your eyes.  It’s cute to see the actions instead of the pointing.

Food wise, you still have a limited number of things you will eat, but that’s ok.  You like it when we make shapes with Cheerios.  You also loved Daddy’s grilled Angus beef hamburgers (no cheap burger meat for you, kiddo).

Normally you only eat the Mac and Cheese, but this time you ate all of the hamburger first!

When we go on walks, if there is a large step down, Mommy calls out to you, “Gregory, can you help Mommy?”  You run back to Mommy, grab her hand and help Mommy over the step.  Daddy said, “Aww, that is too cute.  But you know, I would have laughed my butt off if you had tripped after having your son help you.”

Mommy wrote a poem.  It’s rusty… been a long time since I tried to write poetry. 

My Sweet Son

A stranger when we first met
Small and helpless and loved from the start
Zombie nights, diapers and pumps
Sweet cuddles and smiles from a fart

So young, such a strong personality
Never one for half measures
Hardly any time to crawl
Running brings much more pleasures

Rough and tumble; take on heights
Wresting, chasing, loud roaring voice
Tag You’re It and then silence
When in a hiding place of choice

From fearless and kindness
Doing laundry; your own broom to sweep
Morning kisses and laughter
To night time angel face sleep

Toys tossed, paper shredded
Gregory, The Destroyer
Match puzzles and colors
Also, The Problem Solver

Curiosity boundless
Line up cars, knock down blocks
Energizer bunny
Four times cut pretty blond locks

Two years thus far of blessings,
Memories made to last
Glimpses of the man you’ll become
Easy time, don’t go so fast

Love Always,