Friday, January 4, 2013

Ruth Chris Steakhouse

For our Anniversary, we went to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.  It's pricey, but delicious.  We realized that this was the second anniversary that we went to Ruth's Chris.  Maybe a tradition in the making?  The food was so delicious!

Though it is known for it's steak, I ordered chicken.  It comes out so tender and yummy.  The restaurant surprised us with a dessert - homemade Reese's cake, talk about rich!  I liked the fruit and custard too :)

Our waitress was Diane and she was really sweet.  She was thrilled for us when we told her that we were 7 months pregnant and the story of our "little miracle"...  Diane has a three year old daughter and said, "When you have those good days with your child, it makes all the tired days or difficult days disappear and makes it worth it all."  She was sincere in her joy for us and it made for a lovely ending to our evening.

Before we left for dinner, Danny and his wife and son came by for a visit.  They had an adorable gift for our baby...  Greg said, "We are raising a WHO DAT!"  Aww, love the outfits!


Life Happens said...

What a great anniversary dinner!! You look fabulous!!

Candice said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening of celebrating!

Glynis Jolly said...

You're look good in that picture. ;)

It's nice to have a tradition for your anniversary. Hubby and I go to Red Lobster, which you know it a little pricey. But it's only once a year. Enjoy it.

Happy Anniversary to you and Greg!

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Happy Anniversary!

Cheryl said...

Glad you had such a lovely anniversary celebration. Those outfits are sooooo cute. As a grandma of only grandsons...I think little boy outfits are adorable. They seem harder to track down than the racks and racks of little girl clothes.

Lilly said...

You look amazing and so tiny Aleta. Pregnancy suits you so well. And Greg looks very handsome as well. Congratulations on your Anniversary. Next year you will need a baby sitter, lol.