Thursday, November 10, 2016

Letter to my son

Dear Son,

The news, on the television, the Internet and the radio, are consumed with the recent election.  You asked about Trump.  I told you that he won the election as President of the United States.  You said, "I wish I could win President."  One day, if you still want to, I know you can.  You also said you want to be a doctor, a veterinarian and a teacher.  As a child, you have taught me and healed my spirit in so many ways.

You love to talk.  Oma once said on the drive to Baton Rouge to visit relatives, "I knew when Gregory was asleep because he stopped talking."  You are so creative, such a joy to listen to.

One morning, Daddy said, "Look the moon is out even though the sun is up."  I said, "Why do you think that is, Gregory?"  You tilted your head, "The moon is out because he is still tired and he is yawning."

When Mommy showed you the soft lavender lilies behind the large leaves, I asked you, "Why do you think the lilies are back there?"  You explained, "They are hiding, because they are shy."

Before Oma and Opa's 50th Wedding Anniversary, we shared the happy news that Uncle Rob, Tita Roda and your cousin, TJ would be in town.  TJ was standing, but not fully walking at the time and we asked if you would help TJ learn how to walk.  Your hands went up in the air like it was nothing, "Sure!  You just put on your shoes and you walk!"  We all laughed.  Ah, my son, already you take big steps for granted.  But one day, you will have a child of your own and see what an incredible blessing it is to watch your baby grow into a toddler.

We have something in common.... our sinuses.  You get sick.  I get sick.  I get sick.  You get sick.  Co-workers have told me, "It's like that until 5-6 years old and then your child develops a good immune system."  At the doctor's office, the ENT wanted you to sit in my lap.  You shook your head, "No, I'm a big boy.  I need a check up."  Dr. Volpi looked concerned and advised Mommy that I would have to help and hold your head.

No problems, you did exactly as the doctor instructed.  The nurse even commented that you are very smart.  You asked about the posters around the office showing the various sinus cavities of the nose and another of the lungs.  You said, "I have lungs too, right here!"  And you pointed to the correct place.

Your thoughts are precious to follow.  One "sick day" we were at the table.  You sneezed and wanted to wipe your nose on my sleeve.  This is something you suddenly started to do.  You didn't want the phlegm, yes you call it that, on your arm.. and you wanted something soft to touch your nose.  Your Daddy and I have finally taught you better and you are quick to grab a Kleenex tissue now (so thankful - yet another parent high five on that accomplishment)... but this day at the table, Mommy had reached the end of her tether with being your human Kleenex.

Mommy had already told you not to rub your nose on my clothing... then you did it again and Mommy fussed.  Loudly.  We don't raise our voice to you frequently in anger, so when we do.. you really react to it.  You started to cry and said you were sorry.  After you calmed down, Mommy and Daddy said you need to use a tissue, because otherwise you were spreading germs and will get Mommy sick again.  You agreed to use a tissue.  Then you leaned your head towards my shirt.

I said, "Gregory.  What did we just talk about?"  You said, "But Mommy.  Can I wipe my tears?  My tears don't have germs."  Always, son.  You can always wipe your tears on me.  Of course... heart melts.

This school year, you were invited to Kylie's birthday party.  You went to her birthday party last year; she's a sweet, pretty girl.  You had fun at the party and other school mates showed up too.  I noticed that you liked to go where Kylie went.  When Kylie's mom was nearby, I shared, "I think my son might be sweet on Kylie."  She said, "Kylie told me that she has two best friends, Gregory and Carsen."  Carsen is a good friend of yours too and recently you said that Daniel was a good friend as well.

Mommy takes lots of pictures and you enjoy looking at them right after an event and even older pictures too.  You have grasped the concept that you were once a baby and you recognize yourself in baby pictures.  You saw the picture on the fireplace when Burkley and Deanna got married.  Burkley knelt down to accept the rings from you when the picture was taken.  You asked me, "What is going on in this picture?"  I explained how you were the ring bearer.  You said, "I wish I could have wedding rings."

I smiled and said, "You have to get married."  You replied, "Me and Kylie can get married.  Carsen too."  I said, "So you want to get married?"  You said, "No, I just want the rings."  You make me laugh!

