Sunday, February 10, 2013

Still in Hospital

The above ultrasound picture was taken on Thursday.  We're still here in the hospital, no delivery yet.  I'm hoping to see my doctor today.  Originally the inducement date was supposed to be Feb 28th, but it seems they want to move it up to week 37, sometime next week.

Part of me feels that this was a knee jerk reaction, but if Dr. Wild says it needs to be done, then OK.  

One thing is for sure, I've learned more about my blood pressure medicine.  Timing is everything.  It needs to be on schedule, which I'm actually pretty good about, but never realized the full importance of... until having my blood pressure monitored throughout the day consistently.  When the meds start to wear out, the pressure definitely increases... a lot.  I won't take that for granted any more... nor will I take for granted how stress and lack of sleep can also affect blood pressure.  

I'm not one for drama, thank goodness, otherwise I'd constantly be in the hospital for blood pressure related issues... but even being upset or frustrated a little isn't good.  I'll start using some of the lamaze deep breathing techniques when facing stress in the future.

Ok, so back to the ultrasound.  I didn't know that when going for an ultrasound, the technician and doctor grade the baby on a scale called BPP - ranging from 0-8, 8 being the best score, based on different factors such as fluid, baby movement, size and something else that I don't recall.  On Thursday, our baby received a 4 and my blood pressure was really high, hence being admitted into labor & delivery, with the fear factor of an emergency c section if my blood pressure didn't come down.

Fortunately, it did come down and at the ultrasound yesterday, the technician and doctor gave the baby a score of 8.  8 out of 8.  How does a baby go from 4 to 8 within days?  This was never explained to me.  I was monitored with the NST straps for over 24 hours and every time everyone said the baby is doing well.  My blood pressure fluctuated with the timing of the medicine... yet, is still under control, at least, I think so.  I really want to talk to Dr. Wild today to find out more.  What exactly is the reason why I am still in the hospital?  

Yes, I understand that my blood pressure has to be monitored, but it isn't off the charts and it does go down and I do take my medicine.  I understand that pre-e can come on quick and strong and this can cause a stroke.  If this is the reason why I have to stay, so be it.  But I want a firm answer on the reason.  Otherwise, let me go home, put me on bed rest, tell me I have to go to the doctor's office twice a day to get monitored and I'll do it.  But being in the hospital really doesn't help my pressure either.  I worry about being in the hospital.  There's no such thing as a sound sleep.  I worry about my husband not getting enough sleep and if the animals are well cared for.  I'ld like to have the chance to go home and make sure there aren't any last minute things to do before the baby comes.


Amanda said...

Keeping you and baby in my prayers!!!

Jessica Anne said...

I'm sorry that you have to stay at the hospital :( I hope they let you go home for a few days to get everything finished up!!