Sunday, August 5, 2012

Low Progesterone and Pregnancy

This is going to be a boring post for most, my apologies. 

Today’s Lesson:  Progesterone

I’m writing this blog post in case another woman is on the Internet trying to sort through all the information out there about low progesterone and pregnancy.

After the ultrasound, my doctor took blood work from me, primarily to test for the progesterone level.  The result came back at 6.5, which is very low, when it needs to be no less than 15.

What does progesterone do?  In a normal cycle, a woman’s ovary releases progesterone to build up the uterine lining.  The lining is where the fertilized egg attaches.  If there is no fertilized egg, the ovary will discontinue sending out progesterone and the lining is “flushed out” – the woman’s period.

When a woman is pregnant, the ovary will send out progesterone to maintain the lining, but only for a brief timeframe.  The ovary stops sending progesterone when the placenta is supposed to be fully formed and operational to produce its own progesterone for the rest of the duration of the pregnancy. 

But in my case, the low level of 6.5 could mean that my body would “flush out” the lining along with the baby.  Miscarriage.

My doctor prescribed 2 x 200 dosage of progesterone pills.  I also read that progesterone will not stop a miscarriage if there is a chromosome problem.  If the pregnancy is meant by nature to terminate, the body will do so.

But, if it’s a healthy baby and the woman’s issue is not being able to maintain a healthy lining, then the pills will do the job.

I couldn’t stop researching and reading more and more about the experiences of women with low progesterone and it didn’t have good result.  I was scaring myself.

The next day, I decided to leave a message for my doctor.  When she returned my call, I said, “From what I’m reading on the Internet, low progesterone is associated with miscarriages.  Can you tell me your thoughts on this?”

Dr:  “This is what I know… I saw an ultrasound with a healthy baby.  The size was good; the heart rate was good.  I stand by what I said the other day, we most likely took the blood work during the transition between where the ovary discontinues making progesterone and the placenta is fully formed to create its own progesterone.”

Me:  “Do you have any concerns about this?”

Dr:  “No.”

That was what I needed.  I trust my doctor and put my faith in God.  If this is meant to be, then it will and me worrying about it won’t change what will be….

OK, to something funny…

I explained to Greg, “The doctor warned me that the progesterone pills will make me moody, cranky and irritable.” 

I read the warnings on the pill bottle out loud, “May cause drowsiness.  Don’t take with alcohol.  May cause dizziness….. but they left out, May cause bitchiness.” 

My husband laughed, “At least I know that if you act that way, it’s not really you.”

It was time to take my progesterone, so I got up to get the medicine and said, “Instant bitch pill coming up.”

Greg suddenly said, “Honey, can I get you something to drink?  NO, YOU CAN’T, LEAVE ME THE F ALONE.”

I looked at Greg like he’d lost his mind.. he said, “I’m just trying to get myself used to the idea of a bitch pill.. trying to prepare myself.”

I busted out laughing.  So far, Aleta Version 2.0 hasn’t reacted that way to the progesterone… but it does make me super tired.


Heather said...

Aleta, I am just coming back into the blogging world and saw your posts. I am so very happy for you and Greg! Congrats to you both!

Jessica Anne said...

Congratulations on your miracle baby!! Such exciting news :) And yes, two sets of twins! Its going to be nutty! :D

Anonymous said...

Back from vacation and came to read blogs: CONGRATULATIONS!!

My low progesterone baby turns 19 on Saturday!! Woot Woot. Don't read to much! He did come a few weeks early, but was very healthy and a fighter (stubborn too). I had shingles when I found out I was pregnant, then low progesterone then premature labor. Sounds worse than it was. Lot's of prayers answered.

Hang in there (and maybe milk the bitchiness ;))

Kimberly said...

I'm just catching up here... Congratulations! I am so very happy for you!

And yes, I'd definitely milk that bitchiness too ;)

Penny said...

Just said a prayer for you! Congrats on your pregnancy, and don't worry -- if the doctor sees a healthy baby, count on that!

Glynis Jolly said...

I just can't imagine you being bitchy. You're just not the type. Now then crying spells, maybe. Welcome to the world of naps. I take naps for different reasons but the effect is still the same.

Aleta said...

Well, I know that PMS used to throw me for a loop, but so far, emotions in check, but yes, I'm more prone to crying than yelling... :)

GingerJar said...

OMG, I HAVEN'T CHECKED MY BLOGS IN LIKE...FOREVER...CONGRATS. Just follow the doc's recommendations. Take it easy, put your feet up. Rest and nap when you feel the need, your body is changing.

Aleta said...

:) Ginger, you made me smile. At 42, this was the last thing I expected. In fact, when I missed my period, the first thing I thought of was... "Well, it must be that I'm starting menopause!" Imagine how shocked I was with a positive result on the pregnancy test! Lol

Happy said...

How funny, the bitch pill. Enjoy every moment and just follow your doctor's orders. You are right what will be will be. What a little miracle.