Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Love Thy Neighbor

An article I wrote about "finding a church" home was posted.  (You're welcome to read it, by clicking here.  Sorry, the giveaway is already over.  I'm delinquent in sharing the post.)

When I interviewed Father AJ, we talked about "loving thy neighbor" and being accepting of people. But then I asked Father AJ, "What about people in your life where you have tried time and time again... and your offer of friendship is constantly rejected?"

Father AJ said, "Some people are in fact unhealthy to have in an individual's life.  When we say "love thy neighbor".. sometimes the best way to show this love is to pray sincerely for them, but not to have them in your life."

This made me feel a lot better.  I can do that.

I will also say a prayer for the neighbor who left a hand-written message on my door.  We just recently trimmed our crepe myrtle trees.  This is the time of year to do so.  My parents trim their crepe myrtles every year and they come out strong and healthy.  My neighbor went on a rant to say that this was horrible to do to the trees and that it is known as "crepe murder!"

Oh my gosh!  How rude!  I'll include the neighbor in my prayers.


Mari said...

Nice article Aleta!
Crazy neighbors - what a rude thing to do. It is your tree after all. They do need prayers.

Cheryl said...

That was rude on your neighbor's part. And for the sake of discussion. We went through this with Texas neighbors about the pros and cons of trimming back crepe myrtles. The majority of people are pro-pruners. That it makes for better shaped trees and keeps them from getting to large and misshapen. Your neighbors are not only rude but IMHO they are wrong.