Monday, June 13, 2016

Letter to My Son

Dear Son,

This is the summer of Oma and Opa (hopefully the first of many more).  Oma and Opa will go to Maryland at some point this summer, but for the most part, they are in town and you are able to spend a lot of time with them while Mommy and Daddy are at work.

Oma and Mommy agreed that you should still have "school time" during the summer.  You know Oma becomes your teacher when you say The Pledge of Allegiance.  Mommy remembered that you said this for the start of every school day at St. Augustine's, so Mommy asked Oma to start your day that way too.  You say it so well!

Oma talks with Mommy about what she plans to teach you.  One time, Oma said, "I read that it's good to use a sock to help show him how to hold a pencil correctly.  I tried it with Gregory, but he fought me on it."

I suggested, "Make it into a sock puppet.  Put it on your hand and make it talk.  I bet he would want to try it then."

The next day, Oma said, "I just wanted to let you know, it worked!  We make eyes in the puppet to put his fingers through and he holds a toy in his hand to make sure the finger and thumb can only be used."  Oma made Mommy feel good.  Oma said, "You improve on the ideas."  (Maybe I would have been a good teacher!)

Oma found some cool printouts on the Internet to teach you how to recognize patterns and know "what comes next."  You do this beautifully.

Oma showed Mommy how you are drawing lines.  Oma is a wonderful Oma and a wonderful teacher.  One day, when Oma buckled you in for you to go home, you said, "Good bye Teacher."

Here's a funny story.  One day you walked up to Oma and said, "You stink!"  Oma said, "No, I do not."  You said, "Yes, you stink Oma."  I laughed so hard when Oma shared this.  Not long after that, Oma said, "I told Gregory that his hair stinks.  I guess I know where he gets the "you stink" from."

You like playing the monster-making game.  You have to roll a dice and say the number in order to pick up a monster piece.

Oma and Opa surprised Mommy one day by bringing you to Mommy's office.  Oma saw Mommy's work desk for the first time.  You were comfy in Mommy's chair.  

This summer, St Augustine's offered Vacation Bible School for one week, half days.  Mommy brought you to school (other than the one day Mommy had a bad stomach virus and went to the doctor) and Oma and Opa picked you up.  Here are some pictures of projects you did and a few pictures while at school.  You had a great time and each day you were eager to share what you learned.

You know Mommy loves rainbows.  You couldn't wait to show me the project.  You know that it says, "God keeps His promises."

Oma took this next picture of you when you didn't see her.  What we both love is that it's not just adults there.  Kids from the Youth Group are helpers with the younger children.  This is WONDERFUL!  They are such great role models and yet, they are still kids.  It's perfect.

You were showing Mommy the kitchen set in a classroom.

Being silly before school starts.

You are proud that you can turn the water on by yourself.

Lots of fun projects at VBS.

Oma heard you singing in the church when she was outside.  She went inside and took this next picture.  Your beautiful blonde hair is easy to see!

Learning about Daniel and the Lion's Den.  I asked if Daniel was scared and you said, "No, they (lions) were nice."

Mrs. Catherine sent Mommy this picture of you during choir.

Taking a nap at Oma and Opa's house.  That day you made a cross pendant.

I love this next picture.  Oma and Daddy asked, "What is that expression about in the picture?"  I laughed.  A few days ago, I was trying to teach you how to wink, because some of your shopkins toys wink and some don't.  I guess you were able to wink when the picture at school was taken!

Next picture was shared on Facebook from one of the teachers.  It helps to make sense of something you came home and said after VBS that day... You said, "I ate a coat!"  Wha,....?  We had to ask you to repeat it and when we said, "You ate a coat?"  You said, "YES!"

In this picture, you are making your snack for Joseph's Coat of Many Colors.

When Mommy asked you, "Do your teachers tell you stories at Vacation Bible School?"

You replied, "No, Father AJ tells us the stories."  You said Father AJ did a good job as a story teller.

You were sad when Vacation Bible School was over so quickly.  The teachers, assistants and volunteers did an awesome job.  

