Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NBWM12 Pride of America Cruise

Second Half of our vacation begins ~ Cruise on Pride of America

The second half of our vacation started on Mom's birthday. I made a necklace for Mom prior to going on the trip and had a card for her too. It's hard to buy things for Mom, because she gets what she likes. She mentioned one time that she liked a necklace I was wearing, so I made it for her, but in lavender colors. I was happy to have something I could make for her for her birthday :)
We did so much on Oahu island, away from Waikiki and Honolulu. I'm glad that we stayed at the more remote beach house. On Saturday, we left our lovely beach home for the cruise ship, Pride of America, and started our tour of the other islands. (Below is a picture Greg took of me with his iPhone)

It wasn't a physically difficult day, but we all felt drained. It's the standing in lines and coordinating what to do with the rentals cars, etc. We boarded the cruise ship, took some pictures and waited for our floor level to be called. Yes, I asked Greg to wear the red flower shirt. He said, "We look like tourists!" Hehe. But it was fun and he did it for me. (Love you Honey!)

The main room, deck 5 when you enter the ship:

Our rooms were located in the aft, level 8, all the way at the back of the ship! It wasn't long before our level was called and we were all eager to see the rooms.

I wanted to see my parents' room first, because it was Mom's birthday and they were supposed to decorate it for her. Did they? No - One strike against PoA.

All of our rooms were at the aft:
Then, we get into our room and it stunk! Literally! The rooms smelled like sewer. We complained to our steward, Leo, and he explained that Oahu port has smelled like this for a month now. Eww. (we also found out later that someone had broken the sewer pipe)... Leo assured us that after we left the port, it would get better. It did, but still, what a nasty way to start off the cruise.

The rooms were what we expected, very much the size of our Alaska cruise experience. This time, though, our balcony was huge, with 2 lounge chairs, 2 tables and plenty of room for a small party outside. I liked seeing the wake of the water when we were on board. As for the movement on the ship, it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. No motion sickness for me.

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RGB said...

If not for the 'sewer' smell part, I guess the cruise must have been good. And hey, that was a nice gesture, making a necklace for your mom as a bday gift :)