Friday, March 8, 2013

Baby Pictures and Links

I love seeing his grey/blue eyes in the morning.

Love seeing the smiles

Below - first time visiting Oma and Opa's house (my parents go by the German name for grandmother and grandfather)

Love the tender moments

These are the pictures that I adore seeing and there's more on my Picasa site.  I wanted to start this blog post with these wonderful pictures, because it helps to keep me focused.  But at the same time, I want to keep this blog real and share experiences in the hopes that it might help someone who will be going through what I did... and that means writing about the c-section and baby blues.

My husband doesn't like long posts and my posts for those two topics are long.  So, what I did, in order not to clutter this post is to "bury" the c-section and baby blues post into my blog.  If you are interested (and have the time) in reading them, click the below links to get to the posts:


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Congratulations, Aleta!

Mari said...

He is just beautiful and I love his blond hair.
I really appreciated your baby blues post. I can't say i ever had that, but I felt so overwhelmed like I would never be able to handle this. You wrote it so well, with answers for every thing EA said.
PS - my granddaughter who is now 16 months changed frequently. She would look so much like her daddy for a few weeks, then she was the picture of our daughter. I bet Gregory will go through those stages too. I think he looks like a great mix of the two of you!

Cheryl said...

Baby Gregory is just so beautiful!!!
Your posts about the C section and the Post Postpartum depression are interesting. I,too had a C section in my 37th week due to what was then called Toxemia (eclampsia) but my experience was very different. 37 years ago everything was different.

The baby blues, I suspect haven't changed much but of course all women have varying degrees of it. I like you cried a lot but mine passed after just a few days.

I am so happy to see the pictures. They are awesome.

Amanda said...

You're making me have the baby fever!!!!

SkyMommy said...

Congratulations! He is just beautiful. I'm sorry your c-section and recovery were rough. Hope you continue to heal and recover well.

Lilly said...

He really is the most gorgeous boy. And look at you too. Just beautiful and content in that picture. Motherhood becomes you Aleta. Thanks for letting us see your baby pics. I am interested in your parents choice of grandparent names - I was wondering what name I will use one day too. Given I have German heritage this might be a good option for me too.