Saturday, October 24, 2015

Letter to my son

Dear Son,

When we picked you up from school this week, we asked if you had a good day.  You replied, "Yes! No hit.  No bite.  No kick."  Of course you enjoyed the toys, arts, playground, etc, but we're glad you are learning social skills too.

The other night, you were in bed, holding a Mickey Mouse doll and a Goofy doll.  Mommy picked up the Goofy doll and put it on your lap and then Mommy pretended to be Goofy's voice, saying, "Gregory, tell me a story."

You said, "Three pigs and big bad wolf!"
Goofy (Mommy) replied, "It's a story about three pigs and a wolf?"
You:  "Yes!  Huff and puff and blow house down!"
Mommy:  "Oh no!  Who blew the house down?"
You:  "Big bad wolf!"  (With you hands out as if I should have known this.)
Mommy:  "Can you build the piggies a house that the wolf can't blow down?"
You:  "Yes!"
Mommy:  "Great!  Who do you like the most in the story?"
You:  "Hmmmm (finger to lips).  Big bad wolf!"
Mommy:  "Thank you for sharing the story."
You grabbed the Goofy doll and hugged him.

What Mommy thought was interesting is that Mommy and Daddy have told you this story, without looking at a book or on the iPad or on television... yet when I asked you to tell a story, you shared the one we told you from heart.

Couple of pictures from home and walking in the neighborhood

Daddy told you, "Gregory, this is your bed."  While in your room.  "And this is Gregory's dresser.  (opens the drawers) and these are Gregory's cloths.  This is Gregory's room.  Do you want to sleep in here tonight?"

You said, "Okay, I try."  (You say this in such a cute way!)
Daddy set up your iPad.   You feel asleep in your bed around 9:30pm.  Mommy turned off the iPad.  You slept in your room until 2:26am and then woke up Mommy.

At least we aren't having to fight you to start the night in your room.  Mommy asked you this morning, "It was fun sleeping in your own room, right?"  You nodded your head.  "You'll do that again tonight!"  You nodded your head (hopefully).

You may be ready for Karaoke!

At school, we haven't seen any new projects, maybe the beginning of next week some will be sent home.  It might sound silly but Mommy loves seeing your art projects!  Mommy and Daddy both went to your school to pick you up.  You were asleep, the only child still napping.  We knelt down and woke you up with smiles and hugs.  A little girl stood next to us.  She showed me an alligator she was holding and when you gave me a hug, she gave me a hug too. I said, "Aw, that's so sweet.  Hugs are wonderful!"  She ended up giving me two more hugs before we left, so sweet.  Whenever she gave me a hug, so did you.

Mommy saw a sign on Facebook from Kehoe-France that they had a trunk or treat on Friday.  It was still warm, so we didn't dress you in the outfit from Rene.  (It looks like Halloween night will be cool, so perfect for the outfit then!)  In the meantime, you got the opportunity to wear the Superman shirt from Danny and Kathy.

Daddy teaching his son how to fly!

At the trunk or treat, you said, "TRICK OR TREAT!" quite loudly at times.  Another mom heard you and said, "At least he is talking!"  Her daughter looked terrified and maybe a couple of months younger than you.


Frankenstein outfit, person is on stilts.

Sitting down for popcorn and "witch's brew" for a break to see all the goodies so far

You weren't shy and you didn't want Daddy to empty your bucket and you didn't want anyone else holding your bucket. (Superman strength after all!)   Daddy said there were 45-50 "trunks" to trick or treat from.  It was very family oriented, had characters walking around, music and food and lots of fun.

Saturday was another fun filled day!  It started off with smiles.  When we went to breakfast and you saw a firetruck on the street, Daddy said, "We're going to find a firetruck."  You replied, "Firetruck all gone!"  Daddy promised he would find one for you to see and he made good on his word!

When we got home, you wanted to get on the swing.  Daddy brought Tigger out to enjoy the weather too.

Kisses for Tigger, so cute

We rested at home, then decided the rain was holding out and went to Lafreinere Park for the Halloween Boo at the Park.  I really did want to see how you would handle the haunted house section, but the line was long and by this point, the weather was threatening, so we didn't do the haunted house.  However, we did enjoy a number of things at the park, such as games, character pictures, trick or treating and your first face painting!  As well as a maze.  Here are some pictures from the park:

Ring tossing.  When it didn't work, you just picked it up and tried again.  Everyone was good natured about the games and knew it was for the kids.

The trick or treat section was pretty cool.  It wasn't nearly as large at the Kehoe France trunk or treat, but it was decorated well.  Below are just a few of the decorations.  The person giving the treats handed candy from the other side.

You have the "trick or treat" down pat and no problem holding out your bag for goodies.

You saw kids throwing hay in the "hay ride" and went right at it!

Mommy wondered if you could sit still long enough for face painting.  You did great!

Cute pumpkin on your pumpkin!

From there we went to a maze.  From the outside, it didn't look like it would be much, but it was a lot longer with more turns than you would expect.  You enjoyed it!

Out of the maze!

It was good that we left when we did - rain was falling just as we made it back to the car!

I don't know how Halloween night will compare with these experiences, but I'm tickled that you had them.  When you saw the outfit Rene sent, you said, "Halloween!"  and insisted that Daddy take it out of the packaging.  Can't wait to see you wear it on Halloween night - hoping for cooler, fall weather.

Tomorrow will be a "laundry day/rainy day" - Mommy will think up some fun art projects for you to work on.  Enjoying every moment, sweet son.

Love Always,

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