Saturday, January 30, 2016

Letter to my son

Dear Son,

You are braver than Mommy.  Mommy doesn't like climbing the steep, short stairs at Oma's and Opa's home, but you will.... as long as some one goes with you.  You kept Oma busy doing that and then Daddy.

You go through things that interest you.  Sometimes it's Legos and other times it's play dough.  But you go through moods of such things.

You never get tired of walking!

Walking in the neighborhood...

Your favorite tree..

Mommy's favorite tree....

Walking in the garden at school.  The flowers in the background make it look like a crown on your head! 

Walking at the park...

Your teachers say everything is going well at school.  I hope that means you are paying attention to what the teachers are saying and that you are making new friends with the three new classmates that started recently.  Here's your artwork so far:

You were being silly one morning at school - sitting under your jacket by your lunch box.

Showing Mommy what you did at school today - making Mardi Gras t-shirts for your school parade next week!

Morning before school, wearing "K is for Kite" shirt.  On this morning, Daddy made something new for breakfast - French Toast.  You didn't want to even try it, typical reaction to something new....  Daddy said, "I'm Daddy Dog, feed me!"  Daddy put his hands in the air and begged like a puppy dog.  You happily fed Daddy.  Then Daddy said, "Gregory's turn to beg like a puppy dog."  You did it and ate the French Toast!  Mommy got in on the fun too.  We turned trying something new into a game and it worked great!  You even said you liked French Toast after breakfast play time was over.

Mickey Mouse with orange ears, you said.

When I brought you to school a bunch of kids were running in the courtyard saying, "You can't get me."  You took off running with the group, having a blast!  At one point, Mommy stopped you and said, "It's okay to run right now, but if you are in class and your teacher says you need to stop running, you have to stop running and listen to your teacher."  You saw the kids running towards us and asked me, "Mommy, I can run now, please?"  I had to say Yes.

St. Augustine's offers a "parents date night" once a month of a Friday from 6pm to 8pm.  It was our first time doing this.  When we brought you there, a screen was playing with music and words.  You just kept watching.  When we left, Daddy said, "I miss my boy.  If he is crying when we pick him up, we aren't bringing him again!"  Mommy and Daddy had supper and then did a few minutes of shopping.

When we went to pick you up, you were running, laughing and playing with the kids... of all ages.

Everyone said how well you behaved, that you smiled and opened up with them and that you were a good boy!

They had songs to sing, art projects, food (you ate a hot dog, cheese and grapes.  Mrs. Catherine convinced you to try a cucumber piece.  You ate one piece but spit the second one out.)

Mrs. Catherine also said that you had to go pee and you used the big boy potty!

Bubbles and piano time, you did not want to leave!  It was so thoughtful of our church community to offer this for parents.  I love that it's children of all ages in a loving environment.  Thank you!

Edited to add the next three pictures - these were taken by Catherine and her daughter during the "parents date night" - Gregory had a blast!  I also wanted to add that Catherine's mom was there, "MeMaw."  MeMaw asked me, "Is Gregory left handed?"  She noticed him using his left hand more than his right.  I replied, "I'm not sure yet."  She is left-handed.

This next picture makes Mommy laugh.  You visited with Oma and Opa.  Oma played hide and seek with you. You hid in the bathroom and while you were there, you decided on your own to start cleaning!  You love to help.

This morning, it was such a pretty day, that we decided to go to City Park.  This is the first time you have played on that playground and you loved it.  With lots of room to run, new things to climb on and plenty for Mommy and Daddy to take pictures, we were all thrilled!

You climbed all over everything, but you loved this one particular option - next picture.  You stand up on it and then it has springs on it, so you bounce up and down when you bounce up and down.  You couldn't get enough of it.  I thought for sure you would fall off, but you never lost your balance.

You are fearless!

Did this all by yourself.

Okay, so sometimes Mommy is silly too

You weren't so sure about the rope part of it.

When you saw the green climbing sculpture, you ran to it and started going without a second thought.

Mommy loves the oak trees.  So do you.

My sweet guys

Daddy tilted the bottle and the sand went down.  You loved it.

I love that you love the outdoors.

Can't go to City Park without getting some beignets.  You liked them!

All in all a great morning!  Off to Oma and Opa's for lunch.  I hope the weather is nice for a parade tonight.  We need to catch some beads in order to participate in your school parade!

You are my sweet sunshine.  You love to ask, "What's that, Momma?"  You run to Daddy when we pick you up from school.  You told Daddy, after you hurt your arm and Daddy tried to kiss your bo-bo, "No, Momma fix my bo-bo."  You make us laugh.

You are our heart.

Love Always,

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