Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Letter to my son

Dear Son,

The last of the parades was this past weekend.  We didn't go to it.  But you enjoyed parades this season, including the one at your school.  Mommy was able to be there.  In fact, Mommy was able to spend time with you at school for some of your regular activities.

I go by many names, "Aleta, daughter, Lester's daughter, teacher's daughter, sister, wife, mommy" and it's cute to add "Gregory's Mommy" to the list.  Your classmates know me as your mommy and I feel very welcomed by them, always with smiles and waves, sometimes even hugs.

Since the last letter, you had your 4 year old doctor appointment.  You did great, until Daddy said you would have shots.  Then, you were a mess, constantly saying, "I don't want shots!"  Daddy said you had to be a big boy and face it, but even the doctor said, "immunization" rather than the word "shot" to you.  Your weight was taken, as well as your height - both are right in the middle of the growth chart.  The doctor was very pleased.  Your vision checked at 20/20.  And your hearing, not a surprise, was perfect.

When we asked how your appointment went, you said, "Not so great.  Because of the shots."  I don't know if you even felt the first one, but the second was miserable.  After the second shot, the third was a mass of 3 parents (Oma was there too) and 2 nurses holding down a 4 year old.  Thankfully no more shots until you turn 11.  Whew.

We went to a Chinese restaurant and you told Opa all about the shots.  Mommy gave you three pennies to drop into the pond.  Three pennies for three wishes, because of the three shots.

At 40 pounds, you no longer need to be in a car seat.  Now you are in a booster chair and you know how to buckle and unbuckle your seatbelt.  You also know the rules.  You don't take off the buckle until we tell you to do so.  You also don't lock the doors when they unlock!  (You did that once to Mommy after she already got out of the car.)

You are also undressing yourself, bathing yourself, drying yourself, getting dressed by yourself.  Sometimes, though, you don't mind help.  But most of the time, you like being an independent big boy.

Recently the library had a book sale.  We went with Oma to see what treasures we could find.  I was prepared for you to say, "Mommy, I'm bored.  Let's go."  Instead, you dove into the books.  You put so many books in our box that we had to go back through the box and see what we would actually purchase.  You would find a book and say, "This is the perfect book!  It's about baby animals!"  You would plead for other books.  The ladies around us smiled, "He is so cute."  "It's wonderful that simple things like books make him happy."  "Look at his beautiful blonde hair."  You weren't just well behaved, you were happy to be with us and go through the books.  Your joy brought joy to others.

Mommy really wanted to go to the India Festival at NOMA.  This wasn't Daddy's cup of tea, but he brought us, knowing how much Mommy wanted to go.  Poor Daddy fell and scratched up both knees.  You are "Dr. Gregory" for Daddy - helping to put ointment on his knees (which are healing).  The festival was filled with vibrant colors and spicy food.  What Mommy did, you wanted as well.  I had a henna design (moon and star) on my hand.  You wanted one and got a shark, which you proudly showed your friends later.  Mommy got the dot on her forehead.  We tried to say it was only for girls, but the lady giving them out said, "If he wants one, he can have one."  We didn't leave it on you for long.  Lol.

Some cute things to share...

Daylight saving time.  Spring forward.  It isn't easy on adults, worse for kids.  You know to look outside if it's getting dark to actually see if it's "time for bath and bed."  The morning after the clock change, you didn't want to wake up.  You said, 'But the sun isn't awake yet!"  How can a parent argue with that?

Daddy often is the one with the jokes.  But Mommy had a plan.  You almost gave it away.  We were working on a craft and joke for Daddy.  Daddy left his bedroom and went to the bathroom.  You ran around the house with your hands on your face.  You can't hide a secret, kiddo!  Daddy gave you a hug and you busted out, "We are not making ANYTHING."

This earned Mommy a stink eye from Daddy.  I told him he would see everything in the morning.  Actually, that's very accurate, as in.. 2 am.  The craft project was a Leprechaun hat made out of toilet paper, which was placed on the toilet top.  Then, we painted the bottom of your feet green and left Leprechaun prints on the toilet seat.  And we put green dye in the toilet water.  Daddy went to the bathroom at 2am and actually took a picture and posted it on Facebook.  It's good to surprise Daddy too.

While at Oma and Opa's house, you found some bubble wands.  Mommy said, "Bubble, Bubble, toil and trouble."  You repeated, "Bubble, Bubble, toilet trouble!"  Oma and Mommy laughed so hard we cried.  And yes.... bubbles could very possibly be toilet trouble.

The other morning, Daddy tried to wake you up by singing.  When you had enough, you said, "No more.  You're getting on my last nerd."  I guess we aren't too clear when we speak, but your choice of words are so funny.

However, not all things are cheerful.  Mommy was bringing you to school, taking the normal calm route.  When we were at the red light, full stop, we were hit from behind!  It was a hit and run.  Mommy  made sure you were okay, but was SO upset.  How could someone leave without checking to see if the people they hit needed help?  What's wrong with our society?  Son, if you are ever the cause of an accident, think of the people who you hurt.  Try to help them as best you can.

The ambulance and fire truck arrived quickly.  The EMT asked you questions, not Mommy.  The EMT turned to Mommy and said, "He had his seatbelt on.  Good job, Mommy.  He is a smart boy."  The firemen were happy to make you happy by allowing you to get on the fire truck.

Fortunately, there are good people in this world.  There was a witness to the accident and he took down the license plate number before it sped off.  He stayed with us until Daddy and the police officer arrived and gave information to confirm what happened.  Help people, sweet boy, even when you aren't in the accident.  You can't imagine how much this matters to those going through a situation.

You are learning how to have sweet manners.  You open doors for Mommy and say, "Ladies first."

You love making projects, playing games and practicing finding Easter eggs.  Yes, it's already that time again.  This year, you are more and more into what's going on around you.  Your eagerness and joy is contagious.  You love going to your friends birthday parties and singing them Happy Birthday.  We recently went to Harper King's birthday party at Storyland.  You've been there before, but this time... you remember the rhymes, which made the characters even more fascinating to you.

We received wonderful news that St. Martin's Episcopal School accepted you application.  Mommy and Daddy know you will receive a great education in a caring environment much like you have at St. Augustine's.  I'm praying financial aid comes through for us so that we can submit the final paperwork.

There are SO many events coming up in April.  I'm eager for you to enjoy as much as possible.  Sometimes it can be exhausting on the parents, but you love outings, seeing new things, you soak it up with smiles and son.... that's what makes it all worth it.

Love Always,

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