Sunday, December 6, 2015

Letter to My Son

Dear Son,

Your first day back to school after the Thanksgiving break was a little stressed.  I was worried, because it seems whenever there is a break or you miss any time, you have a difficult time adjusting back.  You want to go to school, but I think you get protective and aggressive the first day or so before routine kicks back in.  Other children seemed to have the same issue.

On the playground today, an older and bigger boy was pushing you.  You yelled, "No pushing!"  The teacher praised you a lot for this - you used your words!  That's awesome.  But.. then... later you and the other kids were playing ring around the rosie.  You wanted to stop and things escalated.  You couldn't get out of the game and you bit another child.  You didn't break the skin...  I can picture this happening .... your frustration and needing to get away and thinking the only way to do so is with a bite.  We will work more with using your words.  You are talking more and that helps.  You just need to know that you can express yourself in words when upset too.

School Artwork - finger print Christmas lights

Upset because it was raining and you wanted to go out and play

This last week, when you went to the bathroom to wash your hands before going into your preschool room (a policy they have at the school).  Another boy was ahead of you.  His mom was trying to get her son to wash his hands.  It was a cold morning and the water was cold.. the little boy was screaming and kicking and flinging his hands around.  His mommy had to pick him up and shove his hands in the water, which concluded in more screaming.  You started to cry for the boy and I said, "It's okay, he is okay."  You gave me a big hug.  When it was your turn to wash your hands, you did a silly face and silly hands and smiled at me as you pretended to mimic the upset boy.  But you weren't upset and you made mommy laugh.

Christmas decorations are up at our home and Oma's and Opa's home.  You love the reindeer outside of their home.  I want you to love Christmas as much as we do and hope you see the awe and beauty of the season.

Mommy and Daddy finally have all of the decorations out, well, not all of them, but the house is exactly as it should be.  Just enough and plenty of Christmas cheer.  This year, the Christmas village is still in storage.  I watched as you threw the toy manger scene and claimed that all the pieces are for you.  Whenever Mommy snuck under the tree to put the manger scene back right again, you noticed immediately and created your own destructive view.  Ah well, Mommy specifically bought the toy manger scene just for this reason.  However, the Christmas village is very breakable, maybe next year.

So, how did Mommy handle your grabbing and pulling hands for the Christmas tree?  From middle to bottom, it's the non-breakable, material ornaments... mid-way to the top, breakable more memorable decorations.  It works for us!

You like the picture of you in the Santa ornament

I hope this year you can help Mommy write a letter to Santa to say what you would like.  Maybe we can even leave some milk and cookies out on Christmas Eve.

The other day you were at Oma and Opa's house.  You are potty training better, even had a "big, big, big pooh" in the potty!  Oma took a picture - and I refuse to post that on my blog.  When Mommy and Daddy went to pick you up, Opa was holding you.  You and Opa were pointing to Oma, "Oma broke the toilet!"  Oma said, "No, I didn't do it!  Gregory, did Opa break the toilet?"  You said, "No!"

Then she asked, "Gregory, did YOU break the toilet?"  You said, "No!"  Oma asked you who broke the toilet, you paused... then this adorable, huge smile crossed your face and you exclaimed, "Biscuit (their tiny dog) broke toilet!"  We all busted out laughing.

This morning, Mommy held you and we looked at pictures in the hallway.  You pointed and said, "Mommy's cake!"  It was a picture of the three of us and the cake Mommy made for Daddy's birthday.  You make me want to make cake to decorate it, just to see your expression and joy.  Later today, Mommy took out cake decorating tips, in the hopes that the cake instructor would have the opportunity to come over and teach Mommy about royal icing and decorating Christmas cookies.  You walked by the kitchen counter top, pointed to the decorating tips and did a fist pump in the air, "Mommy make cake!"  You remembered the tips are used for cakes and I haven't made a cake since September!  You amaze me with your understanding.

Your school is hosting an Angel Tree.  Each classroom is a given a child to buy a Christmas gift for, someone who most likely wouldn't receive a gift.  The classroom isn't just asking for donations, the teachers are asking the parents to have their child "earn" the donation.  You help Mommy with the laundry, moving the cloths from the washer to the dryer and you attempt to help fold.  You are a big help with emptying out the dish washer.  You are picking up your toys.  You even motivate Daddy to exercise!  Because you help us, you gave us the ability to help another child.

December is a weird month, some cool days, but mostly short sleeve weather.  I love that you like to look at the flowers and tell us the colors and count the petals.  Rough and tumble and sweet bundle.

Love Always,

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