Sunday, October 17, 2010

NBWM17 Parasailing in Paradise

Kona, Hawaii

At Kona, we had to tender ashore, which means that we have to board the life boats and go to the island.

We left the cruise ship……

To go on this boat…. (look at how clear the water is!)

And we got on that fast boat… to do Parasailing in Paradise. OMG! This was fantastic! I wanted to do this excursion; I’ve wanted to go parasailing for a while now – one more thing off of my bucket list – WOO HOO!!!

It was GREAT! Greg was surprised that I wasn't scared. I was excited! It did help that one couple went before us and I paid close attention to what they did for lift off and landing. For lift off, you have to sit on the boat with your legs in front of you and don’t grab anything metal (such as the clasps, because you’ll fall 500 feet).

I liked that the lift off and landing was on the boat. One lady shared her experience in parasailing – where they started it from the beach and you had to run. She said it was a horrible experience. But this one – was great and oh my, SOOOO peaceful in the air. Greg was glad that I wasn’t scared, because this way we were both able to enjoy the experience together! This next picture is my favorite, because we happened to be near the cruise ship for the picture.

We were given these wrist bands – survive it? Nahhh – LOVED it!
While we went parasailing, Mom and Dad toured the city of Kona.

That afternoon, Mom and I attended a Lauhala Ribbon Weave Lei Class. We had so many leis this vacation – flowers, nuts, shells, but I wanted to learn how to do the ribbon lei. It was fun and I’m so glad that Mom came with me to the class. Greg stopped by and said, “As usual, Aleta, you’re ahead of the class!” He smiled and took a picture of us. After he left, Mom said, “Greg is proud of you, Aleta.” Awww.

After the lei class, Mom and I stayed for the Hawaiian Sarong Tying Class. I have two videos at the end of this post if you want to watch. I didn’t think about videoing the class until it was almost over, so it doesn’t have a lot of information.

This was the night that my sinuses got the best of me. I told Mom that my throat felt raw. I think it all started on my “stupid day” of wearing sandals, walking in thin air, cold temperatures and straining myself to do the climb. It all caught up with me.

Greg told me that the sunset was lovely and the moon was too. He took pictures as I was feeling so bad I didn't want to get up from the bed.

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Fantastic photos! Not sure about the parasailing though.

Kavi said...

FAntastic pictures !! lovely account too !

septembermom said...

What an amazing experience! I'm glad that you had such a terrific time Aleta. Wonderful photos :)

lailani said...

Seems like sinus trouble should be an unheard of thing in paradise - no one should have to have their time their shared with pain! Sounds looks like fun!

Cherie said...

Great pictures and you are SOOOO brave to do the parasailing!! I think I would like to do it but I am way to chicken!! You Rock!

Lilly said...

Amazing pictures and I am very impressed with the parasailing. The photos are fantastic, particularly the one with the ship.