Thursday, March 20, 2008

About Us

The first time I spoke with Greg was on his birthday, 8/6/2006.  We connected via Match, it all started when Greg sent me a wink.  At the time I worked full time as an office manager in the finance industry and lived alone with my cat, Tigger.  Greg worked as a chemical engineer and lived with his brother and dog, Pebbles.  We both owned our homes and lived within ten minutes of each other, but we never would have met without the Internet.

Though we express it differently, we share a love of creativity.  My outlet is poetry, playing the piano, painting, making jewelry, photography, blogging and I would like to do cake decorating and card making.  For Greg, he is the gadget guy who knows how to fix anything and if there's a need for something, my husband can meet the need by creating it... Be it something out of nothing in the kitchen or a nifty idea for the iPad and everything in between.  And I have to add that my husband is talented with drawing, but he doesn't do this nearly enough.

The first time my husband told me he loved me was on Valentines day.  The day Greg proposed was on MemorialDay, at the location of our first date and with our families there to share in the memories.  Just recently Greg said, "I really like how our relationship progressed.  It wasn't too fast.  We got to know each other.  We didn't rush things but we also didn't wait forever for things to happen either."  We were married on January 3, 2009.

We have experienced some wonderful vacations along the way.  Looking back, we really are fortunate.  But life is about changes.  Greg's dog passed away.  Months later we got a new dog, Penny.  She's hyper and the apple of Greg's eye.   I became suddenly unemployed, a situation I've never been in before and my husband was hired on with a new company.  We sold Greg's home and determined we needed some renovations in our home.

And then, we began an adventure we never thought possible, one that we were told we had less than 2 percent of achieving.... We found out the surprising and unexpected news that we were expecting a baby ... Me at the age of 43 and my husband at the age of 51.  Gregory was born just three weeks ago to two first time parents.  Life has changed dramatically and I can't imagine going through this with anyone but Greg.  This is God's timing and I count the blessings.

This blog is about our lives together and I pray it will be around for many years as a reflection of our continued love, support, appreciation and dedication to each other as a family...


Tricia McWhorter said...

Hi Aleta (and Greg). Wow. Sharing a blog. I have trouble sharing a sink with my husband, but we've been married 28 years and at some point I got a bit territorial.

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, otherwise I might never have stumbled my way through cyberspace to your lovely island here. I really enjoyed lots of your posts and your blog is very pretty. I especially loved the bit on the cemeteries. And, by the way, your beading is frikkin awesome!!

Demara said...

Pebbles and Tigger are so cute!!

Tigger looks like the sweetest thing and Pebbles now she seems like she is very strong! To be able to live THAT long is amazing.

Congratulations on your upcoming Anniversary!! And for meeting the man of your dreams ;)

Demara said...

Oh and your birthday is in the same month as mine!

by big '0' year is 2010!! hehe

Happy EARLY Birthday if I don't see you then...

mom2giqm said...

My husband and I met via too & will be married 12 yrs in Nov 09.

Ameena said...

How cute are you guys?

You can share a blog? I can't even share my closet, nevermind a blog. You are an inspiration!

Sometimes I think pets are actually more work than children so kudos to you!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Awesome introduction! So exciting you are adding to your family!

Lavahlo said...

Hey cousin, Seeing how we are so far apart and never really met. It was nice to read the story of how you two met! Congrats on the baby and your life together. I pray ya'll have many more years!
Love ya'll