Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day and Pregnancy Update

Happy Valentine's Day - for the love of all family and friends :)

This morning, while Greg was making breakfast, I quickly made the bed and put out the gifts I bought for him for Valentine's Day.  When I saw the pillows, I knew I had to buy them, because it's what we say to each other all the time :)

I bought a card for Greg with two hearts and a little diamond on the front and "Daddy Scrubs" that he can wear for when we go in for the c section on Monday at noon.  The scrubs read "I'm the Daddy."

When Greg went into the bedroom, he started laughing when he saw the pillows and brought out the gift he bought for me.  One of Greg's friends/accounts that he works with, Mary Lou (she's also a fellow beader), called us early this week to see how we were doing.  Mary Lou told Greg, "I know you have a penis, so you probably forgot what this Thursday is!"  Lol... but Greg told me today that he actually special ordered this 3 weeks ago.  I love it!

I love that there are three hearts, that the small one is gold and the flow of the two hearts together.  He couldn't have picked out a more beautiful, symbolic gift!  Made me want to cry when I saw it.

This morning, we went for the second doctor's appointment this week.  All is well.  Blood pressure was a little high when I first walked into the room, but they took it a second time after the NST and the reading came back 138/80.  Baby did great with the NST.  I drank a bunch of orange juice and Greg spoke to his son and my gosh, did the baby move around!  Greg could see the baby moving the top strap, even the nurse saw the baby moving.  

Below is a picture of the NST machine - measures baby's heart rate and contractions.  OH and I found out that I'm having Braxton Hicks.  They are contractions, but they don't hurt.  It feels like a tightening sensation.  Nothing painful, but now that I watched the numbers on the machine, I can recognize the feeling and know "it's not just the baby" - that's Braxton Hicks.

So, Monday is the scheduled date for the c section at noon.  We go in tomorrow for the pre-opt paperwork, etc.  And tonight, we'll put together a suitcase, just to have everything ready.  Greg is predicting the baby will weigh 7.2-7.4 pounds.  Then he said, "And I think you'll go into labor on Saturday."  Umm, don't think so.  It's still too early for that.  BUT... yeah - we are 37 weeks today!  WOOT!  FULL TERM BABY!!!  Four more days :)

I have to also add, when Greg and I complained about the hospital stay (last week) and not feeling like we could get an final decision from the on-call doctors (which I understand), I have to add that I love my doctors.   Greg said that Dr. Wild is a planner and a person of action and he likes that.  He said that this is definitely Dr. Wild's calling (being an OBGYN) and I totally agree :)  I'm glad Dr. Wild will do the c section on Monday.  She's been an awesome doctor throughout the pregnancy, very reassuring and taking the time to answer my gazillion questions.  Dr. Wild also explained to us the reason why Dr. Chau admitted me to the hospital last week... "Dr. Chau has many patients at various hospitals that when they are told bed rest, the pregnant woman is going home to 7 children to take care of and no family support, so it's better for those patients to have bed rest at the hospital.  Whereas your situation is different with a good family support unit and you are a complaint patient."  Just tell me what to do and I'll do it.

Now, can anyone hand me the guide book for parenting please?

And to see the latest jewelry I've made, click here, and to see the book I read while in the hospital (which I thought was fitting for the environment), click here.


Cyndy Newsome said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pillows!! And I love the gift from him....touching and beautiful!

Natalie said...

Awww such sweet gifts...and good luck on Monday!!!

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Happy Labor Day! Can't wait to hear the happy news!

Glynis Jolly said...

On Monday, eh? That's the 18th. Little Gregory will be an Aquarius. Wonderful!

Lilly said...

What a beautiful gift Greg got you. Just so very right given the new baby. Wow I have missed so much happening with you. Time sure went fast for those of us reading your blog but I bet it couldnt come soon enough for you. You have been positive and done everything you could right throughout. Let us know you are all ok when you can. xx

carma said...

Greg gives you the most thoughtful gifts - love the symbolism in the necklace. It is lovely.