Thursday, July 16, 2015

Letter to My Son

Dear Son,

Tomorrow is your last day of camp.  This morning, you told me, "Camp!"  Then when we drove up, your were all smiles.  I thought to myself, "Oh, he is going to miss camp time."  It has been a great experience for you.  Your words are growing in leaps and bounds.  You are more open and willing to interact with children.  You did have two days where you bit a child... because the child was trying to take a toy from your hand.  At least your weren't bullying and you won't allow someone to bully you. When the teachers said, "Use your words."  Maybe you thought, "mouth, words, what's the difference" and BITE.  You did go through a biting stage at home, but that was long before camp and you got over it quickly, because we stopped you.

You ate from the camp menu; some days were better than others.  You didn't like the meatballs, but you loved the pancake lunches and the chicken lunches.  There was a lot of indoor and outdoor (by the pool and playground) activity, yet you never came home with a sunburn.

Today was a new experience for you at camp.  Your group did a performance with the music instructor.  It was the first time you were on stage and Mommy was in the front row.  Your eyes were glued to Mommy and by the second song, you were in tears....

We (Mommy, Opa and Opa attended) heard another parent say, "oh no, crying is contagious!"  Nobody else cried though.  When I asked Halie, the group leader, if you liked music time, she replied, "Oh, yes, he does.  But this was his first time on stage and it's typical.  You should have seen the end of the school year when there was a group performance - this was a LOT better."  I guess most of the kids in this group go to preschool there.  After the performance, I heard a parent say to her daughter, "At least you didn't cry this time!"

And... considering my sweet son... you were sick too.  It's no wonder you were crying on stage, not feeling well, not sleeping much and there's Mommy - just steps away and not holding you!

Below is a cute group picture of your summer camp:
(You are the second tallest of the group - ages between 2 and 3 years old)

This week you have been up late at night coughing... hard. I knew something was wrong when I saw green mucus on your eyes.  Infection.  We made the doctor appointment and fortunately we were able to get it right after camp.  The doctor said it's a sinus infection.  Mommy would recognize is...  it's something we seem to share.  You got sinus issues from Mommy, sorry Son.  The doctor prescribed antibiotics.  The doctor said, "When the infection is packed in, it backs up and the only place to go is out of the eyes.  That's why he had the green mucus in his eyes."  

Thanks to Oma and Opa for bringing you to the appointment and picking up your medicine.  You went to sleep for FOUR hours when they brought you home... 

But during the doctor appointment..?  You cried the ENTIRE time.  You remember the shots, even though it's been at least a year since your last shot.  You don't get shots again until you are 4 years old, thank goodness.  The doctor had to hold you down on the table.  Opa held your face still and Oma held your legs.  You are a strong boy!  After the exam, the doctor offered you candy, but you refused.  The doctor handed the candy to Oma and she offered it to you, saying, "Say Thank You Doctor."  The doctor had gone into his office; you called out, "Thank Doc!"  You said it clear enough that the doctor responded, "You're welcome, Gregory."

Your vocabulary has been amazing.  Sometimes we can quickly understand, such as when you suddenly started saying, "Pick Up" (meaning to pick you up).  Other times it isn't as easy to understand, but you find a way to make it clear.  One funny thing... Daddy was going over the parts of the body with you one night.  The next morning, you point to Mommy and say, "Big Boobs"  Daddy's jaw just about hit the floor!  

This summer has been horribly hot and humid.  Do you miss our evening walks?  One night, it was cooler and we took a walk outside.  You walked Dewey and you enjoyed correcting the dog when he walked too far away.  But the bugs were out and you came back with a number of bites.  Yuck.

You love going swimming, but I don't want to bring you into the pool until you are over the sinus infection.  Here's a picture of you and Oma swimming:

When you cry, it breaks my heart.  When you are sick, I hurt.  May love be healing and bring you strength.  You are SO loved!  You have no idea what your smiles do - it's amazing.

Love Always,

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