Monday, February 11, 2013

Feel Like a Yo Yo

I'm home, but for how long?  I was in the hospital from Thursday to Sunday, because the pregnancy specialist was worried about my blood pressure.  BP was 161/100.  Unfortunately, both my specialist and OBGYN were off Friday and Saturday, so even though my OBGYN thought the BP was high for stress, not due to pre-e, I had to stay in the hospital.  As for the bpp of the baby going from 4 to 8, the on-call doctor said that it was likely because of a "sleep cycle" when baby was given a 4.

So, main reason I was in hospital - high bp.  But it was normal every other time, other than it did happen a second time... but after that, back to normal.  My OBGYN released me yesterday to go home, but with two doctor appointments this week.

Today was one of those appointments and they did a variety of test:

BP:  138/84 - good
NST:  Baby passed and they did an ultrasound.  During the ultrasound, I mentioned being in the hospital for high bp and the technician giggled.  She said, "The reason I giggled is because when we see someone with high blood pressure, the woman has low fluid levels and a tiny baby - tiny as in 5 pounds right now.  But your fluid level is 18, which is great.  We consider 20 to be a to high mark, but yours is great.  How much did the specialist say your baby weighs?"  I replied, "last week, baby weighed 6.6 pounds."  Technician said, "Nothing to worry about.  Everything looks good!"  That made me feel good because even if I have high blood pressure, baby is getting what he needs.
CERVIX:  High and tight, though I did feel Braxton Hicks during nst scan.  They didn't hurt, just a tightening sensation.
BLOODWORK:  Ahh, here's the question mark.  All blood work looks good, but the AST/ALT, while at the hospital, went from 17 to 34.  It has a cap of 40, so I'm still within in the normal range, but the dr. was concerned with the increase as being a sign of pre-eclampsia.  I will hopefully get the blood work results today around 2pmish.

So, here are the "if/then" situations:

IF blood work is good, then I go for another dr. appointment on Thursday - check for BP, NST, CERVIX and BLOODWORK - IF that all comes out good, THEN go for a c-section on Monday.  The reason for c-section is the cervix is still high and tight, then it's not likely I'll be able to deliver even if induced.

IF blood work today is out of line in any way - c section late this afternoon or tomorrow.
IF blood work on Thursday is out of line in any way - c section late that day or the next day.

I'm hoping all is well with blood work and delivery is not until Monday next week.
Whew..a lot of if/then grey areas, but I do feel like we have a plan in progress.  We have the c section set up for Monday, week from today, for noon, in the hopes that all goes well.  I'll be 37 weeks and a couple of days pregnant.

If blood work comes back normal and I'm still here, on strict bed rest, I'll share some of the hospital experiences in another post :)


Jessica Anne said...

Wow, very busy week!! I can't believe you will be meeting your little peanut very soon! :)

Cheryl said...

I know this is stressful and you are being overwhelmed with lots of numbers and tests but your baby is a good weight and you are within all the normal ranges. Just think, Aleta in just a week you will have your son. I am confident all is going to go beautifully. Try to relax as much as you can.

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Sending prayers for good health for you and baby. Hospitals are no fun, but you have to be thankful that everyone is being super cautious!