Sunday, May 25, 2008

We're Engaged!!!!! *so Smiling ***

Greg completely surprised me! He said that we would get engaged for Christmas and I thought that maybe the earliest would be in August, when we make 2 years dating. He even mentioned August and I smiled and thought, "OK, that’s just a few months away."

Today was like any normal morning. We woke up and exercised and got ready. He said we should go to our "coffee house," which we have taken to enjoying on a weekend, the place where we first met. They make delicious Southwest Omelets and we placed our usual.

What I didn’t know was what Greg had planned. We even sat at the same table of our first date.

The rest, I’m going to share in an email that Greg sent to our families and showed me today:

I want to propose to Aleta this weekend… to make it a "memor"ial" experience I thought I would take her out for breakfast to a place where we first met. We go to this restaurant a couple times a month so there should be no suspicion on her part. Since we are both family oriented I thought it would be nice if as many of The Grimballs and the OBriens all showed up after we show up and sit behind us… with Aletas back to all of you. You should all walk in together please and as quietly as possible. I will make arrangements with the coffee house and staff beforehand to stage this thing properly. When you all come in she will be surprised… then turn back to me and I will be on one knee.

The name of the place WAS The Coffee Cottage but now it is named CafĂ© La-Te-Da. (I know I know… kind of hokey) It is on the corner of Citrus and Hickory in a strip mall. Its practically across the street from Danny and Clydes… There is a daiquiri shop next to it in the strip mall.
I would want someone with a camcorder//… mine if need be… to video this… Rob?!?

Please fill me in on who will be able to make this. I am thinking we will arrive at 9 and the rest of yall can arrive and come in together at 915… of course being on time as much as possible."

The first people I saw were Greg’s mom and his sister, Madelyn. My thought was, "Oh, they must be coming from church" and we stood up to greet them, but then I turned around and Greg said, "Guess what I’m doing today." I couldn’t help it, I started to cry from tears of joy. He makes my cup overflow with happiness!

Greg had even talked to the coffee house manager so that they held our food until the family got there and they came out with complimentary glass flutes with champagne. (We later mixed orange juice in for some Mimosas.) As we sat down for breakfast with our families, I thought, "This couldn’t be more perfect." There was laughter and good conversation and congratulations given (shared with family and coffee house staff and even other patrons that happened to go there for breakfast that morning).

What a beautiful day!

Greg & Aleta O’Brien ~ Yes, I think it has a lovely ring to it… We haven’t picked out a date yet and there's planning to be done. The future looks bright!


Sucharita Sarkar said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I've always felt, whenever I read your posts, that Greg seemed like a totally lovely person. I remember your prize-winning poem where you hoped for a great future together. The poem's coming true, God bless you and lots and lots of love and luck to you both.

Stacey said...

Oh bless him......

and celebrations
laa laa laa laa
(This is actually a song, thank goodness you can not hear me singing, it would not be good for your ears lol )

Congratulations to you both...and what a beautiful ring :-D

Jen said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I am so very happy for you! The ring is beautiful, and you are a wonderful couple. You'll have to keep us filled in on your wedding planning progress!

K.C. said...

I actually teared up when it came to the part when you realized what was happening. It took me back to when I realized that my husband was proposing to me. It was such a happy and romantic memory. Thank you so much for sharing this. KC

Aleta said...

Thank you, Sucharita Sarkar! I’m so glad that my posts share about Greg in the way that he is ~ a thoughtful, kind, generous, loving man with a great sense of humor and makes the world a happier place. Yes, blessings that the poem is coming true. Thank you for your sweet words.

Hi Stacey ~ you made me smile, because I can’t carry a tune either (Greg will agree!) But it’s the joy of singing and I say that “Greg is my happy dance” ~ so music is a great greeting! Thank you!

Hi Jen! Isn’t it funny how you went to a wedding on the same weekend that Greg proposed! The world is a small place, a good place. I’ll definitely keep you filled in on the wedding planning progress! Thank you!

Aww, K.C., you’ll get me teary-eyed again. Thank you for relating to it with such happy memories and emotions! I’m not someone who cries in public, just not like me, but I couldn’t help myself, so incredible of a day!

Anonymous said...

Your joy is contagious and well deserved! How happy I am for you both! What a special gift of such a wonderful memory that you'll have for the rest of your happy lives together!!!!

Aleta said...

Aww, HB, Thank You! You know that means a lot to us! Greg is such a thoughtful man to have invited our families. ~ for the rest of our happy lives together ~ yes, I like that thought very well and I think it holds truth! Thanks again!! HUGS**

Cynthia said...

I know I emailed you "congrats" but I want to place it on the blog as well!

This is way cool. I'm happy for the two of you!

the blue bicycle said...

AHHHHHH !!!! congratulations sweetheart ..... how was it that i was the only one who DIDN'T know that you and greg weren't already married ??

I'm happy to see good things and dreams coming true .... fireflies of light, shimmering hope and happiness on a warm summer's night ....

my best to you both!

lady blue

Rex Cox said...

