Trip to Southern Ireland

Greg and I accomplished a joint bucket list!  When we first started dating, one of the things we agreed on is that we would love to one day see Ireland.  How fortunate that we are able to do so and to share this bucket dream list come true with our son!  Greg told me to make the plans; he said he wanted to stay in one place, much like how we did in Venice.  I agreed that the one place in Venice worked well, this way we wouldn’t have to pack and unpack constantly at different locations.  With some research, I found flights and a farmhouse and we booked the tickets back in October with plans to go in February.  Ireland was an amazing experience!     I’ll say from the start that the people in Ireland are eager to talk if you are willing to do so. They will ask where you are from, how long you are staying and wait to see if you are willing to share and open up.  They are happy to help if you have a question and are incredibly kind people.  They are genuinely good people!  They keep Ireland

Destroy the Shirt

What to do with the shirts that are too long, too uncomfortable with the neckline or just a little on the boring side?  Does it feel like shirts are being made to fit all heights and sizes and by doing so, they miss the mark for what looks good?   Don't settle for that!  Pick up the scissors and watch some youtube videos on cutting shirts.  I stayed with the simple methods, but there are some really intricate designs you can make!                                Before and After Pictures        

My forever journey to being healthy

Forever Journey to Being Healthy   ** Disclaimer ** I am NOT a doctor.  I can not advise you on what to do.  I can not suggest what is best for your body.  Please talk to your doctor; every body is different; everybody has different needs.  Every body will react differently to medicine and health changes.  What I’m writing about here is for me only.  You need to find out what works best for you.    ** Disclaimer ** If you have an eating disorder, please do not read this blog post.  I don’t want anyone to get triggers from my personal blog sharing.     This blog post is my personal journey and not meant as medical advise.  If you try this and it works, great, but I was and am under medical care throughout the process.  I’m posting this, because so many people have sent me texts, messages and asked me in person what I have done to lose weight.  This is my journey and it’s on-going, like for a hopefully long life :)    This blog post is long and in the beginning, I’m going to address thin