Friday, October 8, 2010

NBWM8 Vow Renewal

Vow Renewal in Hawaii

This was something I was really looking forward to. I originally wanted to surprise Greg with the vow renewals, but thought I should tell him about it, in case he thought it was silly. He was happy about the idea. Then, I figured with it being September and the month that my parents were married, it would be extra romantic for them too; they just made 44 years. R&R's anniversary also happened during the trip. Dad and I tried to keep it a secret for Mom and Roda, but Dad let the cat out of the bag. That actually worked out well, because it gave Mom and Roda time to figure out what they wanted to pack.

I brought a couple of different dresses with me and asked Mom and Greg which one they liked the most. Both of them agreed on the fuchsia outfit. I found the top at JCPennys, but the skirt was made in Hawaii. When I was doing research on Hawaii, I came across a lady's blog and she had a picture of a lovely fuchsia skirt. I was taking a chance, because it could have totally been a different color - but it was a perfect match when it was delivered (right before we left for the trip - perfect timing). The flowers in my hair are from Mom "something borrowed" - it all came together in a lovely way.
The ceremony took place in the backyard, near the beach. Rev. Jerry Sulliban was our Hawaiian minister. To start the ceremony, he picked up a conch shell, turned to the left, blew into it, creating a long lovely sound. Then turned to the back, did the same thing and repeated it once more to the right.

Pu, pronounced 'poo' (ok, go ahead and giggle) is the Hawaiian name for Conch Shell. It's considered a gift from the ocean, because it comes out of the life giving waters with a sound that flows across the 'Aina (land). Blowing the Pu is used before a ceremony to mark the official beginning. The Hawaiians believe to blow the Pu is a call to the divine. One minister wrote about it this way, "I blow the Pu for the cause and to open the Heavens to come and Bless the couple and to give thanks. I do not blow the Pu alone for its sound."

Rev Sulliban then gave a chant in both Hawaiian and English, then said a prayer.

For the vows, he did it first in Hawaiian and then had us repeat the vows in English. Instead of each couple individually doing the vows, we thought it would be best to all do the vows at the same time. Rev. Sulliban said this was his first time with three couples.

Mom said Dad got teary-eyed when he said his vows to her. I think that's the sweetest thing. I wanted the vow renewals to be special for my parents and I'm so glad it was.
As part of the ceremony, the guys gave the girls flower leis and we gave the guys nut leis.

One funny moment was when the girls had to repeat the vows and the minister should have said, "As your wife, I..." but Rev Sulliban accidently instructed the women to say, "As your husband, I.." Mom and I changed the word to "wife" but Roda said, "As you... HUSBAND..." (She had this "huh?" sound in her voice that made the minister realize his mistake.) He repeated it again and AGAIN said "As your husband..." We all giggled. He said it the third time correctly and had to hear us say it correctly for the ceremony to be official.
As part of the ceremony, we received certificates of our vow renewal. We also had a photographer as part of the package that I set up with Mark at Maui'd Forever.

Vow Renewals in Hawaii ~ what could be more romantic


RGB said...

Wow...that sounds very romantic. Renewing your vows in the most romantic place in the world - Hawaii! Congrats to you guys :)

Sree said...

Congrats guys.. how so romantic.

Coffeypot said...

Very nice.

And very symbolic, the guys getting nuts and the girls getting flowers (like the soft petals of...). Rib jab to those Hawaiians.

lettucehead said...

Lovely post! Thanks for sharing your beautiful day with us. And best wishes to all of you :)

The Forscheins said...

How romantic! And how cool that the skirt completely matched. The match looks so perfect that it almost looks like you're wearing a dress. You all looked lovely. How beautiful to get to do this with the whole fam!!!

Jules said...

This is the coolest thing ever! I love it.

*Akilah Sakai* said...


Positively gorgeous!

LaurAyn said...

Such a nice story. Thanks for sharing this.

Rayna M. Iyer said...

What a great story. In India, there is a formal vow renewal that is done on the 60th birthday of the groom and then every subsequent 20th birthday. That is ritualistic- this sounds absolutely romantic.

The skirt looks like it was made for the shirt.

Lilly said...

Oh that is so sweet. Love it and you write so well. Love the pic of your parents looking coy and so very happy - after 44 years its wonderful to see. A fantastic idea for all of you to share. And love the fushia on you - definitely your colour.