Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A is for

ABC Your Home State

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Welcome to “ABC of Your State” ~ This challenge is based on friends and bloggers asking about Louisiana, as well as my interest in travel and learning about other places. I’d love to read about your state or travels (Even though it says "your home state" - it's open to any place you have lived or traveled too)! Please feel welcome to join in. There should be a linky for you to post your website address at the bottom of this post.

A is for….

~ Avery Island. I haven’t actually been there; it’s on my “to do” list. Do you like it hot? Think TABASCO – that’s what they make at Avery Island. I was told to go there during the spring time, because they have some lovely gardens and it’s when the egrets visit. Oh and if you like chocolate, you should try Chocolate Tabasco. They sell it in New Orleans and it definitely has a unique flavor.

~ Aquarium of the Americas. Greg and I visited this, May 2010. I blogged about it here. I still remember how it felt to feed the sting rays and loved the water tunnel. It’s a great place to visit.

~ Angola – the Alcatraz of the South. No, they don’t have tours going through the penitentiary. But they do have Rodeos, including rows of food booths, rows and rows of crafts (made by the inmates and sold by the inmates) and of course, the rodeo itself. Greg and I attended one in October 2009. I blogged about it here and would definitely want to go again.

~ Atchafalaya Basin. It’s the largest swamp in the United States, a combination of wetlands and river delta area that cuts through the heart of Cajun Country.. 1.2 million acres from Simmesport to the Gulf of Mexico. They offer swamp tours.

Though we took our swamp tour in Laplace, LA, I thought I’d share some pictures with you. The gators get up close for the feeding. I held a 2 year old Gator; it was neat to feel how soft the underside of the gator is. Greg didn’t think I’d actually hold it and was surprised with how eager I was to do so.

I wrote a lot for the “A’s” – can’t promise that will always be the case with this challenge, but I’m trying to offer as many things to do in Louisiana, in case you want to plan a visit :) And if you do, here’s another “A” – Aleta – send me an email and let me know you’re in town. It’s great to meet fellow bloggers.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Look at you and that gator! I have a guest next week, so I'll start with C.

Holyoke Home said...

I've been the bogafeylaya river! Is that coming up in the 'b' post?!

tipper said...

All sound like great places to visit-and what a neat idea to share them this way!

Aleta said...

Hi Alex :) I look forward to reading your "C" post :)

Hi Holyoke - This is what I love about these types of challenges, because I wouldn't have thought about Bogafeylaya River :) I don't have that as part of the B's but feel welcome to write about your experience on the river for next week. I'd love to read about it!

Hi Tipper - Thank you :) I was looking for a challenge that would inspire people to write about their home state (I love to travel) and also to share about my own :)

LindaFaye said...

I never knew much about Louisiana. Thanks for sharing. And good luck making it through the whole Alphabet. :)

Erin @ The Grass Skirt said...

These is such a cute post! I love aquariums, so you captured my interest. I just may have to visit! ;) And thanks for stopping by my blog today! :)

Reddirt Woman said...

Aleta this is a great idea for sharing and bragging up your state. I will keep this in mind. I'm just getting back into blogging and don't want to commit to too much. I love the picture of you and the 'gator. I would have held it, too.

I also wanted to tell you that I took a photo and posted it, just for you and put your name in color so folks could come and visit your site. I'm gonna be back to learn more about Louisiana.

Thank you, my friend!


Kimberly said...

Such a fun idea for a post series!