Monday, January 14, 2013

High Blood Pressure and Non Stress Test

I see Dr. Wild, my OBGYN, on a weekly basis from this week to the delivery.  Dr. Wild is being proactive in making sure that my blood pressure isn't affecting the placenta's ability to deliver the nutrients to the baby... and that the baby has a low chance of being a still birth.

Dr. Wild told me to drink or eat something sugary before coming into the office, because the NST works properly only when the baby is awake.  I did as she said and in the waiting room, I felt the baby moving a number of times.

I didn't think this would be a long visit, but I was at the doctor's office from 9:30 to 12, solely because our child has an attitude.

When they strapped the NST monitor on and found the heart beat, the nurse handed me a clicker and said, "Press the button any time you feel the baby move."  They had me move from my back to my side and still, I only felt the baby move once.

All that time, in the waiting room, the baby moved, but not during the NST.  We have a stubborn child already!

Dr. Wild said the heart rate looked good according to the NST, but there were no spikes, which would have been indicative of movement, so they sent me to get an ultrasound.

It was a quick ultrasound, again with very little movement seen on the monitor.  The technician immediately saw our baby swallowing amniotic fluid, stating that was a good sign.  Then she looked at his stomach and said, "See the in and out movement.  This is your baby practicing breathing on his own.  We don't need to go any further with the test.  This is what we're looking for."

The technician even tried to get the heart rate sound on the ultrasound, but had to do it a different method, because our son wouldn't cooperate.  Even the technician commented about him having an attitude.  Oh boy!

After the ultrasound, I was brought back in to see Dr. Wild.  While talking with her, I felt movement and thought, "NOW you move!"  What a little stinker...

Dr. Wild gave our baby an "A+" from what she saw on the ultrasound with him practicing breathing.  Hopefully that will continue through the pregnancy.  I still will worry each week and I'm thankful to see the doctor weekly at this point.  High blood pressure isn't something I want to chance with our precious bundle.

When I asked Dr. Wild about her recommending inducing at 39 weeks, she said, "If you had perfect blood pressure at 120/70 (which has never been the case for me, ever), then I'd say, sure, go ahead and wait.  But 39 weeks, your baby should be healthy and everything developed well.  Each week that you wait, there's a higher chance of a still birth with high blood pressure.  This is one of the reasons we are checking the NST each week."

My blood pressure was 140/88.  High, yes, but nothing that the doctor thought was dangerous.  Just high enough for the weekly visits to make sure all is well.  I trust my doctor and I'm grateful for her wanting to keep a close eye on him.

Below is a picture from the ultrasound and quick video:  (Added something below video that I thought was an interesting read)

To see the video on YouTube, click here.

Added:  When I read what's going on for week 33 (which will be this Thursday for our baby), the following was the description:

He continues to practice breathing, to open and close his eyes, and to swallow amniotic fluid. In fact, during this last trimester he will be swallowing about 4 cups of amniotic fluid a day! His taste buds have matured now and experts believe that Baby can already distinguish some of the tastes in your amniotic fluid--like onions, garlic, and certain strong spices, like cumin. Some scientists believe this pre-taste is a way to prepare a baby for the different flavors of breast milk, which also changes based on a mom's daily diet.

I thought it was neat that our baby was seen swallowing amniotic fluid and practicing breathing.  :)


Amanda said...

A stubborn boy already :) but glad to hear he is healthy and you're progressing well. My sister-in-law had high blood pressure and failed her NST every single time with both pregnancies. She also didn't follow doctors orders with her diet or exercise which I think contributed to her issues. It sounds like you have been taking great care of yourself and baby :)

Oh and I blogged a little about Amish country, though I forgot to take many pictures because it was rainy and gross.

Krista said...

He's adorable! Love the video too. At my last ultrasound she gave me pics and a little video clip but during the video he didn't really move at all !

Cheryl said...

Perhaps you little guy just likes to sleep and didn't want his nap curtailed. Let's hope that is the case when you get him home. Happy everything is progressing so well. Take care!

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

HEE HEE! You DO have a stubborn one, Mama! Glad things are progressing well and YAY for proactive doctors!

Candice said...

Such great news!

Glynis Jolly said...

Although it would be nice if you could not be induced, it is not a bad thing. I had to be induced because of my disability. I will warn you right now, there is more pain when labor is induced. However, usually the mother is not in labor as long.

When I delivered my son and labor were induced, there was an awful lot of pain. Because of the disability, they did not want to give me pain killers. I made it through obviously. And the labor was only for 4 hours.

From what I have been told, many 1st deliveries can take more than 24 hours. My 4 hours of hard labor was nothing. Additionally, although I remember that I had been in pain, I do not remember the pain itself.

Lilly said...

Clever boy getting A+s already.