Saturday, September 12, 2015

Letter to My Son

Dear Son,

Mommy bought a book for you, "P is for Potty with Elmo."  Mommy read it to you a few times in a row, on your request.  The last time, when the story came to the point of Elmo using the potty and then washing his hands, you yelled, "Wash hands!  Wash hands!"  and pointed to the picture.  I said, "Let's go pee pee and then you can wash your hands."  You excitedly said, "Yeah!" and went running to the bathroom.  Sure enough, you pee'd and washed your hands.

You are understanding what the potty is for, but you don't yet understand "that feeling" yet... because you are willing to pee in big boy underwear and then just sit in the pee.  We tried the Three Day Potty Training and call that myth a bust!  It was hard on all of us and you started to scream on the third day any time we mentioned the potty.  We don't want this to be difficult for you, so we're not going to force you to go to the bathroom.  It might be still too early.

You have enjoyed time at school.  The first week was learning the color, red.  Hand prints, first letter of your name, fingerprints for apples and handprint for a strawberry :)

One day this past week at preschool, you fell and hit your head.  You had a brush burn on the side of your face.  Later that evening or it might have been the next day, your teacher, Mrs. Kristie called to see how you were doing.  We had a nice conversation.  Mommy talked about the time you wake up, around 6:30am and Mrs. Kristie said that explained you being tired towards the end of the day.  Mommy asked if you participated in class, did you own artwork and if you were social.

Mrs. Kristie was very reassuring.  She said you are creative in your own way.  For instance, the teachers asked where and how to put the eyes and feet on the blue bird project.  You wanted one leg going straight and the other leg upside down.  The teacher said you were very specific about what you wanted and it was unique.  See the picture below - your blue bird has a peg leg :)  I think it's because of the pirate cartoons you watch?

Mrs. Kristie said you don't mind paint on your hands and feet.  You run to the craft table and you enjoy doing the crafts yourself.  Your teacher also said you run to greet her with a hug every day.  When you fell and scratched your head, she asked if you wanted her to hold you and you said, "Yes."  She picked you up in her lap for circle time and you stopped crying.

This is what I love about the school.  While researching various preschools, St. Augustine received glowing recommendations of being very loving; I'm finding this to be true.  Mommy was happy to hear from the teacher and we exchanged emails to keep the lines of communication open for the future.  A simple phone call was a blessing!

This week was learning the color "blue"....  (I think that's a blue cat hat?)  The puffy blue paint for the ice cream is cool!

Your teacher also mentioned how smart you are, counting to 10, knowing your colors.... but... this picture, sweet boy.. it's the wrong end...

Last weekend, early Saturday morning, we went to Baton Rouge to visit with your great grandmother and your cousins.

Lake you see going to Baton Rouge, we stopped for a few minutes for pictures.  Daddy even let you hold the camera and take your first picture.

 Visiting with your great-grandmother - you greeted Maw Maw with a hug!

Maw Maw's pond on her property.  You were determined to walk the pier... but it was a little 'soft' so we didn't stay there long.

Next picture - of Opa when he was a little boy - "cotton top" hair

Izzy and Isaac were incredibly sweet!  They both wanted to show you all their toys and wanted you to play with them.  When Izzy brought out a balloon, you chased her around the house. Your cousin, Michelle, and Daddy, both noticed that you were "holding food" in your mouth without chewing, because you were so focused on a television show.  Michelle said, "That tells me that Gregory is not thinking about his body, not aware of things when he is into something else and that he possibly isn't ready for potty training yet."  After sharing with Michelle about how the Three Day Potty didn't work, Michelle mentioned something interesting.... she said, "These days are so different.  Kids have so many more things to easily and quickly distract them such as iPads."

Within seconds after leaving our cousin's home, you were fast asleep....

Then... Daddy saw Sportsman Disney World (Pro Bass Shop) in Denham Springs and he HAD TO STOP at the store.  This meant waking a sleeping child...  (Lori, if you are reading this blog post, you'll understand from the pictures why we didn't stop by for a visit, though I did seriously consider it...)

Daddy bought you a fishing pole from the wonderland of sports.. you liked it (after you had a long nap!)

You still love play dough and would probably play with it on a daily basis.  Oma taught you to only play with one color at a time, which was a smart idea.  One time while you were playing with play dough, Mommy joined in on the fun and mixed three colors.  You got SO upset with Mommy.

When you wanted a different color play dough, Mommy said, "What is the magic word?"   You tilted your head, hesitated and then said, "Please!"  You have said "please" repeatedly now any time you want something.  The magic word makes it difficult for Mommy to refuse you.

Mommy started making different shapes with the dough.  You recognized the diamond shape quickly.  You even recognized the kitty cat Mommy made.  Then Mommy rolled out some play dough.  You grabbed it and said, "Rocket!"  and you moved it up through the air.  I was tickled that your creativity saw a rocket in the image.

