Sunday, January 10, 2016

Letter to my son

Dear Son,

This weekend has been a slow, calm, relaxing one - just what the doctor ordered after both of us having colds, you getting sick on New Years Eve and all of the celebrations that have gone on recently.  Some might call it boring, but you took it well and played well without complaint.  That said, plenty went on last week.

You know Mommy and Daddy had our 7th year anniversary on the 3rd.  Mommy and Daddy went for brunch, while you visited with Oma and Opa.  Mommy and Daddy bought wall art for each other - it was fun to find a copper gift.

Later that evening, Oma and Opa brought you over and we had cake.  When Mommy was decorating the cake you held up your index finger, then with your other hand, you pointed to your index finger.  Daddy said, "What is he saying?"  Mommy explained, "He wants me to pipe icing on his finger."  Daddy laughed and ate some icing too, "Well, if that isn't just like his Daddy!"

I will admit that there was concern about you returning back to school after having been out for the two week Christmas break.  You said you wanted to go to school.  First day getting ready, you held your lunch kit and headed to the car door!

Each day, Mommy waited for a call from you teacher about a biting incident.  But it never happened.  Your teachers said you did great and you were happy coming home.  Here are some fun activities you did this past week:

Fun with Alphabets.  Letter A turns into an alligator.

Letter B turns into a Bee!

Mixing colors to make new ones!

Working on numbers

Your school ended the week with a visit from the zoo mobile.  I think that was a great way to end the first week back.  In the second picture, you are looking at a turtle.  The teachers said you pet a snake.  When we asked if you pet a snake, you replied, "Yes!  It went ssssss" and did a wiggle with your arms together.

Of course each day you walk through the school garden.

Picture Daddy took after you came home from school one day.  Melting into Mommy.  So sweet.  Daddy said, "I didn't get the brown memo for today."  Lol.

One funny thing about school...  When bringing you to school, Mommy likes to park slightly away from the school parking lot.  It can get crazy busy and lots of kids around the area during the mornings.  Each morning, you see Mommy passing up the school and you cry out, "STOP MOMMY STOP!"  Mommy asked, "Why?"  You replied, "Stop!  School!"  Even though Mommy always goes past the school, you say this every single time.  You don't want Mommy to not bring you to school.  Too cute!

One evening after school, the day was so pretty and nice outside that we went to the park.  You did fabulously.  In the past, you didn't want to go alone and Daddy would walk up the stairs with you while Mommy stayed on the ground in case you went on a slide.  It took two of us to tag team you and keep an eye on you.  This time, Daddy went once up the stairs with you, but after that, you ran the playground by yourself - up and down and all around!  It was great to see your level of confidence, even with plenty of kids there and on the bigger playground set.

Even though it's difficult to see you in the next group of pictures, Mommy loves it.  This is part of the playground where the steps go straight up.  In the past you never wanted to try this.  If you did, it was with Daddy's assistance.  This time.. you didn't even ask for help and you did it all by yourself!  I think your time on the playground at school has given you a great deal of confidence.

We went to the grocery store after the playground...  You have a new way to ride the basket...

Hide and Seek is still a favorite; you're getting better at hiding.  You still close the doors if you go into a bedroom, which makes it easy for us to find you.  But sometimes you get really creative, like hiding under the new man cave table in Daddy's office, between two sofas and in baskets...

Yesterday, you and Daddy put together one of your Christmas gifts.  Daddy put the Lowe's apron on you and ya'll gathered tools together to make a car!

In the below picture you are saying, "Close eyes, Mommy!  Close eyes!"  You didn't want me to see the unfinished project.

In the above picture, you are wearing your big boy underwear.  It's still a hit and miss.  Sometimes you surprise us by saying, "I pee!"  We run with you to the potty and you pee.  You have even pooh'd in the potty, but more likely you pooh in your underwear.  You know what your body is doing.  Sometimes you are able to catch it in time for the potty, other times and most likely, we bring you to the potty and you happen to go at the right moment.  You still fight it though and will even say, "No, I want diapers."  Oma says we need to do tough love on this.  But even with diapers, you will take them off and go.  It's your frame of mind and we need to get you into the "all the time, frame of mind."

Your sense of humor and wanting to "get away" with things has grown in leaps and bounds.  This morning, Daddy said, "I made jello!"  You ran into the kitchen and watched as Daddy took out a big bowl of jello... then Daddy scooped some jello out and put it in a smaller bowl.  As Daddy turned to put the big bowl of jello back into the refrigerator... your eyes gleamed, you smiled and reached your cute little hands up and quickly grabbed the small bowl with the spoon and RAN into a hiding place!  We busted out laughing.

We saw you eating the jello and asked if you were eating Daddy's jello.  You smiled and said, "No, not me!"

Every day is smiles with you, especially when you wake up smiling - starts the day off bright and happy!

This year has been a rough start for a lot of family members.... your great-grandmother, Maw Maw, had a bad fall.  She needed 17 stitches on her forehead and a lot of bruising.  We were going to visit with her this weekend, but our cousin, Misty picked up Maw Maw and brought her to Mississippi... while Aunt Vera (who was taking care of Maw Maw at the time) went to see her granddaughter in the hospital right after a car accident (she's okay, but has a busted lower lip and sprained hand/arm).  Oma and Opa finally are over their stomach bug; it took a big toll on them.  Rough start and many prayers said.. fortunately, healing has begun.... and as one of Mommy's coworkers said, "Get it all over with in the beginning of the year and let the rest of the year be great!"  Amen.

That reminds me.... today at lunch with Oma and Opa... after sitting down with the food served, Daddy said, "Thank you God for this food."  You immediately said, "AMEN!"

Love Always,

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