Thursday, April 21, 2016

Letter to my son

Dear Son,

It wasn't Daddy's cup of tea, but I think even he enjoyed seeing the China Lights at City Park.  Mommy and Oma bought the tickets online, so we didn't have to wait in a long line just to get the tickets.  Daddy found out about the show and the Chinese food.

Here are some pictures from the event:

You tried to sneak in!

You loved the Pandas

You opened the brochure and said, "Look at the map!"

Inside the tent, eating Chinese food (which was very good) and waiting for the show to begin.  It took Daddy a little while to get the food; there was a long line and we had 45 minutes before the show started.  

You were okay for a few minutes.  Then you wanted to go outside and see "the animals"  (Panda Bears)....  at one point, you acted like you were only going to run from one end to another part of the tent... but you had this little gleam in your eye... you ran to the other part... and tried to make a mad dash out of the tent!  Mommy put you in time out.  I was thankful to hear another child (other than you) screaming in the audience.  Daddy returned with some popcorn, food and drinks.  That helped.  Soon the show started and you sat in your seat for all of it.

There were four acts.  The first - three ladies did plate-balancing

The second is the "young" juggler (he dropped them a few times, but kept on with the show)

The clown - cute and funny

Last act - the dance of many faces - the outfit stays the same, but the face changed very quickly at least 15 times

You behaved throughout the entire show.  Clapping when you should and just really enjoying the quick acts.

Standing by our signs

It really was a beautiful display.  Oma said that it reminded her of the time she went to China with Opa.

Most of the displays (including the one below) were roped off so people couldn't touch them.  This section didn't have a lot of people.  Daddy whispered to you to sneak under the ropes.  You did this with total joy!

It took forever to find the huge dragon, but we did!  Glad Daddy had the old camera with the wide lens to get this shot.  Mommy had the new camera/regular lens.

Towards the end of the night, you were super cranky.  You started to cry in the car, loudly.  Oma said, "It must make you feel good to cry."  Daddy said, "I'm going to cry."  Daddy did.. you still cried.  Oma said, "OH NO!"  Mommy asked, "What's wrong?"  Oma replied, "Opa is watching TJ and he said that TJ has a surprise for me in his diaper!  I'm going to cry too!"  And she did.  You stopped crying at this point.

And when we got home, you went to sleep... from 8pm to 6:30am on Sunday.  Which is great, a really good night's sleep for you.

But... that meant a really early start to your Sunday.  And Sunday was a full day... Bridget came by to pick up the folding tables we had.  We drove out to City Park for the Cook Off that Mommy's work was participating in.  It's to support the pro bono cases.  We set up the tents and started to get things together on the tables.  You were good... for a little while.  But if I didn't have my eye on you... you were walking/running time I found you inside of another law firm's booth at the event!  Another time, you tried running right towards the street, because you wanted water that we had in the car!  You were getting irritated and annoyed.... and you wanted to go to the playground, so we did...

Helping set up the tents

You liked the hats!

You loved being at the playground.

I thought the playground would wear out some energy and it did.  You sat peacefully for a few seconds in the chair with your water (from the car) and your iPad.  But this didn't last long.  Soon you were telling me, "I want to go!"  You were in the "I need a nap but I'm not going to do it willingly" mode.  Mommy felt bad that we left, but without having a babysitter (Oma and Opa were watching TJ and they had out of state relatives coming in town to visit with them and see TJ)... we didn't have a choice; we had to leave or face you screaming at an unbelievable decibel.  

Sure enough... on the ride home....  Snoring!

Not long ago, you came up to me and said a few times, "Do you have a project, Mommy?"  But at that point, Mommy was working late because of billing.  I didn't have time to put any projects together.  But once billing was over and back to the part time schedule, I made sure we had a quick project to work on.  Next letter.. W...  we talked about whales not long ago.  You saw Mommy drawing the whale picture and Mommy asked you to pick out an eye for the whale.  There's a packet of various sized eyes from the craft box to choose from.  What did you pick?  What do you always pick?  The BIG eyes...  This was the first time it might fit, but it looked really weird to Mommy.  Daddy even said it didn't look right.  But YOU loved it.  And so it went on the whale.... and then you gave two big eyes to Daddy and Daddy did funny faces with them.  Your laughter was so adorable!

