Tuesday, June 26, 2012

NYC Part 7 Pizza and Sweets

Meet my friend, Lauren, from NYC.

When I mentioned that my family wanted authentic NYC pizza, Lauren recommended Lombardi's.  Now, some people might think it's unAmerican of me, but I don't eat pizza.

Until Lombardi's.  Oh My Gosh.  It was delicious.  Everything was fresh and the tomato sauce wasn't that thick, ultra acidic stuff you find on typical pizzas.  This was fresh tomato sauce that was extremely tasty but without upsetting my stomach.

We ordered two pizzas, one was for meat lovers - and it included meatballs (which were yummy) and the veggie pizza, which was great too.  I honestly couldn't tell you which I liked more!  And woah - we need portion control, because the slices were HUGE!  Get ready for your mouth to water.....

Just looking at the pizzas.... making me wish we had something like this in New Orleans.  We have good food here, but NYC has us beat with the pizza!

We were going to order something sweet from Lombardi's, but Lauren advised us to go somewhere else, a place known for the cannoli.  We had to walk to Ferrara, because there was a fair going on in Little Italy (yes, we were in the Little Italy section and we drove through China Town to get to it).  It was a cute fair in the middle of the street and something we would have missed out on if we didn't go to this area of NYC.

Ferrara's - you'll gain weight just by smelling the air!

Mom and I and Roda went for the trio of miniatures.  I had the Chocolate Cannoli, Chocolate Mignon and Dacquoise.

Mom liked her three miniature selections, but after tasting Lauren's tiramisu, Mom shared the rest of Lauren's dessert.

Rob had a Bailey's drink and whew, it was strong.  I had a small sip, nothing I'd order.  But he really liked it :)

Greg didn't order anything and took small bites to sample from everyone's plates... he said that Dad's was the best - Spumoni

I really do appreciate that Lauren introduced us to Lombardi's and Ferrara's.  She said, "This is authentic NYC."  Sweet.


lailani said...

I have been to NYC just once and we had pizza there too! It was very good!

RGB said...

Yummylicious! Just the sight of all that food makes me hungry :P

Lilly said...

It is the only way to do it isn't it - find out where the locals eat. The pizza looks amazing but then I came to the desserts and well, sugar wins hands down every time for me. Greg had nothing. Is he in training?