Sunday, October 10, 2010

NBWM10 Hunt for a sunrise & Pineapple Plantation

Friday morning it was raining. Greg said, "Aleta, you definitely nailed the weather. If it's raining in Hawaii, just wait a few minutes and it will clear up." I responded, "Yep and if it doesn't clear up, then simply drive to the other side of the island!" We had lots of rainbows in Hawaii.
Everyone got up early to see if we could find a perfect place to take sunrise pictures, but it was too cloudy. We drove around and Mom asked, 'What about going to the pineapple plantation?"

We were somewhere, ummm, lost I think. Good thing we had a GPS, which sometimes worked. R&R made it to the pineapple plantation a few minutes before we did. It wasn't open yet and they wouldn't even let R&R park the car in the parking lot - how rude!

So, R&R went to the building next door to the plantation and guess what - it was a set of shops and small restaurant. We met R&R there and had our first pineapple hamburgers - yum. Then, we did some shopping and found some really good items and very low prices. Greg bought me a silver pineapple pendant (it's a large one not the small one) and silver chain. I love it!
After the plantation opened, we headed over. Well, let me tell you - they have shops there too and MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE! In fact, I saw the SMALL pineapple pendant in the plantation store and it was DOUBLE what Greg paid for my large pendant. So, if you're in the area - check out the shops to the left of the plantation. Also, the shops that we bought our things from - the profit go to a school for children with special needs, which I thought was cool.

At the pineapple plantation, we took the train tour around the grounds. Wow - never saw so many pineapples before. I thought the red ones were neat. Young pineapple are that color, because of the iron in the soil. The tour guide mentioned that pineapple is good to eat after a meal, because it helps with the digestive system. I had a lot of pineapple that day - the tour guide was right!

Back at the beach house, Greg and I went outside and saw people surfing in our backyard. After touring the island, we weren't surprised to see 14 surfer dudes surfing on our beach house waves. We really did have the best waves, whereas most of the other beaches had calm waters. Greg and I went to the second floor of the beach house where there are huge windows and took pictures of the surfers.
That night, Greg and I found the perfect sunset.....


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Great pictures! I guess their pineapple plantations are like wineries here.

LaurAyn said...


The Forscheins said...

how cool that they are red at first. I did not know that. Love the pictures!

RGB said...

Lovely. Yup, pineapple is good for digestion. We have quite a few pineapples in our backyard. And you've got a beach to yourself? Wow!

Lilly said...

Gorgeous photo of the two of you. Oh I love pineapples!