Sunday, April 6, 2014

Great Sunday Message

I posted before how we enjoy going to St. Augustine’sEpiscopal Church.  Today, Father AJ read about Lazarus.  And his sermon… Father AJ started it with, “Is it me or does there appear to be a lot of interest in zombies these days?  I’m sure you have heard about the show, “The Walking Dead”… I haven’t watched it, but someone told me that it was a really good show and actually very theological in depth, to question what is meant to be human.  This didn’t surprise me but the person who said it did surprise me… a fellow Episcopalian priest.”  The congregation laughed.

My husband said, “I think Father AJ is the only priest who would bring up that show for his sermon.”  It was great and so was the message.  Father AJ went on to share how God is not in the end, the resurrection.  God is in the here and now, through the difficult times.  Father AJ asked the congregation to be in the here and now with God, as He is with us, not just to go through the motions… not to walk through life as zombies, just going through the motions on autopilot.   Because when we are on autopilot and numb to the pain, we are also numb to the joy in life.

Not trying to be preachy, but I just really enjoyed the message.  Oh and when Father AJ said to “wake up” and be in the here and now, Gregory picked this perfect moment to cry out (loudly).  Thankfully everyone laughed!


Laura said...

What a great message! I think we all need to be reminded of that occasionally.

Cheryl said...

Our minister used the "zombie" craze in one of his sermons also. I think some of this type of pop culture is crossing some lines of the Christian perspective and it's giving them some material for sermons.