Sunday, May 8, 2016

Letter to my son

Dear Son,

This past Friday was the last Teacher Appreciation Day.  You wanted to bring a gift, but mommy and daddy had donated money towards the teachers' lunch.  The parents who were in charge of the lunch did a really great job and they had some fun signs right outside of the school "We love our teachers"

The morning sun made for some interesting effects.

Waiting outside for class to open.  You were eager for the day to start, because the zoo animals were going to be there!

The teachers said that everyone had a great time.  You and Piexe aren't holding animals, but I see you looking at the goat!

Mrs. Maria is helping you pet a goat.  She told Mommy that you also pet a baby alligator and some bunnies.  You saw turtles and pigs as well.

School artwork!

When Mommy saw the handprint flowers that you made at school and the response, "I love my mom because she takes me to the toy store.".... I laughed.  Then I thought some more and our conversation went like this:

Mommy:  "Gregory, if Mommy didn't buy you any toys, would you still love Mommy?"
You:  "Yes, I love you Mommy."
Mommy:  "Why?
You:  "I love you."
Mommy:  "What do you love?"
You:  "Mommy brings me home.  Mommy makes projects for me.  I like playing with Mommy's hair."
Mommy:  "Why do you love Daddy?"
You:  "Daddy brings me to the toy store!"  (Lol, clearly this is a big factor, right?)
Mommy:  "Why else?"
You:  "Daddy schlurburts (raspberry).  Daddy tells knock knock jokes.  Daddy works all day."

All of your responses were said in a sweet voice and loving expression.

From that moment on, I felt like Mother's Day blossomed early on a Friday.  Saturday morning, Daddy went with his friend, Bruce, to the shooting range.  It worked out perfect timing, because Mommy saw that the library was offering a Mother's Day craft.  No age range was given.  I wondered if you would be old enough to handle the project, but figured, hey... why not try?

You recognized the library quickly.  The project started off this way.

The library had packets of materials for the project sorted out and in bags for each child.

I showed you once how to press the flower out of the perforated paper.  After that, you insisted that only you could press out the rest of the flowers and circles and bee parts.

At the table with us, there were two girls, one much older than you and one probably around your age and their mommy.  You saw the glue stick; you wanted to glue the flower parts and put the flowers on the wreath.  That's great... but then some glue got on your finger... and you licked your finger.  You said, "I ate glue!"  Both of the girls went, "EWWWWWW  That's gross!"  You laughed and what do you think happened after that?  Of course you had to do it again... and once more... and then Mommy took away the glue stick.  You love getting a reaction from people.

When Mommy saw the bee parts, I said, "Oh, let's put the bee together."  The two girls heard this and said, "Mommy, where is our bee!"  You glued the wings on.  Then Mommy said, "But Gregory, how will the bee see where he is going?"  You said, "EYES!"  The two girls heard and exclaimed, "Mommy, where are the eyes!"

Once finished, I asked the two girls to show me their wreaths and I said, "Oh!  Those are so pretty!"  Then you held up your wreath and asked, "Mommy, what about mine?"  I kissed you and said, "It's beautiful!"

When you finished your wreath, you turned around to look at the table behind us.  A mommy was holding her 8 month old baby.  You started playing "peek a boo" with the baby.  Too sweet!

Thank you, sweet son, for being so willing to make this project and having fun with it and making those around us smile and laugh.

When we left the craft room, you went straight for the small toy section:

You played here for a little while and the two girls and their mom from our table joined in on the fun.

Then you picked out two books for Mommy to read to you.

Well, the first book was only pictures, but it was easy to put the story together of the little boy who had a lot of adventures that didn't always go right.

Like the time he tried to make a robot and got zapped

And you love this story, where the little boy was eating ice cream.  A dog was watching him eat.  Then a girl comes along and she has two scoops of ice cream and it's obvious that the boy is upset that she has two scoops... while the boy is looking at her with the ice-cream.... the dog eats the boys ice-cream!  You laughed.