Oma and Opa brought you to your second speech evaluation with the Jefferson Parish School Board.  Just before Mommy headed off for work, I called Oma, to see how the evaluation was going.  Oma said, "It's over.  The therapist wants to talk with you."  What good timing for Mommy to call!

The therapist said that your speech has improved, but work still needs to be done.  If she shuffles the pictures and holds them where only you can see the picture, she cannot understand what you are saying.  If she looks at the picture and listens to you, then she understands.  You give more information that is asked.  Such as, "Gregory, what is this a picture of?"  Instead of just saying, "Stars."  You count the stars and say, "Seven yellow stars."  

The therapist said you won't be in speech therapy for the long term, because you are above intelligence and you have a desire to learn.  The therapist added, "If Gregory were four years old, his speech problem would be labeled as severe.  But at his age, it will be labeled as moderate."  She wanted him to have the second evaluation before the school year ended, because now he can start with therapy in August.  But if we waited for the second evaluation to take place in August, he wouldn't start therapy until January!  The therapist explained, "Three months might not seem like a lot to adults, but for a child's development, it can make a huge difference.  The sooner we start Gregory with therapy, the quicker the results."  

Later that day, Oma said, "When I gave the therapist the form back, she flipped through the pages and the therapist said, "Okay, Gregory has great parents!"  You must have taken your time with the forms."  It was so nice to hear this, because the form was 10 pages front and back... lots of questions and I had to really be thoughtful and honest.  As much as I'd like to say, "Yes, my son does all of these things."  No, he doesn't or sometimes he does and I wanted to be honest.  To have recognition of the work the questionnaire required.... well, I appreciate that!

More pictures with your cousin, TJ!

Oma showing you and TJ the map that Mommy crossed stitched back in college.  Oma is showing you where we live and where TJ lives.

Daddy went to Lafayette for work.  When he told you that he wouldn't be home the next day, you cried.  Daddy promised to bring back a toy and you were satisfied.  Daddy brought back two toys!  A whoopee cushion, which you played with nonstop for about an hour and a football.

You caught the ball in this next picture

and then you took off running

After playing outside, we went to the local library.  The library was hosting a "Reading to Rover" theme.  Mommy called the library earlier in the day to see if it would be okay for you to go.  The theme was for children who read, but were too shy to read to a group of people... there was a special group that brought in trained dogs to sit with the child and the child read to the dog.  You aren't reading right now, but they allowed us to come with you and read the story to you and the dog.

There were about 6 different dogs there.  You were paired up with Parker, an 8 year old Whippet.  He was really sweet and laid down to listen to the story.  Daddy loved petting the dog and reading the book.  After the story, you gave Parker a treat.

Then, you walked through the library and found a book for Mommy to read to you about the sound that various toys make.  You even got on the computer to draw (Daddy helped).

Daddy asked Mommy, "How did you find out about the Reading to Rover program?"  I replied, "I get a weekly email from the library on different things they offer for various ages."  Mommy checks the emails to see if it would be age appropriate for you or something you would enjoy participating in.  The library is local, close by and the programs are free.  It's a wonderful resource.

This afternoon we were at Oma and Opa's house.  You wanted a car on the top of their dresser, but Oma explained to Mommy, "Those cars are only for when Gregory poo's in the potty."  Then Oma told you, "You only pee'd in the potty.  You can't get a car until you poo."  

You went to the bathroom, looked at yourself in the mirror, raised your pointer finger and told yourself, "You want car, you have to poo!"  Mommy and Oma tried hard not to laugh.  You sat on the potty and... sure enough! .... You ended up getting your car.

The teacher even said that you are asking to go to the potty at school now too!  Progress!

We're so proud of you, sweet boy, for so many accomplishments and joys that you bring to this world.

Love Always,

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