Monday, January 21, 2013

NST Pass

Happy Day!  Our baby passed the NST this week - yeah!  I think I figured out the secret ingredient, at least for this time - tall order of orange juice.  I drank it while they hooked me up to the NST machine.

Our baby kicked 46 times within 20 minutes.  The doctor came in midway when the baby was kicking up a storm and she said, "This is great!  The rest could be a straight line, we have all that we need.  Baby likes orange juice!"  I still had to finish the test and the baby did continue to kick.

In fact, the baby kicked so hard, he was moving the NST belt.  I thought for sure he could kick it off.  Normally, baby Gregory's heart rate was 139-142, but when he kicked, it spiked up to as high as 180!

When the doctor came in after the test was complete, she said, "This is exactly what we wanted to see."  She was happy and so was I :)  Yeah!

Plus, my blood pressure was 128/80, both the nurse and doctor cheered.

Being that we're so close to the due date, I asked Dr. Wild about dates and delivery, etc.   Dr. Wild explained, "You will be full term on Valentine's Day, so from that point forward, you can go into labor.  If you don't go into labor by February 28th, we will induce."

If I go into labor before Valentine's Day, the hospital staff will attempt to stop the contractions in order to get the baby to the full term date.  If I go into natural labor after Valetine's Day, it's delivery time :)  If I get to February 28th and no labor, they will induce.  If I'm induced on Feb 28th, the baby could be born on Feb 28th, but most likely will be born on March 1st.

So, the latest the baby will be born is March 1st and as early as February 14th.

Yesterday we had an awesome baby shower.  I'm getting the pictures together and will share that soon. This morning, passing the NST was the perfect way to top off the emotions from the shower :)


Cyndy Newsome said...

Awesome news! It's getting SO close!

Deanna said...

How exciting! Glad to hear everything's going so well! Burkley's newest little sister was just born this past Valentine's Day! Such a special gift that so clearly expresses the love meant to be celebrated that day!

Cheryl said...

It is getting close....Glad things continue to go so well.

Lilly said...

It is getting so close Aleta. Exciting. And wonderful he is a healthy strong boy. I wish my BP was as good as yours. Well done.