Saturday, August 22, 2015

Letter to My Son

Dear Son,

When you see my iPhone, you say either, "PINK!"  (the color of my iPhone case) or you say "Cheese" - Mommy has you trained to say this with a smirky kind of smile.  It's too cute!

Recently, your grandmother, Oma, gave Mommy an envelope.  Mommy was about to open it, but you snatched it from my hands, exclaiming, "NO NO!"  Then you ran behind one of the toys at Oma's house.  It's a "front of the house" toy with a front door, windows that open and close, a door bell... and.... a mail box slot.  You went to the other side of the toy house and put the envelope through the mail box slot for Mommy.  You delivered the mail!  Too cute, the picture isn't clear, but maybe you can make it out.

At bath time you are taking off your cloths by either raising both arms for us to lift up your shirt... or you go cave many style with one arm out of the sleeve.  You are quick to take off your pants and now you can undo your diaper as well.  You can climb into the tub, but sometimes will wait for assistance.  After bath time, we have added on to your routine... Mommy, Daddy and you kneel by the side of the bed and say prayers.  You fold your hands with us, so sweet.

Oma and Opa are exhausted from trying to potty train you.  Oma has been bribing you with mini M and Ms to get you to pee in the potty... and it's working, only you thought it was a game with Oma and said you needed to pee every 5 minutes.  Lol.  It's something, at least.  Oma said she created a monster.

You had a check up with the doctors at 2 1/2 years.  The waiting room was packed.  You saw a little boy with a car; mommy was glad she remembered to pack some toys in your diaper bag!  Another little girl was screaming that she didn't want her shoes on.  You looked at her like she had lost her mind.  You like having your shoes on and will get upset if we take them off of you.

While we were in waiting room, you were fine, soaking in the surroundings.  You even got very comfy.  Then, when we had to take your height, you balled your eyes out with the nurse.  When we got into the room for the check up, you were still crying until Mommy pointed out the purple monkey on the ceiling and the pink and green walls/floors - then you were all smiles again.

Doing a selfie, you wanted your Mickey Mouse sticker in the picture!

You weighed in at 30 pounds and 36 inches tall. Dr. Heller said you are average on both height and weight and felt that you were right on target.  Mommy answered the questionnaire that is always given at the visits and was able to say, "Yes" - you are stringing 2-3 words, you are recognizing colors and animals, etc.  The doctor asked about you going to summer camp and was pleased that you did well.  The appointment ended with you giving Dr. Heller a High Five.

We went to eat with Aunt Yaya and Uncle Les at Sandros Restaurant.  The food was good, but the service was off.  You weren't thrilled with the lemon, but you did like the pasta.

Mommy set the alarm this morning for EARLY.  Before the sun came up.  Fortunately, Daddy is a way-early morning person and you woke up with a smile.  Perfect timing for sunrise pictures!  And oh, boy, did we take a lot of those!

Below is a favorite

You saw a boat!

Next up:  Cheesy smile

You didn't want to step on the cracks!

After the sunrise, we went for Waffle House breakfast

When we arrived home, you reminded Mommy about the project... "paint pumpkin mommy" - Mommy set up the table and you painted.. for about an hour.  You LOVE to paint, Son!

Art is learning... you pointed and said, "Back"  You wanted to paint more of the back of the pumpkin.

"Mommy, down pumpkin"  You wanted to paint the bottom of the pumpkin

"More paint, Mommy"

"No, I am not finished painting!"

Mommy had to put the pumpkin on the piano to let it dry, otherwise you wanted to keep painting forever.  Lol.

You think the day would be over, but after painting, Mommy grabbed the mini M and M and off we went to get your haircut.  Mommy wanted you to have a haircut before starting your first day of preschool on Monday!

Gwen, the hairstylist, even said you did much better this time.

Daddy said, "MOHAWK!"

On the ride home, you yelled, "Green mean GOOOOOO!" whenever there was a green light.  We asked you, "What does Red light meant?"  You whispered, "Stop."

Both you and Daddy are taking a nap.

The weekend has started off to a beautiful beginning.  I have wanted to do sunrise pictures with you, because sunrises are things that mommy and daddy love.. and you being there to share in a sunrise by the lake... it's just one of those "right moments."

May your love of arts, science, beauty, kindness, laughter and creativity continue to grow.  May we always nurture joy and guidance in your life.

Love Always,

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