Saturday, May 14, 2016

Letter to my son

Dear Son,

You are getting good reports from school.  You said, "No time outs."  But you also said that you get time outs if you say "poo" at school.  We laugh about this word all the time, so I imagine it's carried on just a little too far with your school.  We need to cut back on that, because you want to say it to make people laugh.

Ready for school!

Your school finished off the alphabet with a handprint animal:

The classroom bulletin said story time was "Don't Pop the Bubble."  Mommy asked you if the teacher read the story to you.  You said, "Yes."  Mommy asked if you could tell me about the story.  You said, "Don't pop the bubble.  It will get bigger and bigger and bigger... and float away LIKE A BALLOON!  High, High in the sky and NEVER come down!"  I was thinking of bubbles that you blow from soapy water... it took me a few minutes to realize the story was saying don't blow bubbles from bubble gum!

A few times a year, St Augustine Episcopal School teams up with Chuck E Cheese - on specific days if a child goes in and shows the school number, 15 % of the purchase goes towards school donations.  We went to the last one.

You and Daddy posing with "thumbs up" like Check E Cheese

One of your schoolmates, Carsen, was there too!

Sometimes you were a little nervous about the games, but once you learned, you quickly adapted.

There is a two-level tunnel.  At first you didn't want to go to the second level.... but... after you got there, you wanted to climb up again and again.

You didn't want help with the games.  After you learned how to play, it was, "No, I do this by myself!"

Mr. Independent

Oma showed you how to play across the xylophone and you had a ball

You were eager to get on the tricycle at Oma and Opa's; you used it correctly!

Then you tried at home, but the one at home is a little more difficult to push.

The below picture was sent to the Ellen show curtesy of Daddy! Mommy took the picture though.. couldn't resist it. You and Daddy played hide and seek.  You didn't hide your bottom half....

Lately you are showing a lot of interest in the piano

Selfie with Mommy.  Before Mommy went to pick you up at Oma and Opa's house, you sent Mommy a text of pictures.  

Mommy wrote back, "I'm on my way" and signed off with a bunch of hearts.  

When I arrived at Oma and Opa's house, you said, "You gave me four hearts, Mommy."  

I replied, "That's because I love you so much."  

You hugged me, saying, "Awwww, Mommy.  I love you too."  MELT my heart!

Playing with green sand at Oma and Opa's house

We went for a walk and you waived at the neighbor.  He just got back from fishing.
You saw his fishing pole and said, "I have a fishing pole too.  It's at home."
You saw Biscuit sniff the fish and you wanted to sniff them.

Neighbor at the end of the street has a cool swing.  You love it!

All sorts of things to find in the neighborhood, chopped down
trees with fruit

That evening, we went to the library for bed-time story telling.

You were good for a little while, then you found a different book.
You wanted Mommy to read it and I did.
Then some kids started to run and jump around and you had to participate.
It was okay for a little while, then you got louder and louder.

We picked you up and walked towards the front of the library.
When Daddy put you down, you stayed statue still.  I asked, "What's wrong?"  You said, "I don't want to leave the library."  I said, "We can't stay if you're going to run and yell."  

You said you wouldn't.  I said, "Okay, tell Daddy you're going to be a good boy."  You walked up to Daddy and said you would be good.  We went over again for you not to run or yell or cry.

When we arrived back, the second story time was over (they read two stories).  There was an art project following... to make a turtle.

It was late, you were tired and fussy.  Daddy and Mommy helped, but you wanted to participate as well.  When the project called for an octagon, Daddy found the felt piece.  You held up a button, saying, "Octagon."  You were correct, the button had 8 sides.

You liked the finished turtle.  You said, "My turtle has a big butt."  The mommy sitting at our table heard this and busted out laughing.  Of course, you had to say that three more times!

You aren't the perfect darling child, sitting still and listening through an entire story.  You love to run and make noise.  How dare you be a child?  (I'm smiling as I type that.)  Your attention span is short  when doing art projects, but you are eager and willing to participate.

You aren't perfect with expectations of what should be done.  But you are perfectly happy and beautiful in my eyes.  Each time you do these activities, it enhances your experiences and that makes me happy.

Today was a full day, starting with breakfast.  Daddy asked you what you wanted for breakfast and you said, "La Te Da."  That's where we went.  Then to Little Farms Playground.

My Happy Boy!

Your smiles are my sunshine

We saw two guys going into the diamond field and asked if they wouldn't mind an audience.  They were practicing baseball.  This is the first time you saw someone pitch and hit.  Your eyes were glued to the ball; you were a little nervous about the loud sound of the hit at first.  Then you started saying, "Ohh, look how high the ball goes."  It was adorable to see your fascination and enjoyment of watching baseball practice.

From playground to project time.  We picked up Oma and went to Michael's for some kid's fun time with art projects:

You picked all of the colors and did a lot of the work (with instructions and assistance from Rebecca)

You twisted and wrapped and threaded

Tah Dah - first finished project - Dream Catcher!  Such a cute idea.

There was a second project.  Mostly you picked out the colors for this.

Can you see the look in your eyes in the above picture?  You were eyeing the "tool" she used.  Within seconds, you had it in your grasp!

Second finished project - Friendship bracelet!

It's all great learning skills, social skills and fun times - I love the classes from the library and Michael's.  I'm looking forward to when you are old enough to take classes at Home Depot!

Back at Oma and Opa's for lunch and FaceTime with Roda and TJ!  You miss your cousin.  You told Oma, "Tell TJ to come back."

This weekend, we also received the written assessment of your speech evaluation from the Jefferson Parish School System.  In short, it's what was said on the phone.  You are intelligent - words used in the report are "Very Superior range of developmental functioning."  When I shared this with Oma (a retired teacher who worked many, many years in the Jefferson Parish School System), she replied, "That's interesting.  The school system is very careful about their wording for reports.  They do not label children as very superior in a light manner."  

But yes, you need assistance with your phonological speech.  It's the only area of impairment; fortunately, the system is willing to work with you to correct this.  The therapist told me over the phone that your intelligence and willingness to learn should make this a short-term process.  What equates to "short-term" is yet to be seen and only time can tell.  

Mommy already set the IEP meeting for the end of this month.  The therapist will discuss the location and frequency of the therapy, which will begin in August.  I shared this information with Holly and she wrote back that she was proud of that we were being proactive parents in wanting to get the best help that we can for you - for recognizing there was a problem and going through the red tape and not giving up until we were able to give you what you needed.

We continue to work with you at home and see improvement.  I'm certain the school system will give you the guidance, support and instructions to improve your speech.

Recently Facebook found a memory of you from 3 years ago.  You smiled so much as a baby.  You still smile that beautiful, heart-warming smile to this day.  You are the same beautiful boy as you were a baby.  You have changed, with how much you have learned - crawling, talking, walking, running, climbing, jumping, playing, learning, potty training, joy of art and music.... it amazes me.  As adults, we teach our children necessary functions in life .... as a child, you teach us about the simple joy of life.

Love Always,

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