Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Sweetheart

Today is Greg’s birthday!  We celebrated it a day early with his family.  Lots of fun conversations, yummy food and I made a German Chocolate Cake (his request). 

Below are some pictures and a video.  I have to laugh when I hear the video, because his family has a tradition now of “Haaaa  Haaaaaa” as if trying to tune the vocal chords.  Makes me laugh, please excuse my singing :)

I asked Greg if he made a wish after he blew out the candles and he said it already came true :)

This morning, Greg had a birthday card waiting… from his baby-to-be…  Baby-to-be wrote, "I'm looking forward to giving you lots of hugs and cuddles."  That made him smile.

But my poor husband… I put him through the emotional ringer today.  I stayed as calm as I could be and I think I did a good job, considering that I started to spot bleed right before noon.

Greg agreed that I should call the doctor, which I did.  The nurse practitioner asked that we come in for an ultra sound for 3:15, so basically the day was an anxious one.  Much to our relief, the ultra sound showed a healthy baby, with the heartbeat at 180 and this time you can see a little more of the baby form.

In the below picture, the head is to the left, the arms and legs are dangling down.  We were able to see the heart beat.  I have to say that our nurse practitioner, Jamie, is incredibly supportive and understanding.  I really do appreciate that.

Greg nicknamed this stage of the baby's form:  Piglet!

With relief, we left the doctor’s office and went to Sam’s Club to pick up Greg’s medicine.  While we waited for the prescription to be filled, Greg said, “Let’s go look at baby supplies.”  He started on one end of a long line and then realized it took the entire aisle…  there was a spot next to the Huggies diapers and he sat down….

 Oh and I think Greg's new nickname is "DaddyO" (Instead of GregO)


Cheryl said...

Wwwweeehhh...I am so glad every thing is good. Being pregnant is such a special time. I hope you are feeling good and enjoying it.

Headant said...

I think he just looked at the price!

Glynis Jolly said...

Tell Greg Happy Birthday for me.

I am so glad that the medical staff you have are paying attention to ALL of your concerns.

GingerJar said...

Hope you are feeling all good today. have grandkids...

carma said...

Happy Birthday Greg - and I am completely blown away by this happy news!!!!!! Sending prayers for your little bundle of joy :-)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Glad all is well! Happy birthday to the hubby!

lostinaseaofblogs said...

How exciting! Congrats! :)