When Mommy made a rosebud with pink, you thought about squishing it, but instead you tried to plant the rosebud in a ball of play dough.

You don't forget things either.  You wanted to go for a walk.  Daddy said, "After you go pee pee."  You ran to the bathroom.  Mommy told Daddy, "You better go get your shoes on, he is going to want to go for a walk."  Daddy replied, "He has already forgotten about it."  You came into the room and excitedly said in a very loud voice, "I pee pee!  Daddy go!  GO GO GO!"  Daddy didn't understand your words at first, but Mommy did and I was laughing so hard, I cried.

You heard a plane outside... and started running with arms out, as if you were a plane.

When you were at Oma and Opa's house, you started to play the piano.  Very lightly you played on the deep notes.  Then you stopped.  We clapped, you turned around and smiled, then turned back around to play some more.  Unlike most children that just pounce on the keys, you played it lightly.

Mommy loves to read to you.  Oma took this picture, it's a favorite.

You found a toy, a big construction truck.  You even found a construction toy guy with a hard hat to go into the truck.  You see a lot of construction vehicles in the neighborhood these days with work being done on the roads.  You even brought in a cone!  When Mommy moved the truck, you grabbed the cone and put it right in front of the truck and you said, "Stop!"  So Mommy backed the truck up and moved it in a different direction.  You ran ahead, carefully watching and putting the cone back in the way of the truck and demanding the truck stop.  You got a kick out of predicting the path of the truck and where to place the cone.  Oma joined in on the fun too!

You are still a picky eater, but you like apples! No cutting needed, you like biting right into it.

Mommy has been looking up kids craft projects.  Knowing you like to paint and wanting to do something more with your hands.... Mommy tried to trace your hand.  But you didn't like it.  Mommy had to trace Daddy's hand first and show you that it was okay.  After watching Daddy, you let Mommy trace your hand... Mommy realized the ink pen didn't fit comfortably even with your fingers spread out, but we managed!  Then Mommy cut out your traced hand.. and you finger painted fall leaves.

Painting a toy car - you picked the colors - blue and orange

Mommy wanted you to put your hand in red paint so we could work on a fireman handprint.  You didn't want to put your entire hand in paint.  I showed you the butterfly painting and asked you, "Did you make this?"  "Yes."  I then asked, "How did you make this?"  "I put hand in blue paint!"  Mommy then asked, "Can you do that for Mommy with the red paint?"  You said, "Okay." and you did!

Mommy also sent an email to your teacher to find out how she inspired you to do all of the handprint projects at school.  Mrs. Kristie said that you usually have to watch two or three other children first and then you see how quickly the paint comes off.  You typically are very eager to do so at that point.  Looks like Mommy and Daddy need to get our hands painted too!

Recently Mommy bought a small, soft, fluffy rug to go by the fireplace.  You didn't seem to notice it at first.  You sat on the sofa and watched a cartoon show.  Mommy suddenly heard squeals of delight.  You don't normally do this, even for Mickey Mouse.  Looking over, you were rolling around on the rug!  It's Gregory approved.

You said, "Sit Down Mommy"  So, Mommy did and took some selfies with you.

In the meantime, Daddy was playing with his new gadget.  It looks like a space alien, but supposedly it does a 3D panoramic, up and down, all the way around of different scenes or even something you take with your own camera.  ZEISS VR ONE - Virtual Reality Goggles.  Now you can go on vacations without leaving the house.. You didn't know what to make of the new Daddy toy.

This morning, we woke up early and set out in search of places to take pictures.  First we went to Metairie Park Country Day School.  Mommy read a blog post from a fellow photographer that this was a nice place to take pictures.  We didn't even get out of the car.  Sure, it was a nice building, but to take pictures?  Not really.

Option Number Two:  Bonnet Carre' Spillway.  Daddy had Mommy worried about spiders, snakes and bugs, but it ended up being a great place to take pictures!  I'd love to go again when the grounds aren't as soggy.

Fish were leaping in the water.  Click on the picture to see the fish.

Mommy loved the purple flowers in the water.

Eskimo kisses!

My independent son!

Adventurous - you had no problems going on a path and taking the lead!

We stopped by a cute store.

And then went to the Farmer's Market.  Daddy got popcorn.  Mommy bought cantaloupe and satsumas (Mommy loved eating satsumas when she was pregnant for you).

Mommy will do more research for different places for picture taking.  You love adventures and Mommy loves to play shutter bug (and she has a favorite subject - YOU).  As long as the area doesn't cost anything, both things are free and fun to do as a family weekend outing - win, win, win!

You have a creative spirit, sweet disposition and you love to walk and explore.  Keep that alive in your spirit always, son.

Love Always,

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