Thanks Fleur de Aleta for your comments on my blog- I'm glad you liked them.

The Scatterbrain said...

How Beautiful!
Your post made me remember the way my husband proposed to me. He too had his family working together with him on the whole thing.

Praying that you and Greg will have the most fullfilling life together. God bless you both! Do post pictures of the proposal when you get them!

Thank you for your regular visits to my blog. I enjoy having you there!keep dropping by!

AC said...

I came to say thank you for your visit and kind words and look at what I found! What a lovely story. Congratulations!

Rashikaps said...

Congratulations!!! How very beautifully orchestrated! :):)

Wish you both unlimited joy and happiness together, forever..

ga.farmgirl said...

Congratulations! I am so glad you stopped by and visited me just in time for me to see your wonderful engagement story!
I wish you both happiness and a long life together.

Kel said...

Congratulations!! That is wonderful!

Sayani said...

hey there !!! congratulation and what a lovely post left me smiling ...may always divine power bless you both with grace and all good things

And i wish a happy life ahead ...
keep smiling

Anonymous said...



Aleta said...

Hi Shawn!! Thank you! *hugs*

Hi Sayani ~ what a lovely blessing, thank you kindly! I'm glad the post made you smile too!

Hi Kel ~ Thank you so much! It's wonderful to share good news with friends.

Hi Ga.Farmgirl ~ Thank you for your wishes!

Hi Rashikaps ~ Thank you for your kind words. I truly do appreciate how Greg did this and he kept everything a secret. He even asked for my parents' permission for my hand in marriage. I asked him when he did this and he replied, "It was the night that I told you I was going to Home Depot. Instead, I called your parents to see if I could come over and talk to them." I couldn't believe how much planning he did with everything and that my family kept it a surprise!

Hi AC ~ Thank you for the kind words and for sharing in our joy!

Hi Scatterbrain (though I don't see you at all as being a Scatterbrain- I love to read your blog!) I'll ask my Mom to send me the pictures so I can post them. Thank you for your prayers, they are much appreciated!

Hi Rex Cox ~ Thank you for stopping by!

Hi Lady Blue~ You make me smile! So many people, even when Greg and I were first dating, people were already asking "how long have you been married" ~ Some things are meant to be and I'm so fortunate to have met Greg! Thank you for your sweet words!

Hi Cynthia ~ Thank you and for the email too! *smiles* I'm looking forward to cheerleading us both into a bright future! *wink*

*** And a note for family/friends that read my blog and who have called or written to wish their best and share in the happiness ~ thank you with all my heart. It's wonderful to know how many beautiful people there are in this world! ***

henriette said...


This is wonderful news. I alway love good news. I wish you and your partner a wonderful life together. Lots of sunshine with bright days.

Just Me said...

Congratulations! It is so nice that he put so much thought into it! :)

Mommy said...

Congratulations! Get started on making some wedding jewelry!

Aleta said...

Hi Henriette! Thank you so much! Greg really is great. It's amazing how well we work together on things. We have many opposites, but those opposites compliment the other person and the things we have in common are the values we both share. *smiles*

Hi Just Me ~ I completely agree. And it's nice that both of our families were eager to be a part of it too and celebrate with us. He's a thoughtful man!

Hi Mommy ~ Lol. I already have a couple of bridal designs for necklaces. I don't want to start one right away, not knowing what type of dress I'm going to wear. I'm tempted to do all of them and then put a vote out to see which one everyone likes the most. In fact, you know what, I might just do that. I can always sell the other ones or keep them for a different special occassion. I love to bead!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations--Enjoy yourselves--I wish you both much happiness.


Dawn said...

Well, I'm late to the party as usual!

Congratulations! That is fabulous. I am so happy for you both. That is a beautiful story!

Of course, I thought y'all were married already for some reason.

Anyway, the ring is beautiful and you'll make a lovely bride and a wonderful wife.


Rachel said...

Congratulations and all the best to you and Greg! Very, very, very romantic! Thanks for sharing this with your readers!

i tried looking up some info about destination weddings in the south. hope it helps with your wedding plans! thanks for visiting. take care!

Jules said...

Congratulations to you and Greg and the kiddos!
I am so very happy for you!!
You ring is drop dead gorgeous!!!

You two were meant to be together!!

Aleta said...

Hi KRL! Thank you not only for your wishes and congratulations but for how much you are helping me organizing and coming up with ideas for the wedding. It means more than I can say!! HUGS*

Hi Dawn ~ Thank you for your kind words. I like that people think we’re already married… it, well, it feels right!

Hi Rachel ~ Thank you! Greg doesn’t think that he’s romantic, isn’t that something else? Thank you for the information on the destination weddings. We decided to have the wedding ceremony and reception at home. I think there’s enough room and I’m saying a prayer that the weather will be good!

Hi Jules ~ Aww, thank you! I love the ring too! It sparkles and catches the light and makes me smile. And yes, I believe we are meant to be together!