Friday, December 18, 2015

Letter to my son

Dear Son,

This was a short school week, because you had your class Christmas party today, unfortunately, you were unable to make the party.  But Mommy will explain that later.  Here are some artwork projects you did at school this past week:

Play dough time, you ran to the table again :)

One day at the end of school, you were given cheese balls.  When we went to Oma and Opa's house, you fed Opa.

Asleep at school when Daddy went to pick you up.

Mommy brought you to school and turned around to see this; your flexibility is crazy!

Visiting with Oma and Opa.  Oma found these cookie cutters at a garage sale, what a great buy!  Thank you!

At Oma and Opa's house, you saw a bunch of wrapping paper.  Oma asked you, "Gregory, did Opa make that big wrapping paper mess?"  You replied, "No."  Mommy asked, "Gregory, who made that mess?"  You pointed to the wrapping paper and said, "SANTA!"  

You love the magnetic books where you can place the airplanes in the sky.

Looking out of Daddy's office window, you said, "Big truck" as a truck drove by.

Love this next picture.  Mommy was playing Christmas songs on the piano.  You said, "Play Do Ray" - Mommy played the scale for Do Ray Me Fa Sew La Tea Do.  You sang it with me and then Daddy video'd taped it.  Later, you went to the piano and went up the keys one by one note, playing the correct scale!  Of course, after smiling about doing so, you went crazy on the keys.

Such a great helper!  You say, "I help!  I help!"  You helped Daddy measure the table.

The last time you had a sleep over was when Mommy had surgery on her eyelids.  That was when you were 3 months old.  You stayed the night with Oma and Opa then.  Last night, you stayed with Oma and Opa.  Mommy is fighting a cold and you toss and turn in your sleep, which doesn't help.  Oma and Opa were sweet to have you and said you are such a good boy.  You played with sand and then used a broom to sweep up the sand on the floor.  You had bath time and here you are playing with night time toys.  Oma said that you sat up straight in the bed in the middle of the night.  You do this.  I think it's after a dream or when you have had enough sleep and wonder if it's time to get up, but usually you are quick to go right back to sleep.

The reason you weren't able to go to your Christmas party, was because today you had your speech evaluation with Children's Hospital.  A few months ago we tried to get you tested for Early Steps, but you didn't quality.  The therapist back then for Early Steps said, "He should have speech therapy, but he would need two qualifying aspects to get into early steps."  Next option was speech therapy through the insurance plan.

When we brought you to Children's Hospital for testing, the therapist asked Mommy and Daddy, "Are you concerned about his language abilities?"  We didn't know where you should be, so we asked the therapist, Kristen, to test you on this as well.  Kristen brought out a book filled with pictures.  She pointed to the pictures and you said what they were, but you often times went further.  For instance, for a picture of the bird, you said, "Bird" and then you flapped your arms like wings and said, "Bird fly."  When you saw a picture of a dog, you said, "Oma and Opa and Biscuit."  The therapist asked about this and we explained that they have a dog.  Kristen asked you, "Is Biscuit a big dog or a little dog?"  You said in a cute voice, squishy your hands together, "Little dog."

Honestly?  You surprised Mommy and Daddy.  You recognized almost all of the pictures and some of the things you don't see often.  There was one picture that stumped you though... a picture of a watch.  How funny... we don't wear watches.  We use our cell phones for the time.  You have never seen a watch on us and never asked about it on a picture.  After Kristen said the word, you repeated it.

After the pictures, Kristen brought out Legos and you had a ball.  During that time, Kristen explained her findings.  You do not have any problems with Language.  You said the names of the pictures, recognized a lot, spoke in full sentences.  But.. what she said was, "Gregory leaves out sounds in the middle and the end of the words."  (An example:   You will say "mi" for Milk.)  This is something Mommy and Daddy and your teachers have noticed as well and the cause for us to get you evaluated.  

Kristen added, "He knows the sounds and will say them in the beginning of the word, which is good, because some children come in and we have to teach them the sounds.  Gregory just doesn't know where to always say the sounds."

The therapist recommended once a week speech therapy.  As she said, "I understood what Gregory was saying in context to the pictures, but if I didn't have the pictures I wouldn't have understood."  It will take a while for the paperwork to go through.  In the meantime, Mommy and Daddy will be working with you on the full sounds of the words you use.

Oma also made a good comment, "It's good that Gregory is getting used to testing, if you want him to get tested into certain schools.  This is a good environment to start him into the testing atmosphere."

Many of our friends and family are supportive and say, "Don't wait too late to get the therapy" and "better to catch it early."  We want to help you and give you the assistance you need.  You are a smart boy and I believe you will catch on soon.  We just need to give you the best tools available so that people can understand your extensive vocabulary.  

After the evaluation, we went to the mall.  You didn't have on a Christmas shirt and Daddy put up with Mommy dragging you into a store to find something (and it was on sale!)

You wanted to see Santa.  When you sat on his lap, Mommy heard you say the words, "Truck, Cars"

You had a chair to sit down to eat at the mall, but you decided to sit on Mommy's lap instead.

Lots of trees in the mall; Mommy loves going to the mall to see the decorations.

Daddy took this next picture.  He said, "The ceiling looks like snow."  LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture - it's like artwork!

When we got home, you opened up the gift from your teachers - a book!  Daddy sat down and read it to you.

Then, Mommy realized the short table in Daddy's "man cave" would be perfect for your play dough time.

Mommy just needs to watch you with the play dough.  You made some small round purple balls and I guess you thought they were grapes.  You ate one!  The play dough got stuck to the roof of your mouth.  Mommy and Daddy had to use a child's spoon to scrape it out.

You are a joy!  You did so well with the therapist, though towards the end, only five more pictures to go... when the therapist showed you a picture of a drum set and asked what it was.... you said... "POOH!"  And no, you didn't have a dirty diaper.  You smiled and said the word again.  We said, "Ah, he is being silly now.  He is getting tired of looking at pictures and saying what they are."  Kristen told you, "I promise, just a few more and then you get a sticker!"  You answered correctly after that.

You did super well with Santa too and we actually went into two toy stores without having to buy anything... not exactly the easiest exits, but you managed it without pitching a screaming fit.  Mommy was impressed.  I'm sure Santa will bring you many toys!   You don't like for other people to open things for you now.  When Mommy bought you a Mickey Mouse figurine from the dollar store, you opened it all by yourself.  That's pretty good, considering sometimes those things aren't easy to open.

Growing up quickly.  We are loving every minute.  Thank you for being so sweet, so serious when you play, so silly when least expected and so huggable.  

Love Always,

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