Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hospital Scare with our son

Scare at hospital

One thing I didn't mention in the birth story was a scare that took place in the hospital after our son was born.  This was when we were in the post partum room.  We woke up around 3am.  Greg decided to go home to take care of our pets and take a shower.  This was the day after I had just taken my first steps out of the bed, so I was still on pain medicine and barely able to walk.

About twenty minutes after Greg left, a nurse from the nursery came in and said she was there to take our baby.  I asked her why.  She said that my husband called the nursery for them to take the baby so we could get some sleep.  This sounded like something Greg would do but I still called his cell.  There was no answer.  He was either outside running the dog or in the shower.

The nurse wheeled the baby out of our room.  I waited a few moments and called our home and this time Greg answered.  I asked if he called the nursery to pick up our baby.  He said No.  

I didn’t want to answer his questions; I hung up the phone and adrenaline shot through my body.  I know I was hurting and clinging to the hospital hallway walls in order to walk, vision blurry from the pain, but I don't remember feeling any pain, because the only thing I could think of was to get to the nursery.

I had to pick up the phone in the hallway to get the nursery to open the curtain and let me see my son.  I told the nurse that my husband didn't call.  She insisted that he did.  I told her I just spoke to my husband and I want my baby NOW.  She again insisted and so did I, waving my cell phone in the air.  The nurse was flustered but I held my ground and they gave me back my baby.  

I'm sure they thought I was nuts as I slowly had to wheel the baby back to our room, trying to walk stable enough to bring him back to our room, with my hospital gown flapping behind me.  I didn't care; the only thing that mattered was that I had my baby safe.

When Greg came back, he took up the issue with the nurses.  We were told that someone called the nurses station from room 470 and asked to have the baby brought to the nursery so they could sleep.  Only the man said room 407 instead of room 470.  We originally were in 407 but because of an oxygen leak in that room, we were moved.  The nurse assumed the man meant our room and that's why she came... But she didn't verify the name.  A simple name verification would have stopped something like this from happening.  Needless to say, a scare we didn't need....


Jessica Anne said...

Wow, that is scary!! You would think they would be more careful.

Cheryl said...

I am always just a little more annoyed with mistakes that happen at hospitals than mistakes that happen anywhere else. Why they wouldn't verify the request by name is bothersome.

Good for you for following up so quickly.

Laurel @Let's Go on a Picnic! said...

You had mama bear instincts already!

RGB said...

Jeez...that sure must've been scary! Mother instincts don't fail :)

Lilly said...

Oh my how scary. Gregory is in very safe hands. Your instincts are spot on. It must have been scary, what a mix up.