Thursday, August 23, 2012

11w6d ultrasound

I went to see a specialist.  The doctor checked the back of the baby's neck for fluid and also checked the bones on the nose - both early indicators of Downs Syndrome.  So far, so good.  The doctor said there aren't any indicators that she can see.  Baby is growing well, is now 3.26 inches.  Heart rate is 165.

But we have a prankster for a baby already.... When the nurse did the ultrasound, the baby refused to move, no matter how hard the nurse pressed on my stomach.  The baby moved, but refused to get into a different position for the nurse to see the back of the neck to check for fluid.

Then the doctor came in and baby was moving all over the place.  Doctor said, "We have a yo-yo baby!"  But she was able to get one good view of the neck.

I have to do more testing at week 17 and they are concerned with my blood pressure.  The other hope is that the placenta will move up, because it's at the bottom right now.

Below are two pictures of the same for the ultrasound.  Imagine you are facing the baby.  The head is tucked to the chest.  The arm on the left is up (think "fist pump") and is hiding part of the face.  The right arm goes across the chest.

It's a little difficult to see, sorry.  I had to get two nurses to show me before I saw the baby!


Amanda said...

I love seeing ultrasound pics, its so weird to picture what the baby must look like in your head.

Just wait till the baby gets bigger and you can see there foot through your belly! I've always thought it was cool and a little creepy at the same time!

Cheryl said...

This is so exciting. Don't over worry when they talk about things like placenta placement and such. Our babies had all manner of things not looking quite in place but I had healthy babies. My blood pressure was horrible when I was pregnant but came down like a falling rock the second they were born.

I think it's great that everything is looking so positive.

Happy said...

OMG, what have I missed? congrautlations aleta and Greg this is wonderful news. Oh my i am so excited for you. Now i have to go catch up on the rest of your posts. Woo Hoo!!! And don't worry, everythign is looking wonderful.

Jessica Watson said...

Oh what great news! So happy for you.