Saturday, June 30, 2012

NYC Part 9 Circle in the Square

Our second Broadway performance was "Godspell" at the Circle in the Square theater.  The theater stage is a circle and we had front row seats :)

We sat down and noticed that there was a plank missing on the stage and water dripping down.  During the performance, the actors opened up three more planks and did baptisms... very active baptisms with water going everywhere.  I was baptized in my seat!  :)

The actors were crazy active, jumping, bouncing, running, energetic from beginning to end.  The performance played out various parts of the Bible, but set it to modern day times.  They did an excellent job.  It was totally different from Book of Mormons, but just as well acted.

We saw these people sitting on pillows by the stage.  They are students, allowed to buy the seats at very cheap prices.  Some of the students participate in the performance.

At one point, the actors carried long sticks, "You can't light a candle without a wick."  Then the end pops and silver sparkles of paper come out.  Dad claims that they aimed at him :)

After the show, we went to Nanking for supper, where Mom accidentally baptized my purse in soy sauce.  Ah well.  It makes for a memory :)  Food was good though :)

The morning before our flight, Greg convinced me to go across the street to the Port Authority, located on the other side of the street from our hotel.  A couple of times when we walked down the street we were asked for money by beggars.  I imagined inside the Port Authority it would be worse.  

It is the terminal for the bus and subway.  And it was NICE!  Heck, the terminal for the bus and subway in NYC is nicer than New Orleans airport terminal!  There were stores upon stores, not just for food, but clothing, etc.

They even have sculptures in the terminal!

We found a deli selling "Mardi Gras" sandwiches, so you know I had to buy one.  Yes, it was tasty!

We arrived really early to the airport and had no troubles with security.  We looked around the airport and found this little machine, filled with all sorts of strange things... like "shemergency kits" and "zombie survival kits"...

Greg did buy something from this machine.  It's a telescopic lens for his iPhone.  They included a little stand for it too.  Neat little gadget.

Wow, though - it was a constant flow of things that we did in NYC.  Perfect for the "city that never sleeps."  I can understand people feeling the need to go, go, go... because well, gosh, there's a LOT to do in NYC.

Thank you so much, Mom and Dad, for many wonderful family vacations.  This was great.  It was fun to create the journal blog posts and relive the fun times in NYC!  Love you!

To see more pictures from our New York City vacation, click here to go to my Picasa site.

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Glynis Jolly said...

Just out of curiosity, did you see Grand Central Station? I stayed at the hotel just above it.