Then this... the boy dresses up for Halloween.  He goes to the Same Neighbor... four times, but each time he dresses up in a different outfit.  Mommy thought that was all to the story.. until... YOU pointed out that in the fourth picture, the neighbor didn't give candy, he gave the boy a stinky old shoe!  (I guess the neighbor caught on to the same boy just wearing different outfits and you caught the difference in the picture.)

The next book was about a girl who likes going to pre-school.  We spoke about how her good experiences at pre-school are similar to your good experiences at school.

We arrived home a few minutes before Daddy.  Mommy gave you some alphabet cereal and we tried to find all the letter O's first.  Then we laughed as you ate the letter A's, because I said, "If you eat the A's, my name will be Leta. Oh No!"  Of course, there was the snort-laugh of you eating the letter P's.  

When Daddy walked in, you said, "What this says?"  You grouped the letters to read, "Xoypoy"  I have no idea.  Then you grouped letters again and again asked, "What this says?"  Daddy walked by and said, "What!  He spelled bald!"  

Playing the piano - Daddy's hands, Son's hands

After the cereal fun, we went to Cici's Pizza.  You ate cheese pasta and bread.  Mommy ate a salad and Daddy ate pizza.

Then, off to the movies with our free tickets to see The Jungle Book.  We saw these cute photo props and couldn't resist.

We said, "Finding Nemo."  You pointed to the right (in the picture) and said, "There's Nemo!"  Sure enough, you found him quickly.

I think you would have liked The Jungle Book.  But you were getting tired.  At one point you got up from your chair.  You kept dropping your toy from Cici's.  Mommy said, "Daddy is holding your toy."  Daddy offered for you to sit in his lap.  You said, "No, I sit with Mommy" and climbed up on the chair.  Within seconds, you were sound asleep..  for the entire show.  I didn't mind one bit.  You are getting to be so independent these days, so I cherish the snuggles.  Yes, felt like an early Mother's Day (other than the part where I did three loads of laundry.  haha).

Another reason Saturday was special - Oma, Opa and Biscuit came home from Maryland!  Yeah!  You were thrilled to pick them up at the airport, yelling, "There they are!"  But when we arrived at Oma and Opa's house and they started to unload the car... you started to cry.  You didn't want to leave them, even though it was late at night when they flew in (not super late, but it was your bed time).  We let you walk around the house with them for a little while and explained how they will be home for a while now and we will see them tomorrow.  On the drive home, you still cried, but you settled in  once home.  Daddy told Oma, "Mommy and Gregory went to your house every day to work on projects."  Oma said, "Mommy will have to give me some projects to do with Gregory."  Happy they are home and just in time for Mother's Day!

Attack of the Biscuit!!
Hugs and Licks

Mommy's Day started for me with a card that you and Daddy made
and a Willow Tree Guardian Angel gift.  Daddy said you picked out two other Willow Tree figurines, but Mommy already had them.  This was the third one that you picked out.

Mommy cleaned the kitchen, did some laundry and then started setting up the table for Oma and Granny.  We had a cake and roses for both of our moms.  When you saw the roses and table you went, "Ohhhh."  Mommy asked you, "Who is Mommy's mom?"  You said, "Oma."  Daddy asked you, "Who is my mommy?"  You said, "Granny!"  Perfect.  Of course, when we asked you the same thing in front of our parents, you went silly on us. 

Oma and Opa gave you a surprise gift - the "President's Plane" toy set.  You loved it and "had to set it up" right away.

Putting puzzle pieces together.

Two cakes (Thank you Rob and Roda for the second Mango cake!)

Always time to swing

Daddy ended the day by preparing the Mexican chicken dish for Mommy - when billing time at work, I am there late hours and bring lunch.  This is the easiest dish to heat up and is filling as well.

It wasn't a fancy Mother's Day, but it was a sweet Mother's Day weekend.  Daddy said, "Every day is Mother's Day.  Every day is Father's Day."  You are our blessing.  And we are doubly blessed that both of our parents, your grandparents, are here to share in the joy.  Family is precious.  

That's the best gift of all.

Love Always,

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