Mrs. Catherine sent Mommy an email.  She wrote, "I will really enjoy it! Gregory is such a pleasure and such a fireball of happy energy. I love to be around him."

Just recently Mommy and Daddy brought you to the Aquarium.  You are recognizing a lot of the sea life.

Come On You Guys, we have to go to the top of the tree house!

If there was a button to push and listen to, you wanted to try it.

You wanted to see the sting rays, but you didn't want to touch them.

Can't leave without a visit to the gift store and you found a shark truck!

Afterwards we stopped by for a visit with Granny, Grandfather and Uncle Jerry.

You loved exercising with Granny!

Uncle Jerry teaching you how to do curls

Always time for Legos!

You liked their neighbor's dog 

You have had some fun visits this summer already!  My Aunt Didi and Uncle Bruce came over with their great-granddaughter, Juliet.  The two of you love spending time together!  Mommy did research on various things you can do this summer and mentioned to Oma and Opa about the Aqua Van being at one of the local libraries.  It was in town the same day that your relatives came by to visit. 

Love this next picture of your beautiful faces.

Juliet was happy to touch all of the animals except for the iguana.  The only one you wanted to touch was the iguana.  Pretty cool.

At lunch you showed Juliet the trick the doctor showed you - how your belly button works - raspberry!

You are such a happy boy.  When Mommy had a stomach bug, you wanted to make Mommy happy.  You said, "Look outside the window, Mommy."  We sat by the window and watched the butterflies.

When Mommy wasn't feeling well, you acted silly, making faces to make Mommy smile.

Daddy took you to the store.  You wanted toys, but Daddy insisted that games would be more fun.  You love Candy Land and you laugh with Pie in the Face.

Mommy bought these toys for you a while ago.  Plenty of times you get bored with a toy and then you come back to it with gusto.

Selfie with son

Mommy (and Daddy) worked on a cake for Oma's and Opa's neighbor.  You spent the night with Oma and Opa so Mommy could stay up late to finish the cake.

The next day, we went to the library.  Fun at the Smart Table.

You worked on a Father's Day Craft.  I have lots of cute pictures of this, but I don't want to spoil the surprise for Daddy!

There were posters at the library.  You laughed a lot at this one.

We saw a purple flower in the grass.  Mommy said, "Purple is Oma's favorite color."  You picked the flower for her.

Opa tickling you.

Oma snuck up on Oma and tickled him!

Aunt Kristen came by for a visit :)

Couple of funnies with Daddy.

The children's song, "I'm a little Tea Pot, short and stout.  Here is my handle and here is my spout.  When I get all steamed up, here me shout.  Tip me over and pour me out."  Well, Daddy taught you a slightly different version.  It's the same until the end... "When I get all steamed up, here me shout. SOCK IT TO MY BABY LET IT ALL HANG OUT."  (supposed to be "me" but you say "my baby").  It's hilarious and you love to shock and make people laugh.

The other morning, we were snuggling in bed.  You turned to Daddy and said, "Pull my finger."  Daddy did.  You gave the loudest fart EVER (not a raspberry, a real fart).  We couldn't help but bust out laughing!

Today, you had a fun project time at Michael's with Oma and Opa.  Mommy dressed you in your dinosaur shirt, because I knew the project was dinosaur themed (for today and this week).

You told Oma, "No, I want to cut the paper."  It's wonderful that you are learning to do this.  Right handed too, I see.

But you want to paint with your left hand.

Opa took pictures and then helped you with the dinosaur bones project.

You decided that you wanted to be a tiger and painted your face!

Daddy liked the the Pterodactyl.  He put it on some string and hung it in the kitchen, near the air conditioner vent.  So every time the AC comes on, the dinosaur "flies," which you love seeing.

One day, Oma asked, "Do you know that Gregory dreams?"  Yes, I've heard you laugh in your dreams.  I've heard you say, "No, I don't want to." in your dreams.  

Oma said you told her, "I had a dream, Oma.  I fell down and then... I disappeared."  That gave me chills to hear this.

Dear God... Please keep my son safe always.  Please let him live a long, healthy, happy life until the age of an old man surrounded by his loving family and friends.  


Love Always,

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