Saturday, February 16, 2013

We Cheated

This morning, my husband woke me up saying, "Of all the beautiful jewelry you make, on Monday, you'll make the most beautiful creation of all."  I don't need Valentine's Day, when my husband says things like this on any given day :)

Then he asked me, "Do you want to go to Cafe Latte Da for breakfast, our last time we'll go there, just the two of us?"

I've been on strict bedrest for a week and a half.  Getting out of the house and going to the place where we had our first date and where Greg proposed sounded like a great idea!  Shhhhh, we cheated this time with the bedrest, don't tell the doctor.

It's our "Cheers" breakfast place.  It was great to see the regular customers there.  Greg announced to the room, "We're having our baby on Monday!"  Lots of congratulations were shouted back and God Blesses and plenty of smiles.  It was fun :)

The waitress, Lori, took our picture at "our table" - yes, this is where we sat for our first date and proposal.

(Side note, my husband just came in the room and said, "Our watch dog came in handy."  He wasn't talking about our dog.  It's a water alarm that we placed next to the hot water heater.  It appears "our water broke" - but not the kind related to pregnancy.  Well, if that's not timing for you.  Hopefully we can get a new one quickly and find someone to install it.)


Cheryl said...

How nice to have one last little outing before the baby arrives.

You hot water heater had the audacity to break on a very busy week. How dare it?

Jessica Anne said...

No cheating!! JK. I know how you feel.. I was on modified bedrest for a couple weeks and was going nutty just sitting there!! Can't wait to see pictures of your little one on Monday. I will be having mine on Thursday!! It will be an exciting week, that's for sure!

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Glad you got out. When I was pregnant with my first, I was on modified bedrest for two weeks. Toward the end, one of my friend drove out and took me out to lunch. It was like breaking out of jail!

Aleta said...

Fortunately, Greg was able to take out the old hot water heater and install the new one today. Whew. Counting blessings that this didn't happen while we were in the hospital next week!

It really was nice to get out this morning :) And I've been good the rest of the day, resting up :)

Mari said...

Aleta!!! I'd lost track of you when my computer broke a while back. I'm so glad you left a comment because I didn't know about the baby.
I'm so excited for you both. You two are going to be awesome parents. Congratulations and I'll be anxious to hear good news when you are up to posting again!

Alison said...

Good luck tomorrow, you'll be great!
And yay, baby!

Lilly said...

Greg is one in a million and what a wonderful way with words he has. By now you will have the beautiful boy in your arms. Wonderful!