Thursday, May 5, 2016

Letter to my son

Dear Son,

We arrived at the last letter of the alphabet!  Mommy was going to draw the animals, but opted instead to print some she found on the Internet.  You told me where you wanted the animals to go; we talked about each animal, many you remembered seeing at the zoo.

Mommy reminded you how the flamingo birds stand on one foot.  You were determined to try it yourself.  It was funny.  Mommy told you, "Don't use your hands to hold on to anything."

You told me how you made a train at school with chairs.  You lined up two chairs to show me what you meant.  Then you said, "I lined up a bunch at school."  I asked you if you sat in the chairs.  You said, "No, because Jacob pushed the chairs away!"  This time you sat in the chairs.... and got very comfy!

You said, "Daddy says I have brains in my head."  I replied, "Yes, that's true."  You looked at me, pulled your ear and said, "If I pull on my ear, my brains fall out. HAHAHA"  I busted out laughing.  I asked Daddy if he told you about pulling your ear and he said no.  Gregory, son, you have a sense of humor!

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week at your school.  Each day you have given your teachers a gift.  First day was apples, then oranges, then sweet peppers, today was planters nut mix.  We also donated money for tomorrow's teacher's lunch.  Ever since the first day, each morning you ask, "What are we giving to my teachers today?"  You love to hand out the gifts.

Today the class group pictures were handed out.  I adore your smile in this picture.  You look so happy and that makes me thrilled.  I think there are 3 or 4 kids missing from your class group.

Even though the alphabet is finished, Mommy might go back and redo a few of the letters.  But today, Mommy had a new project for Cinco de Mayo.  Daddy helped to draw out the guitar and he made the cone on the hat.  

You love playing with the colorful cotton balls.  You made a "monster ball" and then you made a snowman, "It's Chilly."  (The snowman from Doc McStuffin.)

Daddy said the balls were supposed to hang from the hat, but you wanted them going around the cone and on the outside, so that's where they went.  I just put the glue where you wanted the balls to go.

The minute the strings went on, you were "playing guitar" and humming.

Daddy does a lot of cooking at home, so it's not that often that we go out to eat.  Today, we decided to introduce you to Mexican food at La Carreta's in Harahan.  You tried chips, beans, rice, guacomola and spicy cheese.  Nothing much was to your fancy, but I have to give you credit for trying new things.

Playing with Mommy's necklace

The restaurant handed out cute keychains. 

You and Daddy turned them into earrings!

It was such a beautiful day, we had to go to the park!

You said, "Mommy, Daddy, you sit here."  So we did and took some selfies.

On the swing you said, "High High!  I want to touch the moon!"

Daddy was like a kid, "Let's go fly a kite."  So, we went home and decided to try....  but it wasn't a steady wind.  That didn't matter to you.  You were willing to keep kite chasing and trying to fly, as much as Daddy wanted the kite to fly!  Mommy bought the kite a while ago and today was the first time it was taken out for flight.

LOVE your total joy!

I see more kite flying in the future.  To bottle up your smiles, laughter, what a blessing this world could benefit from...  we had neighbors driving down the street that stopped and commented, "He knows how to fly a kite!"  Your joy was so contagious that it made people stop and comment!

I can't wait until we get another windy day to take the kite out again and watch as your face lights up. You have dreams on the wind; I see it in your eyes.

Love Always,

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