Sunday, January 3, 2016

Letter to my husband


There are so many ups and downs in life.  Crazy, busy, hectic days and then the ones that crawl by and life seems to pass along unannounced.  It's the roller coaster ride of life... and with it come the emotions, which can be difficult to deal with.  Our flaws, our imperfections, make us human.  Our willingness to forgive, look past the personality glitches, make us love all the more... makes love all the more precious.

When you hold me, the world disappears.  You are the only thing I see, hear, feel and want.. it's a special place next to your heart where the rhythm of essence is right there, in sync.

When you teach our son new ways to express his humor, how to respect others and how you love spending quality time with our son.... I know we are blessed.  You are a wonderful Daddy.

When our son smiles, looks upon us with trust and runs into our arms... he is a representation of our love.

I don't know how life existed before you.  I can't imagine life without you.

Happy 7th Year Anniversary.  I love you... More!

(Pictures below, as well as a link to our wedding day story)

The cake that almost never was... I was making the icing and threw out 70 percent of it.  Thankfully you saved the rest and had some in the freezer as well.  Hopefully it's up to par in taste.  I just wanted it to be perfect for our anniversary.

Three open roses for love, draping hydrangeas for wedding bouquet, blue with the purple for our wedding colors, weaving design on the side for our love and life threading together. 

Wedding candle to the left was our candle at our wedding ceremony.  Candle and flowers on the right were decorations from our reception.  (I love the Christmas gift - cake stand and glass dome!)

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Renee Petersen said...

Beautifully said Aleta!!