Thursday, June 28, 2012

NYC Part 8 Terracotta Warriors

We went to the Discovery Times Square for the Terracotta Warriors Exhibit.

I'm adding in this next picture, because if you ever want to know where to find Sardis, it's next to Discovery Times Square:

Ok, back to the exhibit....

The first Emperor of China created an army of terracotta sculptures.  

The army was part of the Emperors funeral art, as he believed he needed such in the afterlife for protection.  The collection was buried in 210-209 BC.

I smile when I think of a local farmer finding part of the collection.  Can you imagine what that experience must have been like?

It was interesting to read how the figures who are the tallest are the ones highest in rank (generals).  The army is estimated to be 8,000 soldiers, 130 chariots with horses and 150 cavalry horses, as well as other figures such as clergy and musicians.

Going to the exhibit was a last minute decision before we left for NYC and I'm really glad we were able to see it.  The sculptures are in fantastic condition.  We weren't allowed to use our flash, but we could take pictures.  

The exhibit started off with pottery.  Greg made the comment, "I'm looking for a tag saying, 'Made in China.'"  Some of employees there have no sense of humor :)

Greg thought their money was interesting.  There are 7 different types representing the 7 different nations of China:  (The shapes at the bottom - that was the currency)

Here's a belt:

The warriors were amazing sculptures.  Each one is handmade.  I tried to imagine what it took to make an army of that nature, the time and dedication.  What an artistic endeavor!

These sculptures are life sized... or larger.  Amazing!

Mom and I especially loved the archer.  You might be able to make out my parents standing behind the archer in the next picture.  I took another picture of the archer and was surprised with the light result.  I was trying to get the crossbow in the picture, which was hanging from the ceiling.   I think it's neat looking :)

It was really a treat to see this exhibit.  There was so much to look at and enjoy!  The exhibit was well planned.  They created an intimate feeling with dark lights and highlighted sculptures.  We also had an audio tour for more information.


Head Ant said...

Great exhibit--I'm hoping it'll come to NOMA. We study Ancient History next year!

Aleta said...

Your children would love it. I just looked to see if there's a schedule for 2013 for the warriors. Only thing I could find so far is in Oct 27 this year (day before my birthday:) It's going to Minnesota. It will be there through January 2013.

NOMA is large (building wise), but honestly, those warriors are huge and it's a very large exhibit. I'm wondering if it would all fit at NOMA. It would be great if it came here. Something everyone should have the chance to experience.

Lilly said...

Wow, it looks incredible. It is hard to imagine the scale of it given they are all lifesize or larger. Then again when you see the Chinese Army in action today the sheer numbers of soldiers is scary. Imagine transporting all of that and keeping it intact. Insurance must be huge.

Love Greg's joke. He would fit right in in Australia I tell you. Love the family pic too!