Monday, October 11, 2010

NBWM11 Perfect Sunset

Sunset Beach, Hawaii

Aptly named ~ Sunset Beach ~ is where we found our romantic sunset. It's one of the longest sand beaches in Oahu, running two miles in length and 200-300 feet wide. I remember reading that the waters can be dangerous though, due to a "sunset rip - a riptide current offshore."

Greg and I got to the beach about an hour before sunset. We set up the tripod and found a way to put the camcorder in the sand so it could record non-stop for the sunset. Greg even used a remote on the camera, so that he didn't shake the camera by pressing any buttons. I had my small camera; it's easy to see which picture was taken by my small camera versus the "honeymoon camera" (the one Greg used). Greg's shots are with the wide angle lens and mine - well, it's not a quality camera, probably because it's been dropped a couple of times.

I asked Greg if he wouldn't mind us going in front of the camera and doing one of those "silhouettes" ~ we ran through the sand like kids, giggling and having a lot of fun. Romance and laughing ~ perfect ending to a day in paradise.


Hart Johnson said...

A truly fabulous sunset! Hawaii is so great for them because there is enough humidity that I think you get a better color spectrum, plus the horizon isn't broken up by anything--it is just sky and horizong--love that last shot with the kiss in there--perfect.

lailani said...

Absolutely amazing! And that last picture and your words - so fun and sweet!

Hey, I need your address so I can send you your prize! :)

The Forscheins said...

Beautiful!!! Love the pictures. very romantic

Anonymous said...

Yes, the last photo is my favorite as well