Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween :)  
What I'm wearing tonight
(it'll probably weird out my husband
to see the baby skeleton.... kind of
weirds me out too!)

Close up of the necklace I'm wearing.
I made this a couple of months ago.

Edited to add:  Greg came in and saw the top of my shirt first and said, "Look at you!"  Then he saw the baby skeleton and said, "That's just wrong."  But he was smiling the entire time.  He later remarked, "My sense of humor is rubbing off on you."


Cheryl said...

I think that is funny/cute.

The bead work on your necklace is awesome. I can't imagine working with beads that small.

Have a fun Halloween!

Aleta said...

Thank you, Cheryl :) I call it a labor of love when I work with beads.

Amanda said...

I love the shirt!!

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

I wanted my sister to wear one with a bow on the head! I don't think she did!

Lilly said...

It is so wrong it is right. And you both have a great sense of humour. Your necklace is gorgeous - there is a lot of work in that. And you look fantastic! Hope you had fun and a belated Happy Halloween to you.