Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bath Time

My husband and I are trying to create a nighttime routine with our baby Gregory.

If we are lucky with timing the bottle feeding, then he will eat around 6pm.  Then around 8pm, we give Gregory a bath and lotion and warm bottle and he goes into his room, no lights on.  We're trying to readjust our baby's sense of day and night and to associate the bath as the "ok, time to go to sleep."

We're also using lavender scented baby bath wash, which is very soothing for all of us :)

So far, Gregory seems to like the bath.  One night we gave Gregory a bath, Greg took him out of the sink (it's a large deep sink and we use a sponge contour pad to put Gregory in).  Greg put the baby on a towel and turned around, facing away from the baby.  I was drying off Gregory when Greg heard me say, "OH MY GOD!"  Greg turned around, reaching out, his daddy instincts kicking in, thinking the baby was falling off the counter.

Instead, he saw my stunned expression as Gregory made a perfect golden arch that landed only inches away from the sink.  I couldn't help laughing.  Not like we could stop the fountain once started unless you want to get pee everywhere and wow, did it last a while!

We've both been pee'd on by our baby, but that was a first.  As Greg said, "It was a golden arch and we're not talking McDonald's!"  Now, Greg made a pee cover for when we give our son a bath and someone is always holding the cover while we are drying the baby and getting the diaper ready.

Below is a picture from when we gave a bath to Gregory at my parents' home.  Our air conditioner broke and we spent the night there and kept up with the bath routine.  Don't worry, it's PG.


Natasha said...

I missed your pregnancy and the first weeks with Gregory completely. Congratulations!!!!

Cheryl said...

Just one of the hazards of having a baby boy. Baby Gregory looks so alert....oh and adorable.

Glynis Jolly said...

That must have been quite funny. You'll find other things to be surprised at all along the way.

Love you sharing all this with us. For me, it takes me back in time.

Mari said...

My son is now 24 and I still remember dealing with that arch! We learned quickly to immediately cover him when removing a diaper. Boys will be boys. :)
He's adorable!

Lilly said...

Ha ha what a fun post. Golden arches indeed. Love your posts. Love hearing about your gorgeous boy. Or boys should I say. You are exceptional parents already.

Amanda said...

Bath time and bed time routines seem to be so important! My sister-in-law has been bathing her kids at 7:30 every night since they were born and they know that bed time follows. Now their daughter is 4 and she begs for the bath to help her sleep :)

I'm sure an undiapered boy causes lots of excitement lol