Recently our church invited it's members to bring their pets for a blessing during mass.  Oma and Opa brought Biscuit, their dog.  It was a lovely outside service.  One of the church members played the flute and one of the dogs joined in with the singing - a cute moment!  After the service, you wanted to leave.  Father AJ said, "But Gregory, why do you have to leave right now?"  It didn't take but a moment for you to reply, "Because I have to feed Biscuits the treats!"   You are quick on your toes, sweet son.

You remember your dreams and I love to hear them.  I need to keep pen and paper near me in the morning, because you say, "Mommy I had a dream...."  One night it was about a "cranky cow" - the cow was white with brown spots and the cow wanted to eat you!  Daddy tried to reassure you that cows don't even humans, but you were determined that this cow in your dream did.

When we went on our recent vacation, with a stop by the Science and Rocket Center, you woke up with big smiles, "Mommy!  I dreamt I was flying on a rocket ship!  I went to the moon.  The moon is a big bouncy ball!"  You loved the hotel room with the rocket ship view.  You said, "This room has a refrigerator, a rocket ship and a toilet.  It has everything you need!"

You are a rough and tumble boy who loves to run, jump and will ask for "driving lessons" in your truck that we bought for you on your last birthday.  But you also love to paint (with both hands still) and you notice beauty in the world.  When the morning sky was blue and orange, you said, "the sky is painting itself."

We don't talk baby talk around you.  We never have.  Maybe this is why you have such an incredible vocabulary now.  However, some expressions don't make sense, but you try to make sense of them.  Such as the day when you were with Oma at the Dentists office.  The orthodontist asked what school did you go to.  You said, "Just school."  Oma said, "St Augustine Preschool."  You repeated the name of the school.  Oma said, "That (meaning the school name) is quite a mouth full."  You waited a few moments... then said, "But my mouth is empty."  The orthodontist burst out laughing.

Your sense of humor is still there in full swing.  Oma came with us to one of your Karate classes.  On the way to Karate in the car, you said, "Something stinks!"  Mommy asked, "Gregory, did you fart?"  No, you didn't, mommy and Oma didn't either.  We realized it was the smelly canal.  After Karate class, we headed back home.... you smelled it again and said, "MOMMY!  The canal is following us!"  I  laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes.

You do so many sweet things too....  I love how your school has taught you the Pledge of Allegiance. You put your hand over your heart when you say it now.. and you also give a salute at the end.  So very precious.  So very important to understand and value our freedom and your country.  You have a hard time with one particular word.  Your Daddy made sure to explain what it means and how to say, "indivisible."

This morning, we went to your school.  You took the cans, one by one, that Mommy put in a bag and you placed the cans into the box for the food drive.  You looked at the pictures on the cans and said, "These are carrots.  These are green beans."  If you didn't know what the picture was, you asked, "Mommy, what is this?"  Then you would look again at the picture and repeat what I said, "Sweet peas, Pinto Beans."  You wanted to know why we put food in a box.  Mommy explained how it's important to give to those in need and how the school was collecting food donations for those families who are hungry but don't have food.  You said, "And they might have a baby to feed too."

This afternoon, we were at Oma and Opa's house.  Ever since you found out that Oma had a secret Pumpkin Pie recipe, you begged Oma to make it.  Mommy remembers Oma's recipe box.  She still had it.  Tonight we all took turns with making the recipe.  Any time I added an ingredient to the bowl, you said, "Let I stir it."  We are correcting you with the use of "I" and "me."  I love how you want to be an active part in making things, even food.

You take in more of the world than I think we can ever realize.  You love music too.  Your school teacher said, "We're going to miss Gregory for the Pumpkin Palooza.  (We went out of town that weekend.)  He knows his songs very well and sings them nice and loud."  What a sweet thing for your teacher to say.  I was tickled when you sang us some of the Halloween songs you learned.

When Mommy leaves the piano open, you love to walk by and play.  Sometimes it's loud, but surprisingly, most of the time, you play softly... and.... with both hands.  This morning, you played something soft and sweet and I swear it sounded like a song... You saw me listening to you and explained, "This is my love song, because I love my mommy and daddy."

You are our love song.

Love Always,

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