Thursday, August 2, 2012

Two Blue Line Surprise

I wanted to blurt it out the minute he walked in the door, but more importantly, I wanted it to be a special moment for my husband to treasure.  Even though his workday was over, he still had reports to finish up on his computer.  While he did this, I prepared a simple meal, baked chicken and a side salad. It gave me something to do with my nerves.

For a little while, I second guessed telling him that night, because he became frustrated over a complication with the report.  I thought to myself, "I definitely don't want to tell him while he's in a negative frame of mind.  I want this to be positive."

Because he was focused on the phone call to fix the report issue, Greg didn't see me walk into the office and take out a long shaped jewelry box.  I brought the box into the bedroom, put the gift inside, bow on top and no tape.  Which is totally unlike me.  I'm the Tape Queen, but I didn't want my husband to get annoyed with the tape.  Positive was the theme, so no tape.

After supper and talking routine stuff, we put the dishes away.  I suggested a cup of coffee for him and went to get the gift.  Handing it to him, "This is an early birthday gift."  Greg replied, "My birthday isn't until Monday.  It can't wait?"

"No.  It's not something that can wait."  He shook the box, which I just knew he would do.  "You shouldn't do that."

He opened the box and stared... for an extra moment.  Eyes went wide and in an incredulous tone, he asked, "Oh my God!  Does this mean you're pregnant!"

I was laughing and crying and nodding my head yes.  He jumped out of his chair, laughing, saying how wonderful this was, giving me a hug.  It was a beautiful moment.  His reaction was the best and exactly what I hoped for and needed.

He looked at the pregnancy test and said, "Are you sure?"

My husband had good reason to second guess.  After all, a year and a half ago, a specialist told us that we had 2 percent chance EACH MONTH - 2 percent chance of getting pregnant.  The specialist thought we should do IVF and use a donor egg, but after research and thoughtful consideration, we decided that this wasn't the path for us.  We accepted that we wouldn't have children and could still be very happy with just the two of us and a cat and dog :)

The pregnancy test I used was from Rite Aid, using the store brand, because I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a test that I figured would show negative, as it had so many other times in the past.

You'd think the missed period would be the clue, but my body isn't the most regular.  Even the upset stomach wasn't my clue, because I get sinus problems that lead to a sinus drip and that upsets my stomach.  It was my sense of smell that kicked into over drive that gave me the heads up.

EVERYTHING was on ultra smell like never before.  But even then, I didn't believe.. I just figured I was trying to fool myself or something, so I took the test without much thought.  When I saw the results, I kept flipping back to the instructions, muttering to myself, "Two blue lines means pregnant!"

Then I freaked out!  I couldn't call Greg as he was at work.  That would be too impersonal and I still didn't trust the test.  It was a cheap store brand.   My blood pressure was going bonkers and I had to do something... I called my good friend, Kristen.  She understood how I felt and suggested that I go see her Mom, an RN that works in a medical clinic.  She could give me a pregnancy test that was reliable.

I did this.... and Kristen's Mom said, "You are DEFINITELY pregnant."  The blue line on the test strip went to positive within seconds.

After explaining all of this to Greg, he felt better about the results.  I told him how I set an appointment to see the OBGYN the next morning.  He took off of work so that he could be there with me for the appointment.  He understood my concerns and worries... my age, my high blood pressure... and the past when I miscarried and the baby didn't have a heartbeat (over 10 years ago).

Greg was incredibly supportive and said, "We will proceed with a cautious frame in mind."  But happy, yes very happy :)

At the OBGYN's office they took another urine test - yes, positive.  Did bloodwork.  AND did an ultrasound!  We were able to see and hear the baby's heartbeat.  How beautiful!  The baby is, as of today's date of this blog post - 9 weeks old.  EDD is early March.

Below is a picture of the sonogram.  While conducting the ultrasound, the nurse saved it on a DVD.  I put some of the ultrasound on YouTube, which should be below the picture.

We're asking for prayers for a healthy baby and healthy pregnancy :)

Our Little Miracle:


Rocky said...

What a beautiful moment, Aleta! I am so happy for you both. Jese was there when I took my pregnancy test and the moment the plus sign showed up, he laughed/yelped, picked me up and spun me around the house. Pregnancy is incredible! The sonogram literally changed my life... turned it upside down and inside out because I had never seen or loved something so beautiful. COngratulations, Aleta. Rest and take good care of yourself and your little miracle baby!

Life Happens said...

Congrats!!! I can only imagine your husband's reaction and how excited you both are. I am so incredibly happy for you! Praying for happy and healthy pregnnacy and baby. :)

Deanna Berardi said...

It's not my baby, but still I'm crying at the sound of the heart beat!!! This is so amazing, Aleta! I am so incredibly happy for you and Greg! Take it easy, Momma! You've got quite the journey ahead of you, and I hope and wish for all the best for you THREE !!! I can't think of anyone else more deserving of this wonderful surprise! I love you guys!

Unceasing, uninterrupted Valkyrie said...

What a gret surprize for me to stumble upon your bog and to share with your family such precious news!!

2% chance?! Well then it can truely be said that the is the lords will and that it is now in his timming!

The way that you shared the news with your husband was BEAUTIFUL! I am soo exited for you and yours.

I have a lil son (14 months) It wil be great to share mommy-isms :D

Cheryl said...

Congratulations!!!! That is so wonderful esp. because you had been under the impression the odds were slim. I wish for you an easy pregnancy. Enjoy it and take care of yourself. Again...congratulations.

Ugich Konitari said...

Aleta, This is such wonderful news ! I pray that you have a safe, healthy and wonderful pregnancy and the bestest of wishes for you and Greg !

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Absolutely WONDERFUL! Congrats & I wish you all the best.

The Forscheins said...

CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH!!! I'm hoping for a good pregnancy and a healthy little baby for you!

Glynis Jolly said...

How wonderful, Aleta! Congratulation to both you and Greg. Positive thoughts coming your way.

lailani said...

While I had some extra time I have read through your post. So VERY happy for you! Don't you love having the pictures at the early stages? Saying a prayer for an easy (get easier) pregancy!

Happy said...

What a beautiful miracle and i am so happy for you both. Look after yourself and I know Greg will spoil you rotten. Oh so, so happy for you. you are an incredible couple with wonderful families and you will make the BEST parents.