Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Letter to my son

Dear Son,

Tball is going well.  You need more practice, but you are hitting the ball (sometimes) when it's thrown to you.  It's fun to watch you and your teammates scamper after the ball when you're playing field.  There aren't as many melt downs with the kids when someone else gets the ball.

Your Daddy loves playing first base when your team goes to bat.  He high-fives the kids as they make it to first base and shows them where they need to run next.  Mommy loves taking pictures during the games.  One coach, Candace, shares the pictures with the group and plenty of parents have thanked me for taking them.

Daniel is on your team, which I'm tickled about.  It's great that friends from school are doing things outside of school, be it teammates or play dates.  I think that's so important, because it allows for friendships to grow.

The last day of school was a picnic.  Mommy and Oma attended.  Mommy had the picnic basket and Oma had the red and white checkered cloth.  It was the perfect way to end the year.  Parents and their kids were there.  We got to all see each other and watch you and your friends run around, playing with chalk and bubbles and sharing picnic food... it was very sweet.

At one point, you said, "Mommy, my invisible bucket is empty."  I asked you to repeat what you just said.  Then I thought, "Hmmm, time to ask Mrs. Becky about that."  Mrs. Becky laughed and said, "I just finished reading a story to the kids.  It's about how all children carry an invisible bucket.  To fill the bucket you do nice things.  If you help someone or share with someone, not only do you fill their bucket, but you fill yours as well."

You told me again about your empty, invisible bucket.  I took out a box of cookies that we bought; they were shaped like watermelons (picnic food!) and said, "Gregory, would you like to fill your bucket by sharing these cookies?"  You walked to all of your friends and offered them a cookie.  I love your school.

The latest thing at school is all the kids asking the parents, "Can we have a sleep over with our friends?"  You told me, "But Mommy, ONLY BOYS can sleep over at my house."  I asked you why not girls too.  You explained, "Because I only have toys that are made for boys."

That wasn't the only picnic we attended; our church community hosted a picnic the weekend after your school picnic.  During the church service, a baby was being baptized.  Father AJ invited the children of the community to step over to the baptism area.  You were eager to watch.  I think it's beautiful how the community participates in the baptism.

Afterwards there was lots of food, bubbles, outside games, water balloon fights, bobbing for strawberries and a water slide.  I'm so glad I insisted that you wear your bathing suit, even though Daddy didn't think the weather would hold out.  It held out, yet again and you were able to have fun.

Another fun activity we are doing with you is swimming.  I loved Oma and Opa's pool when I was a little girl.  Now it's even more special to share the pool with you, as you learn to swim - no float devices!  Your swim lessons began today, but during this past week Mommy went swimming with you.  At first you were a little hesitant to swim to me.  So, I swam across the pool, length wise.

You saw me swimming and then you felt more confident to swim to me.  You swam a short distance to me and back to the steps to Oma.  Then... Mommy started to walk backwards as you swam to me, to make the swim distance longer.  When you walked to the edge of the pool, you wanted to jump in and swim to me.  You instructed me, "Stay Right There!  Do NOT walk."  I said, "Okay, I will stay right here."  You looked at me and asked, "Are you joking?"  I had to laugh.  I had to stay right there.

TJ is going with you to take swimming lessons.  This is the first time TJ has gone in a pool (other than the other day with Oma at her home.)  I asked you if TJ liked to go into the pool.  You said that he cried, but when you swam to the instructor, both TJ and Anthony watched you.  I wish you had older cousins close by where we live to help you as you have helped TJ.  It's one of the reasons I find activities and events for you to go to - to learn from older children.  (Fortunately our church and school offer lots of things.)  You are happy to show TJ how you swim, how you pee, how you talk and how to play with toys.

You are the big boy now, teaching your younger cousin.  Today at lunch, Oma offered TJ some salad.  He took it and threw it on the ground.  Oma asked you if you wanted salad.  You said "No."  I looked at you and said, "I bet that if Gregory ate salad, then TJ would to."  You took a "small piece" of salad and ate it.  And yes.... TJ did too!  Children learn from children and it's your turn to be the teacher.  You take to it well.

Some funnies:

You told me, "Donald Duck sounds like a gentlemen when he drinks tea."  I asked you what you meant.  You changed your voice into a deep sound and said, "May I have a spot of tea?"  TOO cute!

Recently you made a cool robot with your legos.  Daddy said it looked similar to a totem pole.  We showed you pictures of totem poles on the Internet.  Yesterday you asked me if we could do a project together.  I thought quickly.... grabbed some paper, an empty paper towel roll and some pens and crayons.  As fast as I could, I outlined a cat's face, a heart, a boy's face, a flower, two bird wings, a profile of a bird.  I told you to color the pictures I just made.

You did so, but you didn't like the profile of the bird.  You asked what we are going to make.  I said, "A totem pole."  You asked, "But where's the pole?"  Holding up the empty paper towel roll, "We're going to recycle."

Placing tape along the sides, we covered the roll in pink construction paper.  Then you told me what you wanted at the top - the heart.  Then the cat's face, with wings on either side, then the boy and last the flower.  (Sorry bird face, you didn't go on.)  I didn't have anything in mind while drawing those and we never talked about the pictures, but without hesitation, you said, "It's a story about a boy who saw a cat flying and the boy gave the cat a flower and the cat loved the boy."  Love your imagination and story telling!

You told Oma, "You have to do something about the bugs in my toys room!"  Oma came with you and asked where the bugs were.  "Oma, there are a lot of bugs in my toy room.  You have to get rid of them.  They are there, in the corner."  Oma was ready to call the exterminator.... for toy bugs.  Oma told you to take the container of toy bugs to Opa and for you to ask Opa about the bugs.  (Side note:  a few weeks before school ended, there was a week of studying bugs.)  You took each bug out, one by one, and Opa told you what the bugs were.  You divided them into the good bugs and the bad bugs.  No exterminator needed.

Oma went to use the potty.  You walked into the bathroom and said, "Oma, why aren't you standing up to pee?  Where is your penis?"  While Oma thought of a reply, you asked thoughtfully, "Or do you have a penis?  Do you pee from your butt?"  I don't know how Oma kept a straight face, but she managed to explain that women do not pee from their butts and we all have something to pee from, just not everyone has the same body.  You accepted that.

On that note, still laughing....

Love Always,

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