Sunday, August 2, 2015

Letter to My Son

Dear Son,

Today was a "No Way" day!  We tried to torture you with insects and (gasp) butterflies!  I honestly didn't know you were afraid of butterflies.  But then, during camp, you were stung by a wasp and I think from that point you had an aversion to bugs.

"No way" is your new saying.  If you don't want something, you don't just say, "no no no no no" any more, it's No Way!  It's funny and we have no clue where you picked it up from.  (I know you got "Cool" from Mommy, but I don't say No Way.)

You love to walk, but the minute we approached the entrance for the insectarium, you had to be carried in.  One look at those big bugs and you were ready to race on out!

Though you did like the dinosaurs on the walls!

One employee of the insectarium had large bugs... you were NOT going to touch it!

I like this next picture, see the bug on the left?

You liked the blue....

You enjoyed walking around - it's a favorite thing to do.

Walk and look, walk and look.  Then you saw a door and went quickly into it and ran right back out!  It was a dark cave like path.... with bugs.  You were carried through this!

I like how the insectarium was decorated in New Orleans theme at one point.

We stopped at the insectarium cafe for a brownie and water.  The table had a glass top.. with yes.. bugs, crawling under neath!

Your look says, "You know I'm going to eat this brownie, right?"

She's not serving brownies...

There was a challenge in the kitchen - eat 4 bugs and get a cookie.  Daddy asked Mommy, "Are you going to eat the bugs?"  Mommy had an ant-sized voice in her head saying, "Go ahead, you know you are curious!"  But the majority ruled and Mommy replied, "NO WAY!"

You and Daddy loved this statue.  It had a tool belt; you kept trying to get the tools out.

You got the Gator!

Now THIS is the kinda bug I'm talking about, Mommy!!  You quickly crawled under the belted path...

Tiles removed on the floor and glass instead to see the bugs.

I thought you were talking about the bug.  But then you pointed and said, "Banana."  You were more interested in the banana the bugs were eating.

You liked the birds.

Then the torture began.....

We went to the butterfly exhibit, which was very pretty and well done, TONS of butterflies flying everywhere.... but it was hot and humid in the room and you screamed when a butterfly flew in front of you!

We came in to see bugs... and walked out with a bug...

When we left, Mommy wanted a picture with you and Daddy under the sign.

A nice stranger offered to take a group picture :)

Out for the ride home.

It's amazing how quickly you do things.  It wasn't long ago that Mommy was worrying over you not talking.... right before summer camp you were picking up on some new words.  By the end of the 6 week summer camp, you were stringing words together, such as "Ma read book" and "mama at work" and "Oma eat food now".  You count to 10, well, mainly because we do this when we play hide and seek and we tell you to "count with us."  

One day music started on the television; you took mommy's hand and twirled me around.  I started to sing, "ring around the rosy" and at the "we all fall down" - you immediately dropped to the floor, right on cue!  Daddy and I figure they must have taught you this during music in camp.

Mommy is taking a beginner's cake decorating class.  You like this a lot and look forward to seeing what is brought home.  One day Mommy made a sandwich for lunch (after you had already scarfed down two hot dogs)... Mommy sat down to eat... you came up to me and said, "Eat Cake!"  I replied, "I will get you a piece of cake after I eat my sandwich."  You tilted your head, said, "Mine" and pointed to my sandwich.  I said, "No, this is Mommy's."  You kept looking at my sandwich and then at the cake.  You don't like deli roast beef... but you pointed to my sandwich again.  I gave you a small piece.  You ate it and continued to "help Mommy" eat her sandwich so you could get a piece of cake.  Lol

You are more and more observant.  We have pictures on the refrigerator when Mommy and Daddy went on cruises to Alaska and Hawaii.  You point and say, "MaMah" and "Daddy".  It's so sweet!  You even point to the picture when we went to the Aquarium with my parents and you say, "Oma" and "Opapa" (sometimes "Papa" for your grandfather).

It's not just saying the words, but the ability to understand and respond to concepts that amazes me.  One day, Mommy ate something that didn't agree with her.  You wanted to play, but I said, "Mommy's tummy really hurts right now."  You ran to Daddy and yelled, "Mama hurt bad!" and pulled Daddy over to see me.  Too sweet.

Potty training is a little on the slow side.  But then, as Daddy just said today, "We think about what other people have do with kids on their timeline and then we feel rushed to do the same with Gregory.  He will learn on his own time."  That's so true.  You definitely understand what we say and you are talking up a storm now, when before I was so worried about you not talking not long ago.  You will understand potty training soon enough too.

For now... we need to stop saying, "Dewey, you need to go outside to pee?"  while letting the dog out... because now YOU say, "I pee" and point to the door.  Umm, no my son, you do not get to pee outside like a puppy.

The other speed bumps of potty training... you don't like taking off your shorts and diaper.  You will sit on the potty WITH your diaper on and pooh though.  And you are quick to tell me, "I pooh" - which is a lot better than finding out by smell first.  The understanding of your body is there, so I believe your interest in potty training is just around the corner.

You aren't even 2 1/2 and already accomplishing and understanding a great deal.  You like to pick out the shirts you will wear in the morning.  You like to wear shoes and you want socks on first thing in the morning.  You love bath time and swimming at Oma and Opa's pool.

You are still a picky eater (sigh) but you will eat and now you don't like to get your fingers messy, so you will ask for a fork.

Everywhere we go, you get smiles and "ohh, look at that blond hair."  Just today when we were at Walmart, a lady came up to you and said, "Here's a sticker."  You are used to getting stickers from camp and held out your hand.

At the end of last month, your new cousin, TJ, was born to making Aunt Roda and Uncle Rob a mommy and daddy!  I can't wait to meet my sweet nephew!  So happy for them.  The sleepless nights are rough times for first time parents but even then, there's joy in holding sweetness.

I see the pictures of TJ and I think of you, my son...  it wasn't long ago when you were a newborn.  Only 2 1/2 years, well almost.. on August 18th, you will reach the 2 1/2 mark.  Babies grow SO quickly.

A few weeks ago, I was corresponding with my cousin, Michelle.  We were talking about birthdays and the theme I want for your next birthday.  Michelle wrote how she's a little "selfish" about her kid's birthdays, because the birth of her child made it a special day ... not just for the child, but even more for the parents, because the baby makes a couple into a family.  It is a special day to be celebrated and enjoyed by the parents as much as the children.  I loved how Michelle was able to capture with words the feelings I had.  I totally agree and now I can have the words to go with the joyful feeling.  Of course I'm happy for my son's birthday for him and for us, because he made us a family on HIS special day - what an amazing gift.  Michelle says she thinks she gets even more excited by her kids' birthdays than the kids and it's a great feeling.  I love that my cousin shared this with me and helped me to grasp the words.

You have another cousin, another baby boy, on the way in December.  Your cousin, Caiti, found out recently that she is having a boy!  And you have a new Uncle too!  Aunt Maddie is married to Uncle Les - and his children are your cousins as well.  Family is beautiful.

There will be ups and downs in life, sweet son... family is there to help you through the rough times and celebrate the joyful events.  Treasure each moment.  Daddy said that one night you were sleeping and you laughed and said, "Mama."  Silly thing, but it makes Mommy's cup over flow with joy.

Love Always,

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